Discussion about Marge, camming since 2014

Name: Marge
Age: 27
Location: Romania

She was a camgirl from 2014 to 2019, and worked under 5 different nicknames on 5 different camsites
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  • nice privat and very nice girl and frend

  • hello my sexy mama i found finally

  • omar , Marge is my sexy mama :)

  • omar/johny4u... you didn't have to create 2 accounts. But now that you did, please, don't use both to comment on the same girl. Mainly if it is to agree with the comments you posted with your other account.

    Just wondering, since she is blocking your country, how did you manage to have a private with her?

  • she was now RosaBeverly on livejasmin !!!

    i don't know how to add name on her profile!! here !!!

    since the new version of mycamgirl, nothing working !!!

    in cwsw section, i can't see the recent model added !! it's not working !! WHY HE HAVE CHANGED ALL!! what a mistake !!

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