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Age: 34
Location: Russian Federation

She was a camgirl from 2009 to 2012, and worked under 9 different nicknames on 6 different camsites
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  • A special girl.

  • special? why? because she doesn't get naked? you take her in pvt, ask nicely for a strip and she only dance all dressed up. she keeps promising to get naked soon asking us to be patient, but she never get naked. well, at least she was like that 2 years ago on MFC. i tagged her as non nude. this new tag feature is very useful.

  • iknowher,

    I didn't know what you say. But I have seen naked sometimes in private. And I say special because she is really clever and has a interesting and nice talk.

  • She is cute but so infuriating. She's sadly one of many girls who begs and begs and begs for private and gets annoyed if she doesn't get it. That's on the rare occasion she even bothers to acknowledge your existence in free chat. So it's virtually impossible to assertain before hand exactly what you want/expect from her private or what she will (or says she will) provide. Once in there she either ignores you and carries on talking to her workmates/boss in her room or if she does actually talk to you she just stalls and stalls and stalls and stalls, trying to change the subject by firing a load of questions at you and clearly having no intention of actually doing what you're want her to do. I couldn't get her to remove even as much as a sock! No, she'd rather just sit there and ignore everyone in the hope that people will just pay anyway and she can get her money for doing nothing. I wouldn't recommend this girl at all unless you're happy to be ripped off and throw your money away

  • Maybe I had good luck, because I have seen her naked in pvt, but, really, two comments in the same sense, probably means that she acts this way in many times.

  • Her real name is [removed]. She is a Russian, very delicious sexy teen and you can find her here:[removed] and here:[removed]

    She is also on Facebook with nick: [removed]

    Unfortunately, it's very long time (since 2011) that not perform any webcam show!

    For history, she just do it a few topless shows and then she is stopped. Its very hard to see her totally nude, because she is a scammer!

    We hope [removed] to come back and begin to show really nudity... we hope! ;) (y)

    <i style="color:#E01B4C">Edited by MyCamgirl: I don't understand why it is so important to you to post her real name and link to her personal profiles. It is simply irrelevant.</i>

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