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LexxiStar has been a camgirl since 2011, working only on MyFreeCams. She has been gone for eight years since 2015. But she returned to camming in 2023.

Name Lexxi
Age 33 years old
Country United States
Model page/models/7613


  • she's cute and have a nice personality but she don't diserve to be #1 several times. just saying :)

  • I believe,she is just toying with these girls this month,,if she wanted to win thy month of January,,,she could do it,,,ive been watching her all month,,and she didn't even work,,maybe half thy month,,and she still,is in 4th place,,she must have one hell'va following of people,,and some really rich dudes,,tomorrow is thy last day,of thy month,of January,,we'll see what happens!!!

  • Where is she? She hasnt been on since July..

  • I miss her as well, has she quit? Or probably got married? She used to wear ring on her ring finger. Her twitter has no new tweets since July as well. I miss seeing her winning Miss MFC like it's piece of cake :)

  • Its been kept very hush hush as to what happened to her. I hope she's alright

  • She has a real life - boyfriend, school, etc. She had to finish school, start her real career and move on...

  • sad to say but according to this reddit link. She passed away.


  • OMG! She came back from death. She is the new Jesus!
    Serious, though. That is the longest hiatus I have seen. She was gone for 8 years.
    The fact that she came back after 8 years and already made to top 20 tells me that she got a super rich guy by the balls. She probably retired thinking she earned enough but then ran out of money or she had a sugar daddy banking her these last 8 years.

  • I'm going to go with the theory that she's been banging one of her rich dudes and he finally got bored of her. When people say she looks like she's been through some shit, than yeah, that's what happens when you hookup for all the wrong reasons.
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    RandomGuy: How do you know this.
    Bullshitter: I am her cousins friend.
    RandomGuy: do you have a source?
    Bullshitter: I heard from her cousin.
    RandomGuy: Good source.
    LOL internet is so wild. Because someone named xSuperUser420x on fucking Reddit said he heard from her cousin, people started spreading the "news".

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