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Name: Tanya
Age: 31
Location: Romania

She was a camgirl from 2010 to 2016, and worked under 29 different nicknames on 12 different camsites
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  • Gets angry for no good reason. Ignores members while she puts on makeup. Takes calls on her phone and shuts off sound but does not go offline. Very pretty but very rude to everyone when she gets angry.

  • Very cute but she don't do public shows but that what she is doing in Private is WOW.

  • yeah she did that to me this girl broke my heart worse than anybody ever has she treated me like garbage and ignores me i had to quit MFC because of how bad she broke my heart. She has a tiwn sister on there named JoyMyself i use to hang out with Tanya/glossydoll but she was very mean to me. i didn't realize i had feelings besides in my penis for her until she started to ignore me while flirting with other guys breaking my heart and upsetting me. Shes the most beautiful girl i have ever seen naked in my whole life and that's a lot of girls i have seen naked in pornos ect but she was very mean to me so i can't see her anymore ><

  • Has a sister named Celia and she is apparently very jealous of her so NEVER mention her in her show. I did once and now she never acknowledges I'm in the room. lol. I think she's bipolar, she turns her perky attitude on and off like a switch.

  • I posted this comment but it won't let me retract it. I have talked to her since this posting and I believe she thought I was someone else who had been disrespectful to her before. She has been sweet and sexy as hell to me ever since.

  • It's me again, I went back to MFC, she isn't on there anymore but she still works other sites. I don't know what to say. She's incredibly fit with a smoking hot body, deep deep bold beautiful green eyes, super beautiful girl. I feel bad for her, she's the hottest girl on that whole website and in the lowest rankings, it's her attitude, i mean she puts on the fake sweet heart attitude at first of course smiling and stuff, but really, she could easily be not on on the top the #1 model, she has all the tools, great ass/pussy/titties super fit and a face with eyes so beautiful you can't look away from her, if she was nicer to people and sweeter legitimately and showed more for free to attract attention for long enough to garner interest in her she could be the top ranking model easily. I forgive her for being mean to me, I said some mean things to her as well when we fought that i regret saying, but i understand it dealing with pervs all day isn't probably her idea of fun to begin with and then there are rude people that can put you in a bad mood that lingers over to other people. She was legitimately sweet to me at first. I say give her a chance, this is all she does with her life, shes on there all day nearly every day, is camsites and she has low ranking but she is super worth the time. She has sexy cum show, she has actual cum that comes out creamy and white looking not clear or yellow pee like how some other girls fake it. The girl is simply incredible, i'd watch her more but i dont want to get attached to her again, i thought about sending her some money to be nice but i didn't, that's probably a part of the reason she got mad at me to begin with, it's not that i never tipped her i tipped her annonymously which i guess ended up being the nonsmart thing to do, it probably hurt her feels she never saw me tip her with how beautiful i was telling her she is and hanging around her so much, but i did tip i didn't even ask her to do anything for it lol, whatever she's amazing and if i ever buy tokens again and see her on there i might just give her some for the hell of it i still love her a little bit, not looking to marry her or nothing for sure but i like her and enjoyed my time with her except our break up with her getting mad at me and banning me and being mean to me. I know it's weird to think of her as a girlfriend but i spent more time with her than some of her actual boyfriends probably did sadly.

  • Wow Dude. You are utterly pathetic.. U fell in love with a cam whore. Your life must be sad..

  • U were never a boyfriend.. Not even close to being one. U were the equivalent of a "John"..

  • Tania es la mas guapa del mundo

  • la extraño mucho :(, era mi mujer favorita, su sonrisa era lo mejor

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