Discussion about BoBoKittyFuck

Age: 36
Location: Russian Federation

She works under 6 different nicknames on 4 different camsites
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  • The prettiest and sexiest girl in MFC .

  • Anything i say about her will be the less. She is the top of the top. I am glad i met her in MFC

  • Simply the Best!!!!!

  • Sexy,smart,cute girl with a great personality...

  • I feel bad for her being used by her friend FleurDeLys. They used to work in the same studio, solo shows, and then they decided to do lesbian shows together back in 2009 to get more tokens.

    It was working good and they were getting tons of tips. But as soon as FleurDeLys realized she was the "Queen" there and that most of the members were joining group shows because of her, she kicked Elena out of the deal to get back to solo shows. She said: "I can make money without you" and simply stopped doing lesbian shows with Elena, leaving her alone and taking all members to her chat room.

    Despite what FleurDeLys did to her, Elena doesn't hate her. It was hard to get the real story from Elena because she does not like to say bad things about her old friend.

  • Unless my memory is failing me, did she not do lesbian shows with anyone else? I would love confirmation on this.

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