Requesting for removal

Depending on which part of MyCamgirl site your material (videos or pictures) was posted, you can request for removal. If you have material posted on:

Reviews : You can request to remove any video and any picture. However, a main photo of you will be kept. The main photo is the photo that appears on the top left of any review. If you are not happy with the current photo, you can request to have that photo replaced with whatever photo you want, as long it is a real photo.

Camsites Where She Works : Every page on this part of the site must have a real picture of the model. Do not send any email requesting to remove the picture or remove the entire page. However, if you are not happy with the current photo, you can request to have that photo replaced with whatever photo you want, as long it is a real photo.

Also, nicknames are never removed, except for nicknames that can be considered harmful to your privacy or your work. If you believe this is your case, send a message explaining your situation.

Comments : On comments, visitors can attach pictures. Although anyone can report a comment, pictures will be only removed if considered illegal or an insult to the model. This means that if an explicit picture of you is attached to a comment, this won't be removed using a normal report. If you wish to have your picture removed from a comment, you need to send a message to MyCamgirl.

Moreover, MyCamgirl has nothing to do with external links posted on comments. However, comments can be reported for having links to sites with illegal/unathorized material.

* Any request must have a model verification.

Privacy issues

If your private information was posted on any part of MyCamgirl, you can request to have the information removed.

Reviews : As reviews are published by MyCamgirl and not by visitors, it is not likely that you find any private information there. Any information used on reviews is the same information you have shared on your profile or while on cam. If you regret for having revealed it, you can send a message to MyCamgirl requesting to have your information removed.

Comments : Comments can be easily reported by anyone just clicking on the "X" on the top right. All the efforts are made to review every report in less than 24 hours. Include your e-mail address (optional) when reporting a comment if you want to know whether the comment was removed/edited or not and why.

* Any request must have a model verification.

Model verification

If you wish to remove any material (picture or video) or have some information changed, you must identify yourself and prove that you are who you claim to be. To do so, you can simply take a picture of you holding a sign with the following written: "I am MODEL NAME and I want to confirm my email to". Attach this picture when sending your request.

Obviously, you have to replace MODEL NAME with any of your known nicknames. You do NOT need to include your real name. Do NOT send copies of your card ID, passport, driver's license or any other document. This is not required and will never ask you that.

Check the the contacts to know to where you should send your request.