SpankAmber (AmberDawnXXX) My Dream Redhead

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SpankAmber (AmberDawnXXX)
45 (August 6, 1976)
San Francisco, United States
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First, a test drive

But the first time I watched SpankAmber in action was not in a live show. I’ve stumbled on her MyFreeCams’ profile and I liked her pictures. But I never had a chance to see her online. Because of that, my only option would be to buy one of her recorded videos.

What I watched was two great shows that she performed last year, where she not only play naughty but also interact very well with the guy who paid for the show.

Recorded videos are pretty good deal because of the low price per minute and you can have an idea of what to expect from the girl if you take her in private, but honestly… recorded videos are nothing compared to a live webcam show.

Amber Dawn sexy pose Like a dream

Anyway… this was enough to convince me that I should find a way to have a private show with her.

My own private chat with SpankAmber

The problem was finding SpankAmber online. She was often online on WebcamClub performing those schedule shows, but it was never at a good time for me. But then, I found her online on MyFreeCams. I didn’t even know she was also camming there. It was a nice surprise and my first chance to have my own private chat with her.

As soon as I joined her chat, I found her in a bedroom moving her body in a sexy way that made me freeze for few seconds. That is what I call teasing. Even when she stopped teasing and started chatting, it was like she was still teasing. Looking at the camera with those deep hazel eyes, she gave a naughty smile and asked: “did you like, guys?” What a silly question! Of course we liked.

Amber Dawn doing anal during our first private Slowly fingering her ass

I didn’t let her say anything else, and I took her immediately for what I can say that was the private chat of my dreams. As soon as the private chat started, SpankAmber nicely welcomed me proving that she was willing to give me her best. With a sexy voice, she said:

Hey, sweetie. Thanks so much for taking me in private. What can I show you today?

With that gorgeous girl asking me what I wanted to see, I chose the soft way and decided to start asking for her tits. Although, my mind was completely focused on her ass. I just thought I should start this way and then move to her ass.

SpankAmber wastes no time

But it didn’t take much to see her fully naked and ready to fuck. It was SpankAmber who decided to show more and within less than 2 minutes she was bending over and opening that round ass. For an ass lover like me, this was like heaven.

Do you think I had to tell her what to do? No way! She was one step ahead, doing what I hadn’t even thought yet. I was appreciating her ass and she was already getting rubbing her tight pink pussy. And then, used her fingers to fuck herself… she did it slowly and deep.

SpankAmber red butt cheeks After being spanked

I’m not a big fan of anal. Only if the girl feels good. When I asked Amber what she thinks about it, she said that she could try. Later, I found out that SpankAmber is still, let’s say, a virgin at anal sex. She is slowly trying new things. But even that was our first private, Amber once again proved she was willing to give her best when she accepted to try a finger in her ass.

Spanking Amber

Later I found out that SpankAmber loves to be spanked and she has a site that is all about spanking Amber, mainly by other girls. This is pretty much a well designed fetish that she performs very well. You can feel the pain looking at her ass after a spank session.

Kissing girls and fucking them

But the site that I joined was Amber’s main site, where there are hundreds of videos. Recorded videos of her previous private shows (over 540 streaming videos from 2004 until now – I wonder how I found her only in 2009), sex videos (including blowjobs with cumshot), spanking videos, lesbian videos…

It looks like the ultimate archive videos of SpankAmber. And everything is downloadable in two formats (MOV and WMV). I just hope you have enough space on your hard disk because there are gigabytes of videos and pictures. You can also find these videos on her ManyVids’ profile.

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AmberDawn has a great look and has a really sexy body. But she just seems really unhappy and miserable when she is on cam. She frequently comments on the fact that she doesn't make much money on MFC. It's sad because girls like her, who are hot as hell, get lost in the shuffle with all those top MFC girls. If I were her, I would try to be more positive and happy-looking and remove the annoying website banner on her cam. I don't think AmberDawn will be on cam for not much longer, like all too many sexy US women who have come before who think starting out that they will make AmberCutie or CandieCane money and don't and then quit camming altogether.

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MyCamgirl Admin

I've never noticed it. Really, most of the time that she in free chat, she is working out nude.Indeed, she is not a top model on MFC. However, she could easily be on top 20. But that contest is becoming more and more unfair.Remember that Amber Dawn has been camming for years. Even before MFC be launched. I don't think she will quit soon.

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Nice update, recently found this site and it's amazing.What do you mean that the contest for top 20 is becoming more and more unfair? Lots of the girls seem to get angry about it but I don't know anything about it.

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MyCamgirl Admin

I mean... some girls work hard to please the members and convince them to go in pvt (without begging) and really perform great shows in pvt/group to hold members as long as possible. They do raffles, sell videos... Then, there are some top models who just show up online and get big tips out of blue for no reason.I'm not saying that all the girls getting big tips are not good. I know it is not their fault that they got a member that is sitting on a pile of gold. And I have the feeling that this member could be spending his money on some other girl if he had found her first. But the thing is that a single rich member can turn any girl into a top model, either she is good or not. That's why the top list is not fair.

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I just wanted to thank MyCamgirl for the review i really do greatly appreciate it. I did not realize my banner was annoying, no one ever told me before i read your post here. I put it up because so many people kept asking me what is your site like they couldn't read my topic :( I'm sorry that you feel i am always unhappy and not smiling on mfc, i have struggled a bit at the beginning when there's like over 100 people are in my room and no ones talking or tipping and have felt defeated, but after reading ambercuties forum and all the advice from the top girls ive been more positive and i hope you'll join my room again and see for yourself. Of course sometimes i do have to leave if i don't make a decent amount in an hour but I'm horny as hell and love being naked and i do nude workouts to try and keep it sexy!

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fyi my bday is august 6th 1976 :)

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MyCamgirl Admin

lol... instead of writing 08/06/1976 I wrote 06/08/1976. Date fixed now ;)

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ty! for the record i started camming at wcc end of april 2009 i started working mfc in may 2010 :)

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Ah yeah, I understand what you mean now. It's pretty stupid when a certain camgirl sits there fully clothed and has people tipping her 20,000 tokens for no reason.Anyway, Amber is quite gorgeous and it's nice to see she's friendly here too :D

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Yay!! Ambers awesome.The first comment is a bit irritating though. It's really easy to be an armchair quarterback on Cam Girls. It's a whole other experience getting on there completely naked for the world to see.. day after day.. I've perved on Amber and by no means does she seem sad.. in fact the red marks on her ass clearly showed she was enjoying herself. :)Amber not only cams, but as mentioned runs several websites. That's a hard working girl who in my opinion wouldn't be doing all of that, if she didn't enjoy it. The comparisons to other girls is never a smart thing to do. Each of us has our own unique styles and way we do our shows. What works for some, *does not* work for others.I hope others are more positive in their comments. I get tired of reading comments on reviews and they are filled with whining and advice because girls don't meet *their* expectations. Ya can't please everyone, that's for damn sure.So in the meantime, unless you want to slap your balls to a webcam and let all of us girls critique the wrinkles on it.. I suggest you just enjoy the free content provided in reviews and keep your advice to yourself.

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