SinLady My Red Lipstick Lady

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Name: Sophie
Age: 39 (May 21, 1985)
Location: Bucharest, Romania
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I visited her chat room once and I noticed that she had a strong red lipstick. I couldn’t resist making a comment on that. Indeed, SinLady had extreme makeup, but I just made a comment about her lipstick. It was enough to make her angry.

SinLady: I was having a good day
SinLady: and you come here and ruin my day with a stupid comment

And she logged off. C’mon… was my comment so stupid to upset her like that? She had indeed a strong red lipstick. What should I say?

I can’t say that maybe she was having a bad day, because she just said that she was having a good day. So, I can only guess that she is a sensible girl and any comment can make her angry.

Watching SinLady as voyeur

Two days later, SinLady was online again. I thought about going there and see if she was better, but maybe my presence could make her angry again. So, I just left her in peace.

But a few minutes later she was in a private chat and, as far as I know, on models can’t see who is watching their private chat as a voyeur. So, if I join that private as a voyeur, she wouldn’t see me. Without further ado, I joined it.

The private was already ahead and she was all naked, with her legs wide open and fucking her pussy. When I saw her pussy I immediately remembered that comment I did days ago. Why? Simply, because her pussy lips are pink-redish as her lips. But I don’t think that she had put make-up on her pussy. Otherwise, it would be a big mess as soon as she started to touch herself.

And the way she was playing… I mean, fucking. She was fucking her pussy really hard and still her pussy looked perfect. SinLady might have a sensible personality, but when she is horny in private… she is not sensible.

SinLady spreading her pink pussy Perfect pussy

My own private chat with SinLady

I must say that I really enjoyed how she plays with her pink pussy (pink, red.. whatever) and her pussy is really perfect. Because of that, I decided to come back to see more of her.

But, to not take the risk of having my request for a private chat rejected by her. I created a new account, bought some credits, and went to her room. Perfect, I was all set to have my own private with SinLady.

I was dying to see her all naked again, fucking her pink pussy like she did last time. Just a few seconds to explain to her what I wanted and she started.

Good Lord, she has a perfect pussy. Well shaved, smooth skin, and the perfect pink lips

It looks like a pussy that was never fucked, a truly virgin pussy. We all know that her pussy lost its virginity a long time ago and that she must play with it every day, but it’s still looking great.

Anyway… she did what I wanted. SinLady likes to start slowly and then increasing the speed. She does it perfectly and makes it more real. Imagine if she starts playing like a crazy nymph…

As you must know, I rarely make small talk with the girls in private. So, I can’t tell what was her mood on that day and honestly, I didn’t want to find out. She was playing well, seemed happy… why would I take the risk of seeing a nice private chat ending up in a discussion? I just sat back and watched her doing what she does best.


#1 – April 14, 2010

The material (videos and pictures) was partially removed due to a request. The videos were removed and it won’t be available here anymore. The same for the pictures from her MyFreeCams profile. But I will keep the screenshots taken from the privates I had with her.

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Jenna V

Not to be rude, but I really don't understand why men think that the size/shape/color of a women's labia has anything to do with how sexually active she is. "We all know that her pussy lost its virginity a long time ago and that she must play with it everyday, but it’s still looking great" Even if a women has sex daily or masturbates daily it would not change the size or shape of her vagina at all. The only thing that will drastically change would be the vaginal opening after child birth..but not the outward appearance (labia). Sorry to go on a rant I just don't get this type of commentary at all.

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MyCamgirl Admin

Hi,You were not rude. You have an opinion and you've expressed yourself. Everybody is welcome to write a comment. Feel free to speak up what is in your mind.I assume you are a woman and you probably know better than me about this subject, but I will have to disagree with you. Surely a vagina can drastically change after a baby birth, but a lot of action may produce a similar effect. Indeed, other things can change the look, feel and taste. The way the girl shaves herself and what kind of food she eats are two good examples. Of course, it may vary from girl to girl.Notice that I'm talking about the vagina as a whole, not only the labia. Maybe I was not clear in the review. If you were talking only about labia part, then I must agree that may be difficult to change it. But it can happen. It is a very sensitive part of the women body.Thanks for your comment. I hope you continue contributing with your opinion.Cheers!Note to all: Do not consider my comment as scientific because I'm not a doctor. Anyone looking for a reliable info about this subject, should talk with a specialist.

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Where to start with this one. First of all I'm not gonna try and defend the whole labia debate on either side, but every guy has in his mind what he considers the perfect pussy. Whether it's pink or tight looking or whatever it's just a part of what makes staring at a naked woman more fun for them.Secondly, I think she must have been having a very bad day or just extremely sensitive. I wear some outrageous make up (including bright red lipstick occasionally) and I get comments sometimes which are much meaner than what you said to her.Very pretty girl though.

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please remove the pictures

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It's always a shame when girls become upset with minor comments such as about they're makeup or hair. I guess it comes with working a stressful job..

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I once got banned from her room in MFC for saying 'Hey SinLady'.Sanded vagina much?

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MyCamgirl Admin

LOL... I must laugh at this. She banned you for saying hello? So, as she is constantly saying hello to any member (with credit) who joins her chat room, she should ban herself too. Would be hilarious.

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Simona Roxana

Her name is Private info. I personally know her :)Edited by MyCamgirl: Real name removed due to privacy reason

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And who cares, "Simona". You are probably some old dude who knows her from her chat room only.

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please remove simona roxanas comment is enought you have my pictures here

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