ShyUtza My Meteoric Star

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Name: Shy
Age: 33 (November 1, 1990)
Location: Romania
ShyTeen2009 · ShyTeenn · Shyutza
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This is a review about ShyTeen2009, later known as ShyUtza, from MyFreeCams. Please note that this camgirl quit camming in 2013. I am keeping this review available because ShyUtza was a huge star on MyFreeCams and is highly relevant in the industry.

Since she decided to quit fully, deleting all her accounts and erasing any trace of her online presence, I won’t be sharing any photos or videos.

Also, this review refers to events that occurred in 2009-2010. I won’t update the text because that wouldn’t make much sense. The review is now a look-back kind of thing, like a historical event that people can read with nostalgia and maybe learn something.

ShyUtza topless standing on sofa turned back to blue wall

A Star Is Born

ShyUtza is the girl who, in her first month on MyFreeCams, took second place on Miss MFC from the famous Goldenlady. And I won’t be surprised if she reaches number one in the future, which belonged to Mellanny for the last three months.

ShyUtza started camming in September 2009, and she quickly became a top-ranked member of MyFreeCams. It was a meteoric ascension.

However, I must say that how she got there so quickly is a mystery. I’m not saying she is bad. She is cute, definitely. But after joining her group show and taking her in private, I started thinking about how she managed to be so famous doing only softcore shows.

Yes, you heard me. She does not have sex toys, does not use fingers, and she never shows her pussy. Although she gets fully naked. For now, she is not doing much more than just nude shows.

I chatted with her a few days later, and she told me that, for now, she will only do that. Maybe in the future, she can change her approach.

Maybe A Free Token Scheme?

This theory has been around for some time. Basically, people say in Lounge that members get free tokens through the “Bring a Friend” program and then tip everything to her.

It could be a possibility. But MyFreeCams would eventually catch this and stop these guys. Maybe a couple of fake accounts per week. But for the number of tokens people spend on her, they would have to run a big scheme that MyFreeCams would immediately notice.

I talked to one of her regulars, and according to him, nobody is getting free tokens and giving them all to her. There are two or three guys spending a lot of tokens on her, but they are actually paying for the tokens.

One Fan Carrying Almost Everything

It seems that one guy is spending 3000 tokens on her daily. I noticed this situation when analyzing the data for the MyFreeCams infographics. Many of the top models have 1-3 big tippers who represent around 90% of the tokens.

But this guy spending 3000 tokens on ShyUtza answers the old question: Will she show more in private? At this point in her career, the answer is an easy NO. Earning 3000 tokens per day (about $150, which is a small fortune in Romania) for doing softcore shows, why would she get naked and do nasty things in private?

The only problem is that when people see the top list, they think that ShyUtza is an excellent model performing hardcore shows because people are formatted to think that the only way a camgirl can make money is by performing sex acts on camera.

By the way, if you are reading this review now, years later, and think that 3000 tokens is nothing, remember that this happened in 2009. The concept of tipping camgirls just for tipping was still taking its first steps. Just look at the biggest tips on MyFreeCams, and you will see that ten years ago, the tips were significantly smaller.

The First Notorious Non-Nude

The truth is, ShyUtza was the first notorious non-nude camgirl. There were non-nude camgirls before her time, but they were not as popular. In part because they were camgirls on camsites that didn’t have the hyped culture.

Combine that with the fact that in 2009, MyFreeCams was 100% hardcore. The idea of members tipping just for tipping was popular, let alone huge amounts.

So, when ShyUtza reached the top and people noticed that she was very softcore, they wrongly assumed something fishy was happening. But the reality was that a few guys with money really enjoyed her. This is very common nowadays, but in 2009, it was a strange concept.

ShyUtza Performance In Private Chat

About her performance in private… if you are looking for a nude show, she is perfect.

I said that she is not hot as hell, but she has a nice body and a great ass. But her show, for now, is only that, nude and softcore.

I must say that it is really calm. It feels like she is performing an erotic show. Like she is posing for a painting. So, do not expect things like doggy style, squeezing tits, fingering. She won’t do any of that.

Well, at least not for now. You can try it if you want. Maybe you will be lucky to get her first hardcore show. If you do, please let me know if she started doing that. I must say that now I’m curious to know how ShyTeen2009 performs as DevilTeen2009.

ShyUtza Was Really Shy

I think she just justified the “shy” in her nickname. Indeed, if you have a chance with her in a private/group show, you will notice that she barely shows her face. It is the main security measure that new models take when they are still insecure about showing their naked bodies on camsites.

But give her a break! I know that many of you guys want to see her spreading her legs and fingering her pussy deeply. But remember that she started camming not long ago.

Before that, she had never been naked on a camsite. Considering this, I must say that she is doing a lot. But I hope she makes her private shows spicier in the future.

Her original name was ShyTeen2009, and years later she changed to ShyUtza. Notice that in being in the business for some years, she kept “Shy” in her name. Interestingly, almost nobody remembers that ShyUtza was ShyTeen2009 before.

Revealing ShyUtza Private Bits

And then you say that she seems worried about being naked online, and you put her videos and pictures here? Yes, it is true. I know she has some concerns about that. Indeed, when she started working at MFC, she first listed Italy as her country. Only after a few weeks did she finally reveal that she was from Romania.

But well, let’s say that ShyUtza and I have a deal about this, and as long as I geo-block Romania, she is “safe.” I say between commas because nothing is safe online. And this is the reason you won’t see me posting these videos anywhere else, not even for advertising.

As I said, her show is not as spicy as I would like. I bet that you agree with me. But she is being honest and upfront because she told everyone before a private chat that, for now, she will not do any hardcore stuff.

Why Make A Review About Her

Considering that she is honest, I had no reason to post a review about ShyUtza.

Quick parenthesis here for the folks not familiar with MyCamgirl reviews. The site was born originally with the intention of exposing camgirls with a bad behavior. The ones that don’t follow through with their promises in private chat, or plain simple scammers. This has changed to include any camgirl. Good, bad or meh. That is why ShyUtza is here.

She is not doing any scams (otherwise, she could be banned from MyFreeCams). She is cute and pretty but not hot as hell, and she is not doing hardcore shows.

But I realized that many guys were coming here looking for her, and considering her excellent start on MyFreeCams, I thought you would love to see her on this blog.

That is the only reason I talked to her about being here. Otherwise, I would keep the videos I recorded on my computer and ignore her.

Dropping 2009 From ShyTeen2009

One day, in 2009, ShyUtza, still known as ShyTeen2009, changed her name to just ShyTeen.

Somehow, this change made her camscore reset to 1000 points. At first, I thought she got a new account. But since she was still on Miss MFC (third place), this couldn’t be possible. Otherwise, she would disappear from the contest, too.

I talked to her, and she said she changed her name because she didn’t like the “2009” on it.

A Whole Mess With ShyUtza And This Review

And the party is over. Shy decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to have her videos available here. She also said she didn’t allow me to use the videos. It is laughable because I have a chat log to prove that she is lying.

By the way, Romanian people were not able to access this review, as per her request. But some friend of hers (probably not from Romania) found this review and told her about it. Perhaps this freaked her out. And then, she asked me to remove the videos.

Really, she was being a nice girl, but after this, I changed my opinion. Indeed, after solving the issue, I politely asked her never to talk to me again.

She could have asked me to remove the material anytime, and I would do it without asking questions. That is not the problem. My issue here is how she did. She simply said she never gave me permission to use her videos when in reality, she did. She probably changed her mind and thought that fabricating this story would fix the problem.

And More Troubles (November 2009)

ShyUtza continued causing me a lot of headaches. She first told me that I could post a review about her (videos and pictures included.) Then, a few weeks after publishing it, she came to me asking to remove her videos. She specifically said videos. Not the pictures, not the review, not the comments.

Now, she decided it would be a good idea to remove the pictures too. And it was what she did last week. Really? If there was also a problem with the pictures, why didn’t she ask that a month ago? Why didn’t she say “videos and pictures”?!

As I’m completely ignoring her since the last time we talked, a regular of hers came to talk to me on her behalf. He already knew the whole thing about the review and explained that she wants to remove the pictures too.

I know that I say that any girl can ask me to remove her material. But she didn’t do that in the best way. She first gave me permission to share her videos, then she came up with a story that she didn’t let me share the videos (I have a chat log to show what she really said) and made me spend some time editing the review and removing the videos. A month later, she asks me to remove the pictures. If she didn’t want to be here, why in the hell she said I could put her image here?!

I told her friend that all I will do is edit the pictures, removing her face. As she is now worried about what the people from her school will think if they see her here, I think that removing her face will be enough. Plus, people from Romania are already blocked.

And A Final Request (February 2010)

At this point, I haven’t visited ShyUtza’s chat room in months. But she keeps bothering me. Now she contacted MyFreeCams admins, asking them to ask me to remove her pictures.

Yes, the pictures that I had edited two months ago to cover her face because of a request from her, and she seemed ok with that. Let me repeat, she said I could use her pictures if I removed her face. That was what I did. It took me some time, but I removed her face from all pictures. After that, I never touched this review again.

Now she wants these faceless pictures removed too. But somehow, she handed the request to MyFreeCams, giving them the impression that I have been using her pictures without permission.

How many times has she changed her mind? Remember that I published this review because SHE gave me permission to do so.

Anyway. As camsites can also request for removal, not only models and studios, I had to remove all her pictures. If you didn’t see the pictures, they were nothing special. Only her tits. It is all that she shows (or used to show).

Now, all left here is the review, which she says is ok for now. Let’s see if, in the future, she does not change her mind again and asks me to remove that too.

Then ShyUtza Was Gone

Just like how she appeared, she disappeared out of blue. One day she was camming normally, as usual. Finished her shift and said the usual goodbye. She was expected to online the next day, but she never returned. There was no announcement or anything.

A couple of her regulars say that they knew she was quitting. The reason? She is done with camming. Literally, a classic veni, vidi, vic. She saved up to pursue other goals and thought this was the right moment to move on. That is good for her.

And this was the end of an era. A camgirl who won Miss MFC twice and second place five times. She reached her best CamScore moment just four months after quitting. I’d say that she quit at the top of her game.

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I've been searching forever to see ShyTeen2009 naked but it really sucks that she has to hide her face during her shows because she really has a cute face. I don't even mind her not sticking all types of stuff up her vagina but not being able to see her gorgeous face is a real bummer.

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The way the Romanians move up is due to the fact that they have members/friends that employ spambots and junk mail to get referral tokens that the user then tips to the girls. Every member is given a referral link...For every new basic account, they get 20 tokens, for a user that signs up and purchases tokens they get 200 tokens....If you are spamming the universe, you are going to get plenty of referral tokens that you can donate to the girls in your stable.

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MyCamgirl Admin

Hi,Thanks for the comments, Bob and StanTheMan.Bob, she promised that she will let me know when she starts with truly naughty shows. When and IF this happen, I will record if I have a chance.StanTheMan, I know about the "Bring a Friend". It is a fair practice by MFC to get more members. But I don't know what that has to do with ShyTeen. Are her friends using spambots to get free tokens and then give her the tokens earned?

3 1

I don't know....but I can tell you that based on her cam and audience interaction, only nude performances, being #2 and #3 immediately and certainly begs the question as many lower ranked performers consistently have more privates, groups and members in their rooms.

2 3
MyCamgirl Admin

I know that many members use to tip their favorite girls for nothing. Maybe you are right, but I don't think it is a big issue. Of course, it can lead us to think that a girl is great because she is well ranked on the top list. But, beyond that, I don't see any problem. Only if the girl get used to the easy tokens and decide to not do any nude show.

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I agree with StanTheMan, her shows must be rigged to put her close to the top of Miss MFC consistently.I have been to her room more than 3 times to watch her couch in the foreground for an extended amount of time, not only that, but as mentioned she does not show her face in shows!She just does some lame ass poses while she steals your hard earned money, weak, and lastly I have never had a performer be RUDE to a premium member until I came into her room.Avoid ShyTeenRipoff at all costs.

5 10
MyCamgirl Admin

I spoke to a MFC model yesterday and she confirmed what StanTheMan said about the "Bring a Friend".Some guys are doing everything they can to get free tokens with the "Bring a Friend" link and then spend all the tokens on a single girl.That explains why a lot of guys on Lounge say bad things about some famous top models, but these models still on top. Two or three guys are giving away all the tokens they collect just to keep the girls there.It is most likely that someone is doing the same thing with ShyTeen. I don't know for sure. Since we had that little issue about her videos, I have never been to her room again.By the way... she said that in the future she could show more, but earning easy money as she is doing, I bet she won't do nothing new in private.

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I can't blame you for never returning!ShyTeenn / Vanessa is clueless and proves that she could care less about her job, very lazy and lame.

6 11

Well, I'm a fan of Shyteenn. If you're in for the hardcore stuff you might want to skip her and head straight for someone else so you don't have to complain about wasting tokens. She's a sweet girl, so I would have to respectfully disagree with your statement that she isn't. There are some people on MFC who come on and have a nice chat with an awesome girl and a lot of them come into her room. ShyTeenn is one of those sweet girls. If you want to see a beautiful girl or talk to one...go for it. She's currently up top because she has a lot of big tippers and spenders who enjoy her company. What's this about devilteen2009? She's not half bad -Vince

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MyCamgirl Admin

Hello Vtang,Thanks for your comment.I don't know if you were talking to me or to the other guys. But as I said in the review that Shyteenn is not like a scammer. She tells the people what she can do in private before they take her. If she wants to get naked, but not show much, it is ok.My only problem with her was because she said I could post her videos and later she asked me to remove them saying that she didn't let me do it.That's why I asked to never talk to me again. Before this episode, we used to talk nicely.Be cool.

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