SavannahSteel My Cougar of Steel

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Name: Savannah
Age: 54 (February 5, 1970)
Location: United States
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SavannahSteel, the horny ex-wife

Can you believe it? This woman, this camgirl of MyFreeCams, SavannahSteel, was married and got divorced. How can a person be married to a hot blonde like SavannahSteel and let her go?

Well, but I guess we all must thank her ex-husband. If they had never divorced, she probably wouldn’t come online to reveal her naughty side.

I first visited her chat room just a few days after SavannahSteel started working on MyFreeCams. Normally, new girls in this business are kind of shy. But she was not shy at all. She was having a lot of fun and introducing her giant toy to us. She even spent some time telling us all the naughty things she could do with that toy.

But rather than talking about what and how to do the things, why not actually do it? And this was what she did.

SavannahSteel Cumming in Free Chat

I remind you that SavannahSteel had started working just a few days before I saw her in action for the first time. But this didn’t stop her from using that toy in a free chat.

I also remind you that this review was originally written in 2010 when public cam shows became a big boom on MyFreeCams, but not all girls were doing it yet.

Exactly, in free chat. Nobody had tipped her yet, and she just grabbed that big toy, putting herself in a comfortable position. After that, it was purely a pleasure for her and for us. After that, tips started raining out of control. Not a surprise since she was doing a great show, and after all, this is MyFreeCams, the camsite known for its generous tippers and big tips.

Also out of control was SavannahSteel, who looked like she was about to explode using that sex toy.

During the action, she said she could cum. Not squirt like some fakers do, but a slight orgasm. Slight – I said – but actually, this was a deep orgasm that she had.

Screaming Our Names

The most fun part was when she started accepting tips for screaming our nicknames while she was fucking herself. You can hear SavannahSteel screaming, “Oh… MyCamgirl” a few times during the video. Well, this was because I dropped some tokens. At one point, this was like a tip war, with other guys tipping to hear Savannah screaming their names.

SavannahSteel nude in free chat using a Hitachi
The famous Hitachi

If the idea came naturally or if she had it in mind already, I don’t know. But it was really fun. If I’m not wrong, she ended screaming AJ’s name. In some way, this member can say he made her have an orgasm.

Lesbian Action

A few weeks later, I visited her room, and I was surprised by a lesbian moment. She had a friend of hers, and they were willing to do some lesbian action. Again, in free chat.

Indeed, when I got there, they were already all naked and about to start the fun. So, I just sat tight and watched these two women playing together.

They started with Luna licking SavannahSteel’s pussy. It seems that she has a sweet pussy, because Luna spent a lot of time licking her pussy. Then they switched. She wanted to feel the taste of her friend and started licking her pussy. Kind of rewarding for the pleasure she has had.

And they were prepared for the lesbian show… They got there a Sybian, and Luna quickly jumped on top of that sex-machine. SavannahSteel was equally horny, so she couldn’t wait much longer and also jumped to the Sybian. Oh gosh, why does nobody use a Sybian anymore?

Enough with the Sybian, the two ladies decided to go for what they called the reverse scorpion position. They spread their legs and started rubbing each other pussies. According to Savannah, this is a very stimulating position for a pussy. I don’t know; I’m not a woman. But considering her reaction to this reverse scorpion thing, it seems to be fun.

Fucking in The Mirror

Another thing I watched SavannahSteel doing was what I call mirrored masturbation. Savannah stuck the toy on the mirror and rode on it. The mirror gave us a good view of her pussy being fucked.

SavannahSteel sitting on the mirror and riding a dildo

She not only fucked her pussy, but also sucked on that toy while it was dripping from her wet pussy. Savannah is a very horny and naughty woman, I must say.

SavannahSteel is Perfect For The Job

A few months ago, SavannahSteel was just another hot woman hiding all her sexy body at home. Probably with her husband not even fucking her and appreciating her beauty. When she decided to join the camgirl’s world and share with us all her perverted fantasies that she had held back during her marriage life, Savannah just made many of us happy to see a sexy, foxy lady doing naughty things.

She became an instant success, with hundreds of men enjoining her cam shows and live orgasms.

I must say that SavannahSteel is perfect for this job. I don’t know what she was doing before being a camgirl, but I bet she is doing much better now.

SavannahSteel As Porn Actress

A few years after streaming for the first time on MyFreeCams, SavannahSteel started getting offers to do porn. She actually did quite a lot of porn movies. On IMDb, there is a full list of her porn movies.

To name a few things:

  • She made many movies where sucks a cock with another mature woman
  • She got a mature porn actress called Deauxma to lick and fuck her pussy
  • She licked Joslyn James’ pussy and asshole covered in chocolate
Porn scene of SavannahSteel nude in bed spreading legs with Deauxma licking her pussy
Joslyn James nude covered in chocolate with SavannahSteel licking her asshole in a bath

The only thing I never saw her doing in any of her porn scenes was anal sex. However, she does that on her live cam shows.

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savannah you are the greatest cam girl. you make us feel so loved in your room. you treat us like true friends not just people to get tokens from like most cam girls do. you are a careing lady who would rather have fun and make friends than worry about tips and scores. rather you win or not you are number one in the eyes and hearts of all who come to your room everynight.

5 9
TheDangle1 are truly the best model and friend a guy could have. You have been there for me more as a friend than as a model. All of us who come into your room are lucky. If you don't win you're still #1 to me and always will be. Cam score or no tokens, you're still the sweetest most beautiful woman, inside and out, I know

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MyCamgirl Admin

TheSilentMajority and all the others, I know you feel you need to reply, and you have your right. Comments are always welcome. But KillerKunt asked me to remove all her comments. If it was me arguing with her, I'd see this as a "ceasefire".I've removed her comments already and all the replies to her. I'd like to ask you guys to keep the future comments focused on SavannahSteel. I'm sure SavannahSteel will appreciate more the comments about her than about other girl ;)

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Then why did you pull my comments about Savannah? I've been friends with her since July. She has been nothing but a dear friend to me and someone special to me. I had nothing but good things to say about her. She is the best model, friend, most beautiful woman I've met. If anyone deserved to win the prize it was her. Contest or not, she is still #1 to me. That's what I wrote about her. I came on here to defend her good name, not destroy it like the others tried to do. And I did say that in one of my comments that this post should've been about Savannah, not a whipping post for her by other jealous models.

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MyCamgirl Admin

TheDangle1, sorry. I removed by mistake. It has been restored now :)

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Sorry, mycamgirl, for getting into it with "KillerKunt" in the comment section. Just as you and everyone knows, her harrassing other cam girls and getting other people to do this just really pissed me off and I felt the need to call her out on it. Glad this will be the end of it. Thanks for the great site and all your work.

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40 years old and her breasts are naturally perky and gorgeous than most girls in their 20's. Every time I see her curvy hips and that thick sexy butt I always find it very hard trying not to cum too fast.

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She's so hot. Anyone got any long videos of her

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MARK AKA munch


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Hubby & Baby

Savanah, My wife and I met you at the Exxxotica show in NJ. You're such a sweet gal my wife fell in love with you.

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