RussianXXtasy My Russian Bombshell

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Name: Renata
Age: 42 (December 31, 1981)
Location: Moscow, Russia
RusianRoulete · RussianXXtasy · RenyXXtasy
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Years ago…

But let’s get back a few years. RussianXXtasy is now a top model, and many only found out about her recently. But she has been camming since 2005. Although, I noticed her “only” about 2 years ago. She used to work for a Russian studio, and back then, although hot as always and already with a naughty spirit, she was lost on a crowded site. A real talent that, for some reason, was not able to stand out.

Maybe the problem was the studio. For many, a studio model, even if she is the best, is not so fun. So, they overlook these models. Or maybe because of the site where she was working – – where, although the competition isn’t that hard, many models and studios abuse tricks to be better spotted.

RussianXXtasy's perfect ass

The fact is that RussianXXtasy was there under the name RENY ready to fuck and waiting for members. Yet, this didn’t stop her from getting an award—the Best model on February 12, 2008.

Then RussianXXtasy left the studio

Maybe the smartest thing she could do. I don’t need to get into why exactly she left the studio. But this was, in fact, something that, in my opinion, helped her to stand out. Leaving that place behind was something she needed to stop being a girl in the crowd to become a girl for a crowd.

RussianXXtasy not only left the studio but also moved to another country – Australia. Please don’t ask me why because I don’t have an answer. But this was something that also helped her. She was now on her own in a strange country. I can imagine how hard this was for her. But I can also imagine how that made her stronger and also – why not? – shaped her into a better camgirl.

After some years, she moved again, now to the USA, where she lives now. A place where porn seems to be part of society and where the competition nowadays on webcam sites is tougher than it uses to be. But RussianXXtasy moved to the USA anyway. And you know what? Once again, it was the smartest thing to do. For a girl who is not just another Russian on cam business anymore, but actually an experienced model, the USA is the right place for her.

Horny, naughty and kinky

I know one question you are probably asking. Is she good on cam? Short answer: She is great!

Whenever I joined her chat room and was not naked yet, I felt like she was dying to get naked and start playing. Two things are hard to find in her room: RussianXXtasy fully dressed and sitting waiting for privates. Tips start to roll quite fast in her room. So, even she wants to stay dressed; she can’t.

RussianXXtasy doing anal with blue dildo

Once naked, this is a point of no return. Sure she can get dressed again, but as tips, don’t stop… Until a member starts a private chat or a group show starts. RussianXXtasy is naughty, and she has no problems getting naked in free chat, but the real deal happens in private or in a group show. Whatever you prefer.

RussianXXtasy is going to fulfill all your desires

I’ve watched her in action, not only in free chat but in a private chat and group show. I can say her performance is equally naughty and kinky on both types of chat. Although with a handful of members watching the group show, she managed to please everybody, not missing a single request. About the requests… I’d set her free and enjoy her skills. Trust me. RussianXXtasy won’t try to fool you. But if you have any requests, shoot.

She won’t come with some strict rules about not using toys in group shows or something. Obviously, she won’t accept to do anything. There is a limit. But I’ve seen her handling a double penetration quite well.

Overall, RussianXXtasy is a straightforward naughty girl who can deliver a great show. Wanna some hot fun? Just click on the right button. But do it fast. She isn’t that studio model lost in the crowd anymore. She does not wait for members; members wait for her.

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great review , but you forgot to mention the addition that i think made her great , her new breasts which seem to have been done by the best augmentation doctor in the country, lol. They are PERFECT !!! Going to shows like exxxotica and avn also will help her ;)

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she s not russian..she s from romania..

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@konstantin - Romania ? I think your confused lol I know for a fact she's from Russia , i won't divulge how i know as it's private, but rest assured you don't know what your talking about

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If you are looking for camgirl sex, Reny is by far one of the MOST ENTERTAINING women on MFC. A true Professional and verry verry sexy. Unless the trolls have been particularly bad, she is always ready to greet you with that big beautiful smile. At the last Exxotica, her professionalism was evident. She stood apart from the other models and her beauty was indeed apparent. Go visit her.. If you're a normal male, I doubt you will be disappointed.

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Renata is the real deal on mfc, everytime she is online we can be sure to have lot of fun About this russian / romanian thing... well who care anyway, she pretend to be russian so it might be true even if she listen romanian radio station ...why not :P

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ben taken for a ride

Edited by MyCamgirl: And I was told that Santa Claus exists for real. Can you believe it?!

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@ben taken I understand some of these guys get so hooked up on a girl and when they find out the girl doesn't want them in real life they seek to destroy them. Get a clue and a life. I met XXtasy in New Jersey and can say with certainty your slandered comment is more about your pride you lost not getting with her, then any truth.

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good point clueless and furthermore i know a guy on the site named RIDE that actually won her date raffle and met her in Miami , i talk to him all the time and while he didn't fuck her I'm sure if she was in the USA and married, first and foremost no USA man would let their wife do this work and then go on dates LOL get a grip man ! She's hot, single and Russian.

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always gonna be haters for sure , the girl probably had to tell this dude she was married so he'd STOP stalking here hahaha some of these dudes just can't separate realism and romanticism and think these girl really like them , they all use us for tokens , so make a choice tip or don't , but u can't expect love and marriage on MFC for God's sake man !! If I was a model and had a stalker, I'd tell them i was married with 6 kids to scare them away lol

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MyCamgirl Admin

That comment has been edited as it turned out to be a hateful comment based on lies. Please, don't make any reference to what was mentioned by that person.

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