MyFreeCams – My Colossal Game Changer: The Best Camsite?

MyFreeCams – My Colossal Game Changer: The Best Camsite?
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by MyCamgirl

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MyFreeCams’ details

The camsite that started the whole tipping and free show culture



MyFreeCams came with a different approach, introduced the free show idea, and shook the webcam industry. After MyFreeCams, nothing was like before again. They always had unique ideas and a relaxed view of their rules. In my opinion, that was always the key to their success. This and the public shows that no other camsite would dare to try before MyFreeCams.

Technically, MyFreeCams was launched in 2005, similar to all other camsites available then. It took them almost two years to start getting a shy influx of models and another two years to be noticed. But when all eyes turned to them, MyFreeCams took this opportunity to change the industry forever.

* In case you are curious, MyFreeCams’ first TestCam accounts are from December 2004. One of their oldest admin (AdminAaron) joined the site in April 2005. The first model I have data also is also from April 2005.

The Free Show Approach

What made MyFreeCams get noticed? Their name gives you a hint: Freemium model business with free shows. All they had to do was offer something that would go against the imperative logic in the industry. By allowing models to get naked and perform shows in public chat available to anyone, member or guest, MyFreeCams put themselves in the spotlight.

They quickly became the site to go for all members and models. Members would watch free shows, and models were attracted by the tips other models were getting. After all, how much money a model can make is right there, instead of some dubious average earning that camsites say a model can make.

It was a bold and intelligent idea. The whole business model of any camsite before MyFreeCams was that you have a product (private chat), and you must do anything to convince customers to buy that. Every single camsite would protect its product from being accessed without paying. Meaning there were no free shows. Then it comes to MyFreeCams and says: Let’s allow girls to show everything in free chat.

How MyFreeCams Enabled Free Show

For those who don’t know, MyFreeCams was not always a freemium camsite. It started as a traditional camsite. Private chats and group shows were the only way for members to watch shows and models to make money.

Then a new feature was introduced: The tips; And that changed everything.

Tipping was not an original idea of MyFreeCams. It was first used by a now-defunct, small, underground camsite called The Daily Pimp. But I doubt that MyFreeCams even knew about them, let alone copy the idea from them.

Probably, MyFreeCams had this vision of itself as a large strip club, with guys tipping girls and everyone able to watch the show unless it happens in the VIP room (private chat.)

The tipping feature is a good thing but a bit pointless without having a reason to tip. Take a look at LiveJasmin, where members can tip. Still, models are not allowed to get naked or masturbate in free chat, and they are also highly forbidden from asking for tips. Then what happens? Well, members don’t see a reason to tip models, and in fact, they rarely tip. The biggest tips on MyFreeCams will never occur on LiveJasmin, for example.

Rules That Are Never Enforced

MyFreeCams was always notorious for not enforcing its own rules. One of the existing rules forbids models from masturbating, penetrating, and using any sex toy. Anything that can be considered a hardcore sexually explicit activity. This rule is still in place, but there is no evidence in the history of any model being banned for breaking this rule. Still, you can find at anytime hundreds of models breaking this rule.

I am not complaining, just giving an extra piece of information to connect with the free shows that put MyFreeCams ahead of all other camsites.

MyFreeCams most likely want to cover their asses in case of any legal issue caused by free shows. That’s why they have this no masturbation rule. But they know that enforcing this rule would kill the prime essence of MyFreeCams. So, they just don’t do anything and let it roll.

Did you know? In its beginnings, MyFreeCams had a rule saying that models in private chat should get naked in under 60 seconds if the member wishes.

All the references to this rule have entirely vanished from MFC Wiki. The only thing that remains is this: private shows are costly, so delaying the show or asking for additional tips may be considered rude


As said before, MyFreeCams was just like any regular camsite until 2007-2008. Then everything changed when they unleashed the tipping feature and started to not worry about the sex acts in free chat. That was the point of no return in the camming industry. Other things helped MyFreeCams make a significant breakthrough, but essentially, that was it.

Before that, no camsite allowed any kind of nudity or sex act in free chat. Today, without counting with MyFreeCams itself, ten camsites allow full nudity/sex or some sort of nudity in free chat. Half of those sites were already around before MyFreeCams with strict rules about nudity. The other half are camsites launched after MyFreeCams, copying the same business model: tips and free shows.

That is how MyFreeCams changed the industry, and it is a perfect way to describe MyFreeCams: a true game-changer.

MyFreeCams’ Camgirls

That is what I consider one of the elements that made MyFreeCams reach the stars: the camgirls. They were always the right girls for MyFreeCams, with the right mentality and energy. The camgirl needs to be a true entertainer for the type of camsite that MyFreeCams is. That pretty much defines the kind of camgirls you can find on MyFreeCams.

Yes, this is the camsite that brought free shows. Do you think camgirls reach goals by simply being hot and horny? It takes some skills, and being a great entertainer is halfway to success on MyFreeCams.

Entertainers are exactly what MyFreeCams needed to make their vision take off. This wouldn’t be possible with the old fashion way of focusing on having members in private. Let alone shy girls with poor communication skills.

You can find camgirls that will perform hardcore shows over and over again. However, the vast majority is about entertainment.

The Variety Is Huge

I am not only talking about appearance but personality too. With an average of over 1800 camgirls online, you have pretty broad options to choose from.

You can find girls of all sizes, colors, shapes, and, most importantly, all personalities. You rarely will find them too formal, formatted type of model. The freedom that MyFreeCams allows camgirls to almost invite girls to be more relaxed and creative. After all, that is the spirit there.

Model Profiles

That is one of the things I don’t like on MyFreeCams: The default design; Which every new model gets, is dull but does the job. It has everything in place, with the basic information available. Therefore, it is easy to find the information.

Pimp My Profile

My problem is more with the freedom girls have to change their profiles to look more like a landing page. This is a great way to express themselves and give a better idea of who they are. But for me, as a user, it is a nightmare.

Many models, especially those on the top 100, have installed custom themes that drastically change their profile pages. I never know where to find specific information because each theme puts things in different places or even hides information altogether. It is annoying when I want to see the model’s online status. Still, in place, I find a busy menu with links to Twitter, Amazon, and OnlyFans.

Live Room Preview on MyFreeCams

It has evolved quite well. In 2009 there was no room preview at all. Then MyFreeCams added static preview, and later it finally got a decent live preview.

It loads kinda strange, like a low-quality GIF, but then it loads the live room with good quality. Still better than what most camsites do.

Miss MyFreeCams

This contest is a powerful marketing tool for camgirls and MyFreeCams. And it is straightforward for members to understand and contribute given its basic ranking system: 1 token = 1 point.

It started in 2008 with top 20, then expanded to the top 100 until it reached its current state, the whole 1000.

I dare to say that it is a fair contest because the only way to manipulate it is with money, so both MyFreeCams and the girls win with that. Well, unless the girl is self-tipping.

It is a great idea, one of the best MyFreeCams has ever had. No wonder why they expanded it to the top 1000. It takes the competitive nature of most men and converts that into tips. Because members feel they’re “helping” their favorite models, supporting their teams. It gives them a reason to tip. And trust me, even if the girl does not move up in the contest, tipping towards that goal is still rewarding.

Without the Miss MFC competition, I would probably never have been as successful.


It’s pure genius, and it works – AmberCutie adds. I fully agree with her.

MyFreeCams Chat options

Free Chat

A lot of action happens here in large numbers. After all, this is MyFreeCams, the camsite proud for bringing free shows to all. Anyone can watch, registered members or simple guests. Though guests are usually muted in free chat because they are fucking annoying.

Although the rules state that camgirls can not perform any sex act in free chat, the actual reality is that this rule is never enforced. As long as it is not putting MyFreeCams in legal trouble, girls can do anything they want. You can find girls doing an innocent handbra to girls doing a double penetration.

Just a quick look at what you can find in free chat:




NataliaGrey naked in free chat on MyFreeCams
XViciousLoveX showing tits in free chat on MyFreeCams

Private Chat

It has a fixed price, and it is expensive: $6 per minute. I always had the feeling that MyFreeCams set such a high price to discourage members from taking girls into private.

It works exactly like on any other camsite, it is your own private time with the model. Although it is not 100% private since other members can watch, you can go ahead and make it truly private, but that will cost you $8/min instead of the default $6.

Some models may require you to tip upfront to guarantee you are a serious member and cover any loss for not being in public chat. Top models may not even accept privates at all.

The way MyFreeCams is designed, with tipping in mind, girls in private is an immense potential wasted. Imagine one of those big tippers taking a girl in private and monopolizing her online time. First, other members would just move to other girls. And second, the girl would end up being limited to that member. Therefore, he probably wouldn’t tip that much because for many tippers is more about tipping in public and being the king.

True Private

Same as private chat, but in this case, it is true private. Nobody can spy on the private. You will need to pay $8 per minute for this.

Group Shows

Group shows were first seen on MyFreeCams. It is like a free chat, but only with paying members.

It takes a minimum of 3 members to start a group show. You need to pay $1 per minute to join a group show, and you can leave and rejoin any time you want. The show ends when the last member leaves.

All the hot action and masturbation are not guaranteed in a group show. But most camgirls will perform explicit shows. Since the price per minute is so low, you are reminded of that and encouraged to tip when you join a group show. Some girls will only do things if tipped; others will just perform a show with or without tips.

Club Shows

Same as Group Shows, however with two differences:

First: It is for fan club members. You need to subscribe to the model’s fan club to join her Club Shows. The price for the subscription is set by the camgirl. Be sure you subscribe to the right fan club that gives you access to Club Shows.

Second: Members can’t start a club show. That is because it is the camgirl who decides when the show will take place.

Countdown Shows

It works similar to VIP Shows (LiveJasmin) or Gold Shows (Streamate). The camgirl sets a goal and a topic, which describes what she will do if the goal is reached.

Three crucial points distinguish Countdown shows on MyFreeCams from the counterpart on other camsites:

  • There is no time limit. Members don’t need to reach the goal within a certain period;
  • There is no refund. If the goal is not met, members don’t get their tokens back;
  • Everyone can watch, either you tipped or not. Even guests can watch;

Countdown shows are another example of the kind of creativity MyFreeCams camgirls have. This type of show was originally created by camgirls using the tipping feature. It would work the same way it works now, but it had to be the girl to update the countdown. MyFreeCams just developed the proper system to make it work automatically.

MyFreeCams Unique Features


Typically, girls put information on the room topic. But the room topic has a character limit, and it is already populated with too much information. So, MyFreeCams created this whiteboard that gives models a lot more space to put any extra information they want. Like a model’s own notes about herself.

Models can put there whatever they want. Most put links and their tip menu.

Log All Sessions

MyFreeCams logs every chat room you join (even if you don’t chat), every PM conversation you have, private chat, and group shows too. It is all stored on MyFreeCams, and you can access it under your archives.

It also records the stream on private chats, so you can re-watch any private chat you had in the past.

I am sure that other camsites also keep all your sessions on file. But MyFreeCams is the only one to make it available, and you don’t need to pay anything to access it.

Where can I find MyFreeCams recordings?

It is in your archives. Select the day you had a private chat, and then select the session. It will load the conversation and the stream (video with audio). If you click on “Show Only Private Sessions” on the top of the archive window, it will be easier to find your past private chats.


I discovered the Lounge, a special chat room only for premium members, when I got my premium account. There are no guests and no models. You can select models to watch and switch between models like you change channels on TV. Models can not see members watching them from the Lounge.

The idea seems silly, but members love to hang out there chatting with other members and exchanging stories and experiences with camgirls.

In the beginning, when free shows were just starting to be a thing on MyFreeCams and not very common, members would go to the lounge to find girls doing free shows. Other members would mention there the girls doing shows, and everybody would just load her stream.

Additional Content

MFC Share

Again, MyFreeCams made an official feature out of something that camgirls were already doing. MFC Share is a place for models to sell content and subscriptions. It has other features, but selling content is the main idea there.

Before MFC Share, girls would sell videos and photos by simply taking tips. The content would be hosted outside MyFreeCams, and it would have to be the girl to find a place to host it. Every time a member would buy something, the model would have to send the link and probably a password. Too much trouble.

Now, members can just tip for an item and get access right away. Girls don’t need to worry about sending links to members. A lot better.

Common questions

What is a CamScore on MyFreeCams?

Simply put, CamScore is MyFreeCams’ ranking system. By default, models are listed on the front page ordered by CamScore. The formula to calculate a CamScore is not entirely known. Still, the model’s earnings over some time are used as the base for the calculation.

What Happened To The Date Raffles On MyFreeCams?

Date raffles were a thing for a long time on MyFreeCams, with models holding raffles that would allow the winner to meet with the camgirl. However, MyFreeCams put down the hammer on raffles, and it is now highly forbidden.

How Can I Get Free Tokens On MyFreeCams?

There is no hack; you can just stop looking for it. The only way to get free tokens on MyFreeCams is with the “Bring a Friend” (BAF) program. It’s just a referral program. You get 20 tokens if a friend creates an account and 200 tokens the first time your friend purchases tokens.


MyFreeCams has a straightforward price scheme with fixed values; models can not set their own prices.

Chat OptionCost
Private Chat60 Tokens per minute
True Private Chat80 Tokens per minute
Group Show10 Tokens per minute

How Is The Video Quality on MyFreeCams?

Well, it used to be just horrible, with standard definition and low bitrate. It got a lot better, but still not as good as the competition. The quality will depend on the model’s settings and equipment, but also on MyFreeCams. While on other camsites (almost), every single model will have the same stream quality, on MyFreeCams, it seems to be random. You never know how good the stream will load.

For me, what is really confusing is that top models may broadcast the whole night with a low-quality stream, and everything goes on as usual. Most people don’t seem to get frustrated because of the bad quality.

MyFreeCams is Mobile Ready

At first, I didn’t like much. It looked unfinished. But then I got used. It works pretty well, although the dull desktop design is present there too. As a premium member, I can do pretty much the same on mobile. If you are a room helper, though, the mobile version does not have most of its exclusive functions.

MyFreeCams’ Customer Support

It is… slow, if not absent. I had to contact customer support more than a few times, and they only replied to me once with a simple “try again now” when my login wasn’t working. They seem to acknowledge the issue, fix it if possible but rarely reply. Questions go into the void because they never answered any of my questions.

I once asked how I could increase my daily purchase limit. Customer support never replied, but I noticed my daily limit had been raised the next day.

This is my experience as a premium member. However, the very few occasions I contacted them as MyCamgirl, they always replied in less than 24 hours. No idea why.

The Bottom Line

MyFreeCams has completely changed the camming scenario forever. With its relaxed, yet bold approach, this camsite has brought to the game more than any other camsite did before.

With a huge selection of camgirls that for sure can bring great fun. If you look for a tip-based kind of camsite, you can’t ignore MyFreeCams.

  • Huge Variety of Models And Shows
  • Constant Free Shows Happening
  • Good Mobile Support
  • Strong Community Feel
  • Expensive Privates
  • Average Video Quality
  • Outdated Design
  • Poor Customer Support