MartinaBlair My Crying Cummer

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Name: Martina Blair
Age: 28 (March 4, 1996)
Location: Russian Federation
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MartinaBlair is a young sexy girl. Her good mood and sexuality overflow her chat room. The way she teases makes it impossible to look the other way. But can Martina impress us at the same level in a private chat?

First: A VIP Show

I know… VIP shows on LiveJasmin may or may not be the exact same thing as private chats. But Martina was holding a VIP show, so I thought it could be a good start.

The price per ticket and the goal were not that high—only 4 credits a ticket and 12 credits to reach the goal. But unfortunately, the room was empty. I still can’t figure out why many camgirls hold VIP shows when they have almost nobody in their rooms. It is supposed to be a team effort to reach the goal.

Well, unless someone “saves the day” and buys all the tickets. Which was what I almost did. I wanted the VIP show to start, so I bought half the tickets. Yeah, I know, it is not like purchasing 500 tickets, but anyway. I hoped that other members would get motivated to buy the last access and get the party started. But nah, nobody said a word, except for the freeloaders.

MartinaBlair Suggests A Private Chat

Martina noticed my multiple purchases and asked if I would prefer to go into a private chat. I don’t like when a camgirl holding a VIP show offers a member to go private. That means cancels the show and ditch all ticket holders. In this particular situation, I was the only ticket holder, but still… I don’t like to be in this situation. If I reject her offer, maybe this will change her mood for the show. If I accept her offer, I will be paying for something just to be polite.

Instead, I just let the time runs out. Immediately after that, Martina sent me an invitation. No discount attached, by the way. Not that I was hoping to get a bargain, but it seems to be a common practice now for camgirls on LiveJasmin to give potential spenders a one-time discount to encourage them to go private. I left the chat room after that.

So, yeah, in the end, there was no VIP show, sadly 😞

Going Into Private Chat With MartinaBlair

Some minutes later, I noticed that MartinaBlair was in a private chat. I prefer to start my own private chats, but sometimes I like to peek to have an idea of what I can get in private.

I had peeked at Martina in private chat before, and I noticed how, let’s say, “intense,” she is at teasing. Dancing seems to be her favorite thing. But ok, maybe I was out of luck and caught her in private chat with members who wanted just a striptease.

This time it was the same. Martina was dancing, still in lingerie. But I decided to stick around for a bit to see where this would go. Surprisingly, Martina soon started getting naked. Something that I had seen only once before. I thought it would be more of the same tease, but then she grabbed a thick dildo!

MartinaBlair Reacting To OhMiBod

Remember, I was in a private chat with Martina, but I was not the member who started it. By LiveJasmin’s unwritten rules, Martina should give priority to the other member. She can talk to me and do what I want. But she can simply ignore me if she wants because, well, I was not the one who started that private. It seems fair, to be honest.

So, I couldn’t expect Martina to do what I wanted. Instead, I could just watch. It was not dull. But I would like more. Firstly, because she was not showing what I was dying to see; her pussy! She was lying down on her belly, facing the camera. Secondly, she had an OhMiBod in her pussy. Which is a sex toy I don’t like at all. The last time I checked with LiveJasmin’s support, OhMiBod does not even work on their site.

She was sucking on that big blue and red dildo while teasing, almost telling the member to tip her.

Touch me, touch my pussy… are you going to touch my pussy and make me cum?

She was saying that, and after every tip, she was reacting like she was close to cum and repeating: “yeah, baby, touch me.

Although it sounds good when I say that, I can’t stress enough that OhMiBod was not reacting to the tips.

What MartinaBlair Can Do With A Big Dildo?

Suddenly, that guy left without a goodbye. I became the boss in private, and her attention was on me. She goes with the usual conversation; Hello, how are you? What your name?

I usually like some chat before the hot action. But considering the current state of the private. I mean, she was already fully naked, with an OhMiBod in her pussy and a big dildo in her mouth. Plus, we had talked just some minutes ago.

I politely say that I would like her to continue with the show. But without OhMiBod. I wanted the big dildo in her pussy, if she was ready to handle it.

Oh really? Don’t you enjoy some vibration? She asked, trying to get me to keep tipping for a toy that would not react to my tips.

Nop, I am not really a fan – I replied.

Yeah babyyyy? I will fuck my pussy for you, yeahhh…

Without OhMiBod

She removed the infamous OhMiBod, and started teasing, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy. All very good. I have been trying to see her lovely pussy for a long time. But let’s not forget that I wanted to fuck her, and she said she was going to do. I remind her that. So, she grabs the dildo, and after running around the bush for a bit, she finally sat on it.

But wait, is she really riding it? I truly believe she was not. Given the position, she could easily pretend. I was once again polite and explained that I would love to see that dildo inside her beautiful pussy. She said no problem with a big sexy smile on her face. She changed position, and now I could see her pussy in full glory. It was a bit hard for her to slide the dildo inside her pussy. She could handle only the tip, but it is ok.

MartinaBlair Offers Me Her Ass

MartinaBlair was fucking her pussy in that position for no more than two minutes when, out of nowhere, she asks me if I wanted to fuck her ass. I was surprised since she could barely handle that dildo in her pussy, and curious to know how she would take anal sex. I accepted the offer, naturally.

She started with a finger to make way for the dildo. It was hot and naughty. When she was ready, she just grabbed the dildo, no lube or anything, and went ahead. That is always a bad idea. I knew she wouldn’t be able to go anywhere all dry. She was pushing and pushing like she was poking her asshole, but the dildo didn’t go in. I would be amazed if she was able to do more than that. But honestly, I was not disappointed in this situation.

MartinaBlair And Her Big Tits

One day I went to MartinaBlair’s chat room, she was holding a VIP Show, and I noticed that her tits were bigger. Sorry, I know some girls find this rude, but I had to ask her if she got implants.

First, she pretended that she didn’t know what I was talking about. But then she kinda hinted that she got fake tits. I decided to join the VIP Show, and there I had the confirmation. MartinaBlair got implants.

I know her tits from when she started camming, and I can tell you that she obviously got implants. I don’t know when this happened because she never stopped working.

Unfortunately, I can’t show the before and after because she doesn’t want me to share any explicit pictures.

The Crying Cummer

I didn’t ask for anal, and now that I could see she was not prepared for anal, I just wanted to call it off so she wouldn’t go through painful anal sex. That was what I did.

I gave Martina a chance to redeem herself from the not-so-intense dildo masturbation. I told her that she could lay down in her favorite position and masturbate the way she prefers. OhMiBod, dildo, fingers… anything she likes.

She chose to lay down on her back, and the weapon of her choice was her fingers. I must admit, this was way better than what she had done so far. Although I believe, for the most part, she was faking, and her acting was way over the top. I still think this was rather good.

It was just Martina, fully naked, rubbing her clit and smacking her boobs. Moving her body uncontrollably like she was really enjoying it. And then… her face. I don’t see facial expressions like that often. It was a mix of too many reactions at the same time. In a short period of two seconds, I could see her smiling, then kinda crying, and then begging me not to stop. Even though, of course, I was not even touching her.

Just so you can have an idea, I compiled in a one-minute video all the multiple facial expressions MartinaBlair did in one single private chat.

That was how she ended up cumming. Ok, she was doing good now, so let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she had an orgasm. She reached the climax with a crying face; hence I call MartinaBlair my crying cummer, followed by a laugh.

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