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Name: Jessy Brown
Age: 36 (October 9, 1987)
Location: Romania
JessyBrown · KittyJess
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JessyBrown is a teen! Yes, I know, she is a veteran who has been camming on LiveJasmin for quite a few years already. But I still call Jessy a teen. There is no doubt about that! Her energy and cheerful mood, playful and friendly personality make her half teen.

The other half comes from her looks, which, even though she is no longer an 18-year-old girl, she sure looks like one. What I like is that she goes all-natural and classy to keep that youthful appearance.

Slim teen Jessy

She has been built for those of you who are into genuine teens and those who look for a more experienced girl. Either way, JessyBrown is ready to show you her fresh body in private chat! Your imagination will go wild when she’s going to be naked on camera for you and spread her legs to reveal her sweet juicy pussy.

In my opinion, she has everything in the right place, the right size, and the right shape. Not too skinny, not too fat. She got enough to have a perfect size ass and titties and still hold a sexy tummy—everything in good proportion. If we consider the general size of this model (petite), her tits are in perfect symmetry.

Getting under her dress

Another great thing is Jessy’s pussy! She has a thing for it; she likes to touch it, to feel it, to show it to you, to spread it for you! The girl likes to give you the feeling that you are about to get on top, to penetrate her pussy! And if your brain works as it should, this is what you will think!

One fuckable babe! One really fuckable sweetheart! Ask for a zoom-in on her pussy, turn the HD mode if you haven’t yet, and watch her slowly sliding the dildo in her wet pussy. She does that very well. So, don’t be fooled by her fully-dressed beyond softcore profile photos. In private, JessyBrown is nothing like softcore.

It is a shame, though, that with an ass like that, Jessy does not master the technique of twerking. I feel like she could do more with that ass that could make her shine even more. But her doggy style teasing is already something. I love when she grabs one of her ass cheeks and shakes it, doing the jelly effect. That is indeed hot.

JessyBrown will always put on a good show

I know JessyBrown for quite some time, though. She is amazing on cam and everything I already said. Only one problem with her. Sometimes she may not be on a good day. Granted that this doesn’t happen that often, it still can happen. With me, it happened twice.

Now, don’t think that she will refuse to do anything in private chat. Quite the opposite. She will do strictly every sex act you wish. Strictly being the keyword here.

In private JessyBrown will always put on a good show that you can’t complain about. But if she is on a bad day, beware that she may not be open to conversations. If you catch her on one of these rare days, my advice is either enjoy the show, because it will be good anyway, or tell her you will come back another time. If you try to start any meaningful conversation or be sympathetic to her, it will not work. Don’t take it personally. Just respect that and come back another time if you want more than just a show.

But in any case, we have here another always-polite model. She understands your instructions, and she does her best to follow your words. JessyBrown will be the finest option for you.

Knowing how good she is in private, I don’t know how at this point, she is not featured on the top model list, or at least a little bit busier. This girl is fucking confident! This is a great feature in a woman! An experienced teen girl who knows how to perform on cam!

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Brawler17 Camfan

Jessy works from home so if you like a Fashion Show with a strip tease, she has a large closet of dresses, skirts, etc., from which to choose.

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