GrettaGrand My Alluring Girl With Scandalous Big Boobs

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Name: Gretta Grand
Age: 22 (December 4, 2001)
Location: Russia
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A busty girl named GrettaGrand is sitting on LiveJasmin, which is something special. And she is going almost unnoticed. In fact, I almost didn’t notice her. Luckily, I saw her face on the suggestions while in a private chat with GillJuli. It was really lucky because I rarely look at the suggestions, and if I hadn’t looked at that precise moment, I probably wouldn’t have had a chance to meet this wonderful girl.

As a viewer on LiveJasmin, I was immediately drawn to GrettaGrand’s captivating presence, highlighted by her big natural tits and slim, enticing body. Join me as I share my detailed review of this enchanting camgirl, exploring her seductive charm and alluring performances.

GrettaGrand standing naked showing tits with lush between legs

Who Is GrettaGrand?

GrettaGrand is a busty camgirl from Russia. With this short description, you may think she has nothing new to show. After all, busty camgirls can be found on every camsite. But a girl with a figure like GrettaGrand is a rare bird.

I could go on with a long and perhaps irrelevant description of GrettaGrand, but I am sure talking about her performance in private chat is more interesting. In any case, I can provide some basic information if you are interested. GrettaGrand is a Russian camgirl who has been camming exclusively on LiveJasmin since October 2023. Like almost every Russian camgirl, she works for a studio, but she doesn’t have the usual bad habits of studio models. More about that later.

Just a quick note about her being Russian. I didn’t actually ask where she is from. I am assuming she is Russian because I have seen other camgirls who claim to be Russian using that same chat room. Also, she has a strong Russian vibe. As for her name, I will call her GrettaGrand. I am sure she would say Gretta if I had asked her that.

She is relatively unknown if you consider that she is not requested on any porn forum. I can also say that nobody is searching for her on MyCamgirl. But I don’t think she is unpopular. On the contrary. Looking at her statistics, GrettaGrand is a very busy camgirl. Since she appeared on LiveJasmin for the first time in October 2023, she has maintained a solid 65% of her time in private chat in her first six months as a camgirl.

Let’s compare a top model like KymCaramela. Kym is currently in the top 10 on LiveJasmin, but she has a low percentage of merely 21% of her time in private. I know many other ways of making money besides performing private chats. But when a girl is constantly in private chat with multiple members, I consider her quite popular. However, GrettaGrand is nowhere in any awards, top model list, or any porn forum. Although, she has been featured on some boob blogs.

GrettaGrand topless showing tits while sitting on bed with flowers behind her

By the way, I probably won’t ever write a review about Kym. But a user wrote one already: Busty MILF KymCaramela of LiveJasmin With Too Much Modifications

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Is GrettaGrand Good? What To Expect From Her

I am not going to lie; I thought I was heading into a trap. I was afraid that she would tease members with her huge natural tits, but in the end, she was “too shy” to do or show anything. That would explain the absence of posts about her.

The first time I went to her chat room, she sold tickets to a VIP Show. Another guy showed up and bought a ticket right, which encouraged me to buy one too. The subject promised some nudity, but how naughty she was going to be was a bit blurry and unclear. Also unclear was whether or not we would need to tip to “help her cumming”, “make her wet,” or whatever euphemism to ask for tips.

Busty LiveJasmin camgirl sitting on bed touching her pussy

A VIP Show That Ended Too Soon

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get all the answers. Why? Because the VIP Show ended abruptly. Her connection was so bad that she got booted from LiveJasmin in the middle of the show. Before that, she got all naked, and I could see her tits. Though, the video stream was so bad that I couldn’t see her big tits in detail.

If you are wondering what happens to your credits in a situation like this, I can tell you. You lose the credits. There is a section on LiveJasmin’s TOS stating that there is no refund on VIP Shows. Support will automatically quote that clause if you contact them. However, they will investigate the issue to decide whether to refund you. I suppose there are many variables that they can use to decide in favor of a refund. So I can’t say for sure if they refund you or not.

In any case, this short, low-bitrate VIP Show was more interesting than a 5-minute scripted VIP with Emma or a VIP with tip-beggar ReynaGomez.

A Great Private Chat With GrettaGrand

About one hour later, she showed up online again and didn’t think twice. I took GrettaGrand in private chat right away.

What to expect? Well, what are you looking for? Because she will give you almost anything without delays. She nicely put it in a way that I could choose between chatting or watching her masturbating. I have the feeling that she doesn’t speak English that well. Nothing beyond Hello, Do you like it? Thank you! So, a chat wouldn’t go far with a limited vocabulary. It is limited or she doesn’t feel confident enough to talk in English.

Of course, I chose the hardcore option, and within less than a minute, she was standing fully naked next to the bed. I appreciated her stacked body for a moment. She is so hot with her slim body, thin waist and huge tits. I couldn’t stop looking at her.

Then, I asked her to go to bed, and I indicated that I was looking for masturbation. I think she understood pretty well what I wanted because she grabbed a dildo before going to bed. She started with a nice blowjob, revealing her deep-throat skills. She has lovely honey eyes, which makes her blowjob sexier.

After that, I said I wanted to fuck her, and she accepted my invitation right away. I am not going to lie, I thought she was going to be some softcore busty camgirl who would claim to be shy. She gives a shy vibe. But in private, GrettaGrand isn’t shy at all.

Extra Points For Not Asking To Vibe

I noticed that LiveJasmin’s interactive toy was already active and inside her while she was doing the striptease. I was afraid she was going to tell me she doesn’t use dildos and that I need to fuck her with vibes. You know, it’s just a way to make more money with a private chat.

LiveJasmin camgirl masturbating with dildo and lush

But after all, GrettaGrand never mentioned tips, surprises, or vibes. Instead, when I said I wanted her lying down in bed, she prepared the big dildo to go with her. Surprisingly, she didn’t take the Lush off. I suppose she kept it there in case I wanted to vibe her. But, again, she never asked for it.

What Can You Get From GrettaGrand In Private Chat?

You can get a sexy striptease for sure, as mentioned. A hot masturbation. Anal? We are going to get there soon.

The hot masturbation is very good. I appreciate the fact that she changed positions. Unlike some girls who roll their eyes whenever the member asks her to try a different position, GrettaGrand promptly did it whenever I wanted. Let’s see, watching the video from our private chat again, I count four different positions:

  • Missionary
  • Doggy position (facing the camera and back to the camera)
  • Cowgirl
  • Reverse cowgirl
  • Tits slapping
GrettaGrand in doggy position with dildo and lush in her pussy

She used the big brown dildo in every position, and she was spectacular. I didn’t have to give directions or ask her to do it in a specific way because she was doing great. I was only asking for different positions from time to time.

Yes, I said tits slapping. No, I didn’t ask for it. She was riding the dildo and started slapping her huge tits while bouncing. Either she enjoys it, or she got too many requests for this that now she assumes everyone wants to see her slapping her tits. She did that for roughly one minute until I asked her to change position.

Ready For Anything To Please You

While in doggy position, with her back to the camera, I threw the idea of fingering her ass. She does not list anal sex on her profile. But often, I find girls that can do anal sex even though they don’t explicitly list it. I always give it a try if the girl has a nice asshole. If she says no, then all is fine; we continue. If she says yes, then we embark on an anal adventure.

GrettaGrand replied to my question by fingering her ass. That is one way to answer it. She did it while still holding the big dildo inside her. Oh, and the Lush, too. She had a Lush and a dildo in her pussy when she fingered her ass.

She started slowly, even because that was how I asked her to do it. Sometimes it is the best way to introduce the idea of anal sex; by going slowly. She was doing well. Though, her long nails don’t seem the best option for anal.

The Extra Mile She Is Willing To Go

Since she seemed ok with fingering her ass, and so far she hadn’t shown any sign of being uncomfortable with my requests, I tried something a bit more extreme: the dildo in her ass.

This revealed two things. One, it could be a bit too much for her. Two, she was ready to do it anyway.

GrettaGrand reacted to my idea of putting that big dildo in her ass with a painful expression on her face. I could read “ouch my god” on her face. She turned her face to the wall and stared in silence for almost 10 seconds until she looked back at me, reaching for the dildo in her pussy. She clearly thought this was too much, but after a ten-second meditation, she was ready to put that big dildo up her ass.

However, I called it off. I didn’t feel okay after seeing she wasn’t eager to do it. I appreciate that she was committed to the private chat and was willing to do it without asking for a tip. But knowing that this could hurt her and be a discomfort, I couldn’t do it. Tipping her could compensate for the pain, but I would still not feel okay with that. I guess big dildos in the ass is only for girls like Onixyaa.

If you go for the dildo anyway, at least treat her well. Don’t act like a jerk. Be polite and go slow. And don’t forget to tip her.

After calling it off, she put a big smile on her face and offered to continue fucking her pussy or gap her asshole. I took her offer to spread her ass without fingering it.

GrettaGrand spreading her asshole

By the way. If you guys haven’t noticed, I have been trying to share only one video per review, not exceeding 2 to 3 minutes per video. Since my private chat with GrettaGrand was long and she did quite a lot, I can’t fit everything in a three-minute video. I could have made it longer, but I wanted to keep this limit. Thus, I had to leave out some parts. In this case, the anal fingering. But I will add inline here a short GIF of Gretta fingering her butthole.

Fingering asshole

Finishing With A Good Blowjob

I don’t know why we didn’t start the private chat with a blowjob. I guess I was too focused on her tits that the first thing I asked was for her to get naked. But GrettaGrand is a good cocksucker. She goes deep and never forgets to lick the balls. It is like she is pleasing a real man, not a plastic sex toy.

I like how she looks into the camera while giving a blowjob. She has very pretty eyes.

By the way, when I asked what the color of her eyes was, I realized she may not be a great English speaker. Instead of saying the color, she got closer to the camera so I could see it. Honey, it looks like. Is that even a color? I am not good at classifying eye colors.

GrettaGrand showing her eyes on camera

Bottom Line

GrettaGrand is a great camgirl. Her slim body and huge tits make her look super hot. In terms of appearance, she is perfect. In terms of performance, she is equally amazing. I would say she is a very good option for the price she is currently asking, $2.99. I know many girls in the same price range who impose tips for anything more explicit and still say no to masturbation.

Given her appearance, willingness, good mood, and fair price, I highly recommend chatting with GrettaGrand in a private chat on LiveJasmin. Experience the allure of her natural beauty, indulge in her seductive performances, and create unforgettable moments with this sensational camgirl.

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