EmmaCrox My Miss Universe

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Name: Emma
Age: 26 (January 1, 1998)
Location: Colombia
EmmaCrox · EmmaCruzz · MiaVacci
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I just fell in love with EmmaCrox and her LiveJasmin profile. Professional luxury photos, super sexy body, her ass just blew my mind, beautiful titties. I’ve only seen such girls in the Miss Universe contests or something like that. I could not walk past her room and not take her in private.

EmmaCrox MiaVacci wearing black panties and top twerking in front of the mirror

Who Is EmmaCrox (Now MiaVacci)

She is a Colombian camgirl who started camming in 2016 when she was barely 18. Honestly, it is hard to believe she was just 18 when she started, but ok. Now, years later, I can’t say she looks old.

Emma started as EmmaCruzz on LiveJasmin and EmmaCrox on Streamate. From what I can tell, she was working for a different studio. Although there is no reference to her current studio, the photos on her profile make me think she may be another model from Models 1A, the same studio as GabrielaParisi and AlejandraDamac.

Later, in 2018, she moved to another account on LiveJasmin. Since creating new accounts for no reason is no longer allowed on this platform, I can only guess that she moved to another studio.

What to Expect From EmmaCrox

I will try to describe it in a few words. EmmaCrox is hardcore but with a bit of delay.

The show doesn’t start immediately because she knows every minute counts, and her studio has probably trained her for that. She will try to talk to you first, ask some questions, and play the seduction game.

Waiting for EmmaCrox

As a result, I waited for three hours for this girl to get online. Have you ever found yourself in a situation like that? When you are about to log out, the girl you have been waiting for gets online at that very moment. While I was waiting for her, I found out that she is from Colombia, and she has an Instagram account where you can follow her life off-camera. You can find her Instagram on her LiveJasmin profile.

When EmmaCrox finally went online, my heart jumped for a second from the excitement. A girl of incredible beauty, who I have been waiting for so long, will now be in my hands!

I was afraid of our first private chat because I didn’t know what to expect. What if she won’t get naked? Or only get naked after a mountain of money is spent on her? But honestly, with such beauty, she can afford to ditch a private, and the next minute, she will have someone else in her private chat.

Finally, A Private Chat With EmmaCrox

And so, I finally got to her private. By the way, it was a little tricky since she is extremely popular. And it wasn’t easy to catch her in free chat.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to get to know her better, her personality, but it seems to me that if you spend a little more time with her, then this flower will open to you in all her glory, but now let’s talk about the “cover”.

EmmaCrox has a sweet smile. She has gorgeous long hair and her face is especially sexy when she bites her lips. She knows how to twerk, oh yeah! She has an impressive technique where she goes down, holding a perfect 90-degree squatting position, and twerks like a pro.

After all, I had no reason to be afraid. This girl does whatever you want, or at least what I want. You will need to see for yourself about your own desires.

Emma twerking

I really like that there is a large mirror in her room; you can see her face when she twerks, and she will wink at you and flirt with you. Oh, that juicy ass! I won’t talk a lot about her pussy; you have to see it yourself. I will only say that it is a well-shaved, sweet pink pussy 😉

A Great Ass With A Great Asshole

Colombian girls have great booties. But, I am sorry if this offends someone, but in general, they have assholes that don’t look that fuckable.

I am not going to sugarcoat it. I don’t like dark assholes. It has nothing to do with race or anything. I also don’t like caucasian girls that have that yellowish butt crack. For instance, I have seen Russian camgirl AlaiaRhode‘s asshole, and I also don’t like it.

Anywho, the subject here is EmmaCrox and her asshole. I like it because it looks tight, clean and pink. The type of asshole I would have fun with. This, of course, reflects on her pussy, too. She has a great pink pussy.

Changing Name Again

Honestly, she quit for me. I like her, but I am not crazy about her. So, when she was no longer online, I had my eyes on other booties like GabrielaParisi, AlejandraDamac, AkiraLeen, and EstefaniaBrown. I didn’t even notice that she was no longer coming online.

Anyway, in March 2022, EmmaCrox switched to a new account… again. Her new and current name is MiaVacci. I don’t know the reason for the change. Perhaps because she left the studio again. She stopped using the EmmaCrox account in March, and it took her about two months to return to LiveJasmin as MiaVacci.

This relatively long period was probably due to her being linked to a studio. If she really moved to a new studio, LiveJasmin would surely put her new account on hold and check with her old studio first. They (the old studio) probably tried to give her a hard time moving to a new studio. Studios don’t like models moving to other studios, let alone a profitable and successful camgirl like EmmaCrox.

New Name And New Tits

This return from the two-month hiatus also brought something new: Big tits! Yes, Emma, now as MiaVacci, returned to LiveJasmin with big fake tits. They are not that big, but definitively bigger than her natural tits.

If you ask me, her natural tits were way better. The size and the shape fit perfectly in her figure. Were they small? Yes. But they were perfect for her, making her look very sexy. The big tits… well, it looks like the doctor squeezed the silicone implants into her breasts. A completely unnecessary plastic surgery that makes her look desperate to fit into some weird doll standard.

EmmaCrox MiaVacci standing naked showing tits

Final Thoughts

As I already said, I didn’t have enough time to get to know her better, and therefore, she also didn’t have the chance to feel fully comfortable with me, and probably, for this reason, her moans sounded rather fake. I saw her enjoying herself, but not hard enough to have a real orgasm with real moans. I am sure that if I spend more time with her, I can get a true orgasm. But this was just our “first date,” and before writing this review, there was no second chance because I tried to write an honest review based on my first experience with EmmaCrox on LiveJasmin.

But for her efforts, skills, and beautiful smile at the end, I gave her 5 stars.

If you get to know her better, then write a comment here. I really wonder what this girl is on the inside.

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