Danni Gee

Danni Gee My Athletic Girl

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Name: Danni Gee
Age: 38 (July 26, 1985)
Location: United States
Danni G.
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The Perfection of an athletic body

When you see a girl like Danni Gee, you think there is nothing more perfect than Dani’s body. With a perfectly shaped body, zero fat, and well-defined curves, I can tell she knows how to treat her body like nobody else.

Danni Gee hot body

She reminds me of Diamond James. Slim body, big tits, round ass, but Danni Gee is brunette.

Sure, you can say that not everything is natural on her. I can see you already pointing out to her boobies. But don’t you think that they fit well on her body? I mean, they follow the curves of her body. Round ass, a slim waist, and big tits… and her pretty face is like a cherry on top. A combo that is not really easy to find. A combo that I had to have on my scope.

Softcore vs Hardcore

I said that a girl with a body like that is not easy to find, but not impossible. I know super hot girls that I could use the word perfect. However, not many are actually into naughty stuff. So, the natural question came to my mind: what was Danni willing to do on cam, and how could she please?

Well, fortunately, there are two versions of Danni Gee. The softcore shows include sexy chat, nudity, and teasing. And the hardcore shows, that naturally include the softcore part and sex toys. I’ve seen both, and no doubt that Danni can deliver excellent performance on both versions.

Danni Gee's pussy

I will be focused on the hardcore because that’s my thing, and I know that is what many of you want to know. Although it is not a pure hardcore show, it does have sex toys and penetration. But if you expect a show of Danni Gee wrecking her pussy with an enormous dildo, forget it. This is not her thing, and I must say that she does right. With a perfect body like that, a sweet smooth pussy, why should she go on a private to wreck her jewel for a couple of dollars?

Let Danni Gee play and you won’t regret

Saying that that is her job isn’t going to convince her to do what you want. Just let her play naturally, the way she likes. That was what I did and was great. I admit that I was not sure if I should let her do that way. Would she be there just rubbing her pussy? Just sucking on the dildo? Would she take advantage of my kindness and be there just teasing me the whole time? The answer came when I saw Danni Gee sliding the dildo in her pussy and riding it. No doubt that this is not a ripoff, and Danni Gee is not another super sexy girl with too many strict rules.

Danni Gee is an open-minded camgirl, and she doesn’t impose strict rules as to what she can do in private chat

Wait, and what about the true private rule for the dildo show? Honestly, I only had normal privates with her, and I never had to go into true private to get the hardcore stuff. And more, last year, I joined her in a group show, and she was doing a POV show with a dildo. Her recent group shows were indeed softer, but maybe it was because of the audience. The recent privates she had on Naked.com featured a dildo and even a Hitachi.

Danni Gee plays with Hitachi

Danni Gee masturbating with a Hitachi

About the Hitachi, the most favorite sex toy of thousands of girls. Danni Gee got one too. I believe it does not come out of the drawer for anyone. But it is there, and I have watched the Hitachi in action.

For many, the Hitachi means a squirt show. Don’t fall into the trap that any girl can squirt if she has a Hitachi. It is not true. I’m not saying that because Danni promises to squirt. She never mentioned anything about squirting. It is just a warning, so you don’t think she can squirt just because she got a Hitachi. And she never promised that.

Either way, she can please herself with that magic toy. She may not squirt, but watching her masturbating with that toy is as worthy as a squirt show.

If you wish to discuss this girl further, use the comment section or go to the discussion page on the forum: Danni Gee Veteran American Camgirl

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Helo guys! You say that nobody can recommended any camgirls here, because the post will be deleted [...]Edited by MyCamgirl: Original text edited. @jorgito: The problem is that you used a place that is supposed to discuss about Danni Gee to say how amazed you were with the show that some other girl performed. Your comment is not only about another girl, but that girl has absolutely nothing to do with Danni Gee. And you closed your comment suggesting a review about that girl.

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You are right, and my intention is not to bother (and I am agree with you eliminate my last comment). I wrote here because I did't find any other place to do it, and in the review page of that other girl there is no space for comments. I find this web site very interesting and complete, and therefore I think it would be a good idea to do a review about the webcam girl who I recommended to you. If you're curious about my recommendation (I hope so), that girl is much more active between 23:00 - 03:00 (-06:00 GMT). Is ok if you eliminate this comment too.

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I have had several private shows with Danni, and I am planning to get more of them. She has an amazingly hot body, and she knows how to use it too. Her dancing tease while undressing is spectacular to watch.The best thing about a show with Danni is you know what your getting. A beautiful, athletic lady with class that will put on an unforgettable show!

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bitch danni

I dont do well on mfc because im there simply to talk and hang out with a bunch of guys that ive known for a while...not to make money...im not a beggar or a bitch when it comes to tokens not flying in at a certain rate which many top girls are...i actually just witnessed it last night!...and if you know anything about me, and where i cam, im rarely there ;) top girls are there quite often if not every day! ive never stuck with mfc bc of people like you on the site...have a great day ;)

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Don't get all butt hurt sweety. You have the option to find employment elsewhere but you choose to try and wrangle the tokens you can, when you can. I've seen you since your inception into MFC and you have the potential but lack the drive. And truth be told there are some girls who offer themselves up for 2 to 3 hours per day and have greater success in less time than many of the veteran models on MFC. I've personally asked you about privates and you basically said, in not so many words, that you weren't doing private but rather trying to meet a public goal for some obscure show that you "lifelong followers" were there to witness. Honestly you're very beautiful and nobody called you the B word. Your defensive position shows your true colors. And thanks for taking the time to explain your M.O. on MFC. "talk and hang out?" "you don't care about money" "nor cam score" so it seems as though you might be better suited to jump on group skype and have all you buddies come hang out, or maybe some other free chat site, that doesn't entail an adult theme. Oh wait that might not work cuz then you'd never make the money you make here. Oh wait, maybe you could charge monthly membership fees. If they're you're friends, then surely they'd be willing to not have to pay MFC and you in order to your gracious company.

4 11

Wow, aren't you just a perfect asshole Cameltoe? Yeah, there are times that Danni doesn't take privates. Usually because she is about to meet her goal for a public show. Not that you would be interested in a public show though would you? You are such a manly man that any woman you see is supposed to just drop her panties and bend over so you can have your way with them, right? You sound like one of those that wait in the lounge at MFC until the woman is completely naked and have the toy "in place" during a public show, then gets (to use your words) butt hurt because she won't go private with you. It is obvious you know less than nothing about Danni or the business of camming in general. So, I'll give you some friendly advice, rather than show everyone how ignorant you are by talking about something you don't understand...just shut up and crawl back into your closet where you belong Cameltoe. And before you start, yes, I do mean to say Cameltoe.

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Are you easy and willing to get dirty? I mean, I know you like penetration. I'm worthy of a little squirt action.

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Are you easy and willing to get dirty? I mean, I know you like penetration. I'm worthy of a little squirt action.

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strawberrywant Camgirl

want you in skype

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One of the hottest girls I've ever seen. Amazing show..perfect body and face. All around dream girl. She is so sexy.

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