CristinaRous My Exclusive Sensational Anal Princess Of LiveJasmin

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Name: Cristina Rous
Age: 23 (March 17, 2001)
Location: Russia
CristinaRicci · CristinaRouse · CristinaRous
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I will say something, and I hope this won’t jinx anything. CristinaRous is one of the best underdog camgirls on LiveJasmin. I put her in the top 5 of 2024. I said similar about MichelMon back in 2022. But, unfortunately, a few months later, she quit. Hopefully, the story won’t repeat with CristinaRous, and this cute Russian girl will continue camming for many years to come.

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable camgirl experience? Then, you found her: CristinaRous, an exclusive LiveJasmin camgirl. With her cute smile, charming personality, and seductive performances, CristinaRous will surely leave you wanting more. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes this petite girl stand out from the rest and why she should be your go-to camgirl.

Who is CristinaRous?

Let’s start with a basic introduction. We have already established that CristinaRous is:

  • Russian
  • Cute
  • Working exclusively on LiveJasmin
CristinaRous of LiveJasmin nude in private chat

A few more words about her. She is a 22-year-old camgirl from Russia who has been working on LiveJasmin since 2022. Yes, her profile says she is younger, but I have been chatting with her long enough to know that she is no longer 21.

She has had two accounts and three different names. Her original name was Cristina Ricci. However, LiveJasmin requested that she modify it in order to prevent any mix-up with an American actress bearing a closely similar name. That was how CristinaRouse was born.

But wait, there is an extra E on her name. Yes, CristinaRouse was the name she used on her first account. I will get to her second account later.

By the way, I just realized the play on the words on her name. Cristin Arouse. And yes, Cristin is a valid name.

What About CristinaRouse, Who Is That?

Ok, so, CristinaRouse is the name she uses on her first LiveJasmin account. I met her, and we had our first private chats while she was using this Rouse name.

Why did she change her name? Because a girl from her studio broke LiveJasmin’s rules. As a consequence, the admins were not light on the hammer. They axed the whole studio, shutting off all the accounts.

It is quite unfair, to be honest. Yet, LiveJasmin likely had a valid reason for expelling the entire studio instead of solely penalizing the particular girl. After all, this decision ended up banning honest girls and good earners like Cristina.

Don’t ask me who the girl was and what she did. I never asked that, and I think Cristina would be afraid to give more details. She is a bit apprehensive when talking about these things.

In any case, that studio is doomed. They can’t open an account on LiveJasmin anymore. Their only chance is to open individual accounts for each girl.

What did CristinaRouse do? She moved to another studio. To avoid losing fans like me, she got a very similar name. Worked for me. I searched for her by typing her name, and voilà, I found her. Honestly, I was afraid that she had quit abruptly.

Ok, I am talking too much. Let me post some pictures to keep you entertained.

LiveJasmin camgirl in purple bed, legs wide open, masturbating with dildo
On her side fucking pussy and showing asshole
Russian camgirl nude in doggy position
CristinaRous riding a dildo

Exclusively Camming on LiveJasmin

CristinaRous is an exclusive camgirl on LiveJasmin, which means you won’t find her on any other cam sites. Why did she decide to work exclusively on this camsite? Most likely, this was not her decision, but rather, it was her studio’s decision.

It is interesting that her second studio also prefers to work exclusively with LiveJasmin. Nowadays, most Russian studios I know prefer Chaturbate or StripChat.

The good thing about this exclusivity is that you know she won’t be doing cross-shows. You take her in private, and this show won’t be streamed on another camsite at the same time.

This is true, at least for now. I used the AI tool on her CWSW page and manually searched for her everywhere. CristinaRous is indeed working only on LiveJasmin.

To add some exclusivity to this, she blocks her private sessions almost all the time. The chances of someone else joining your cam show with CristinaRous are almost zero. You can ensure it is a real true private chat by enabling LiveJasmin’s feature to make a private exclusive. Or you can just ask her to lock the private if she hasn’t done it yet.

What Sets CristinaRous Apart?

This question is easy but long. But if you want one word, I’ll give you: extreme.

So, CristinaRous is very cute and seductive. That is clear from her pictures and stories. This petite girl can fit any man’s dream. Her cam shows are hardcore and explicit. She has no trouble getting naked and masturbating. In other words, she does everything that a horny member expects a camgirl to do.

But what sets CristinaRous apart is the extra mile. And she does that in a very extreme way. I will jump straight to anal sex. If you read her profile on LiveJasmin, you will notice that she has anal sex listed as one of many things she is willing to perform in private.

The thing with that willingness list, especially with anal sex, is that it become common for girls to blatantly ask for tips to perform any of those acts. Well, you can pretty much forget, and don’t worry about that with CristinaRous. She has never asked me to tip for any of those things or anything in general.

Intense Desire for Sex

Let’s not get into the debate about whether camgirls have a real appetite for sex or if all that is because we are paying.

Russian camgirl fucking her pussy with a dildo while grabbing herself by the neck
LiveJasmin camgirl masturbating in bed

What I can say about CristinaRous is that if she is not hungry for sex, then she knows how to act very well. The feeling I have is that she is always crazy about sex. I only remember one time that it looked like she was just doing it for doing. But to be fair, I started a private chat two minutes after she finished another. I should have avoided doing that if I wanted a girl with full energy, but I couldn’t resist her.

In any case, she masturbates like she can’t be ever satisfied. I am serious. Sometimes she is fucking her pussy incessantly without interruptions, and it looks like she is pushing harder and harder to get the full pleasure. Interestingly enough, sometimes it looks like she can only reach the climax when she fingers her ass.

Breathless Anal Sex Performance

So, anal sex. She didn’t have that listed on her profile when I had my first private chat with her. I was just ballsy and asked her for that. She was riding the dildo, and I asked if she could finger her ass. The next thing I see, she has one finger deep in her ass. It surprised me because it slid inside so easily.

Well, since she has no problems with one finger, maybe she can put two? No problem at all. If she does not have problems with her fingers, maybe we can upgrade to a dildo? I confess that I thought she would say no. But to my surprise, she said yes.

There she was, with her asshole ready to fuck. The dildo wasn’t that small, but she handled it well. In fact, I never saw her having problems with that.

CristinaRous in purple bed fucking her pussy with a dildo and fingering her ass
CristinaRous fucking her ass with a dildo
Russian camgirl CristinaRous showing her asshole after anal sex

But, like I said, she goes extreme. It is not just slow anal sex. She really pushes the limits. The dildo goes deep inside, and after a few moments, she takes it out, leaving behind a gaped asshole. The view she gives is as explicit as you can imagine.

Sloppy Blowjob by CristinaRous

There is really something absolutely fantastic and unforgettable about her way of doing sloppy blowjobs – just as intense, daring as hardcore anal sex could be And extremely tasty. She lays claim to every picture of it, not afraid by claiming even the dirty side that comes with this.

CristinaRous does an expert job and passionately goes to the deep-throating blowjob, gagging and spitting on the dildo like it is a lollipop. She is very committed to the act and doesn’t mind getting her makeup destroyed. Not that many shows can compare to a cute girl sucking a dildo to her limits. I have seen this a few times, and it is as kinky as you can imagine. Actually, you don’t need to imagine. I will put two pictures below.

CristinaRous with a dildo in her mouth
LiveJasmin camgirl CristinaRous doing a sloppy blowjob

By the way, this picture is from one of the rare times when Cristina didn’t block her private session. So I could join it without a problem.

Seductive Performances

Ok, if extreme and hardcore isn’t exactly your thing, don’t worry, this cute Russian camgirl can play softcore. Actually, you can sit down with her and have a normal conversation while she vapes on her e-cigarette and talks about her life in Russia.

If you’re looking for a show that’s not too explicit yet still with some nudity, she can certainly deliver. I recommend checking out one of her VIP Shows, where she showcases her seductive side while going topless. Although, she won’t explicitly show her pussy or engage in explicit acts during a VIP Show, it offers an enticing experience. If this level of entertainment suits your preference, you can grab a ticket for just $5.

Well, if your intention is only to interact with her in a casual way without any explicit content, then again, a VIP Show may not be the right place. A one-on-one would be more suitable in such cases, though at a price. The cost of a private chat now stands at $3.49 per minute, which is slightly more than the average price. She has an above-average standard to make her an extraordinary and beyond-ordinary person.

CristinaRous knows how to put on a show. From her sensual stripteases to her steamy role-playing, she knows how to keep her audience captivated. She’s not afraid to explore her sexuality and is always open to trying new things. Whether you’re into vanilla or more kinky performances, CristinaRous has something for everyone.

Genuine Connection with Her Audience

One of the things that make CristinaRous so good is her ability to connect with her audience. I talk for myself. Even though I look for her for a hardcore show, sometimes I catch myself just chatting with her after an orgasm. I feel connected to her like friends with benefits.

She takes the time to get to know her members and makes them feel heard. The conversation isn’t boring, and she can keep up with everything. Her English level is quite good for a Russian girl coming from a small city. She fails to understand some slang, but the translator helps her.

She’s a great listener and is always open to chatting and getting to know her fans on a deeper level. This genuine connection is what keeps her fans coming back for more.

High-Quality Camming Equipment

I usually don’t care about these things—only the camera and speed connection matter. A girl’s microphone isn’t exactly what I look for in a private chat. CristinaRous, for some time, used to have a radio show-type microphone. I think she was tapping into the ASMR niche. It has been extremely popular on YouTube since 2015. In the camming industry, the trend wore off fast as usual, and not many girls are doing it now.

What to Expect from a Private Show with CristinaRous

If you’re lucky enough to catch CristinaRous online and have the opportunity to take her private, here’s what you can expect:

  • A personalized experience: She takes the time to get to know her viewers and tailor her performances to their preferences. Do you want to talk? She will talk and listen to you. Do you want to fuck her ass? She will do it for you.
  • High-quality video and audio: As I said, she has a top-of-the-line mic to do some ASMR shows. It’s not exactly her expertise, but she does it well.
  • Pure hardcore cam shows: Do you prefer pure hardcore, porn-style cam shows? She can give you that within seconds in private chat.
  • An intimate performance: I would say a closeup performance. I once made her fuck her ass in a position so close to the camera that it made me feel like I was there. It is an immersive experience, but not exactly like my immersive camgirl ToxicSophie.
Closeup picture of CristinaRous masturbating with a dildo and fingers
CristinaRous doing anal sex with a dildo


CristinaRous is a studio camgirl on LiveJasmin, known for delivering exceptional hardcore private shows. With her, you can expect zero nonsense or unnecessary delays. She consistently goes above and beyond to comprehend and satisfy your deepest desires, making sure never to disappoint and always ensuring an unforgettable experience.

She may charge a bit above the average price range on LiveJasmin, but she gives a cam show that is much better than the average. There is no doubt that she is a must-see for anyone looking for a unique and unforgettable camming experience.

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