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Britney Foxy


Name: Clara Aguiar

Age: 35 (November 6, 1985)

Location: São Paulo, Brazil


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Warning : From late 2011 and until early 2013, this model has used recorded videos. It is unknown who exactly was typing the chat during this period. In mid-2013 she returned to real live shows at MyFreeCams, however her accounts on, Flirt 4 Free, ImLive and Streamate are still using recorded videos. Beware that if you decide to have a private chat with her, you may watch a recorded video and interact with a stranger. It is still unknown who is really typing the chat on the other side.

I was in private with her like dozen of times (I was a little addicted to her), but I didn’t see any evidence that the show was not live. She did all that I asked, although with some delay. But she did. I’m not saying he is lying. But when I was in private with Britney Foxy, the whole show seemed real. Edit: Read the update to know more about Britney using recorded videos.

However, I know that some girls use or might have used recorded videos. It was a pretty common thing that I found about 2 years ago. Indeed, Streamate, where Britney Foxy is known as Blondeplaymate used to have a lot of girls using recorded videos. It changed a little few months ago. Right now I don’t know how it is because it has been a long time since my last login on Streamate.

I will leave this subject for awhile and focus on Blondeplaymate (BARBIEHORNY, BLONDELICIOUS, barbiewild or whatever is the nickname that you know). However, I found a girl who is using recorded videos for sure and I will post her in the future. So I will bring up this issue again.

As I said, this girl is a bombastic one. Big tits, but fake, anyone can see that. She is the kind of girl who could be a porn actress. Perhaps she was in the past, but I doubt. As porn actress, she can earn much more than as a camgirl. Indeed, if she become affiliate to the right studio with the right producer/manager, she can work less and earn more.

I’m not saying she could be a porn actress only because she is hot, but also because of all that she can do in private. She fucks so hard in so many positions that seems she have done some porn before. Unlike some girls, she does not have any problem on doing anal sex. And she does not fake like some other girls because she shows clearly that big dildo sliding up her ass.

She can also handle two dildos on the same time. Sucking one and sticking the other one up her ass. I couldn’t convince her to do double penetration. Only with one finger in the ass and a dildo in the pussy.

With me she did all that. That’s why I think it was a live sex chat. I won’t take her in private again just check if it is really live. But you can :p

For those who like girls with tattoos, the chick has some. A big one on the left arm, a funny one on the right arm, a playboy bunny on her belly, one that says “freak” and other that says “Ay Caramba”. Did I forget one? That one on her right arm is funny because it is Homer Simpson. Well, if she had tall blue hair I could call her Marge Simpson.

Yet about her tattoos. That big one on her left arm used to be smaller. I think she did some retouch and tattooed a bigger one over the older.

Big tattoos are for porn. And piercings too. She has piercings on each nipple and also on her lips. Not pussy lips. The piercings on her nipples seems real, but that on her lips seems to be one of those with pressure.

Oh, I was just watching her in freechat while the file was being uploaded and I got this.

freeloader: can i see your nipples?
BLONDELICIOUS: ill show my boobs if u tip me $50

Five dollars for her tits? Ok, those are fine big tits, but $5 (typo, it was $50) just for her tits it is too much. I would rather take her in private and see whole art. Anyway… I didn’t know she was a “tips for tits” kind of model.


#1 – August 20, 2011

Britney Foxy caught using recorded videos

I’ve recently learned that Britney Foxy has been using recorded videos in her private shows on, ImLive and MyFreeCams. More constantly on ImLive, which is exactly where she is considered a top model with many award and an idol to other models

To be honest, I was already suspecting of that. On the last times that I visited her room, her video was kinda blurry and the studio seemed like the one she used to work 2 years ago. I remind you that she is now working at home most of the time. Plus, she was chatting, but I was not seeing her typing on any keyboard. But one thing is have a suspicion, other is have a confirmation. And that was what I got, a confirmation.

Ok, so here is what I found out. Britney lives with a guy (she has already showed this guy on cam when he was sleeping), and this guy is who stays behind the keyboard pretending to be Britney while a recorded video plays in a loop. He is also the guy who created her twitter and he has been tweeting for her.

This explains why she is almost 100% of the time in private chat on ImLive. As models can go private whenever they want (as some kind of fake private – models appear as busy in private, but there might be no member with her), Britney just logs in “private”, puts the video to play in a loop and goes away. She appears online on ImLive for hours. I mean many hours daily. Any member who joins her in “private” will have to pay for it. And let’s face it – she is hot. Many members might join her in private just to see her on cam if she is never in free chat.

As far as I know, they have been doing this for about 1 year. I say 1 year because this was when I saw that blurry video for the first time on ImLive and also

But I must be fair. Britney still does live shows. Maybe not as many as she used to do because she has found a way to make cash without being online. But the fact that she still does live shows does not make her less guilty of this scam.

#2 – February 10, 2020

After some years away from the adult industry, Britney is back. She uses her legal name now, since she built an image being a contestant of Big Brother Brazil. It seems she is camming exclusively on a site called CameraPrive, which apparently is focus on the Brazilian market.

Videos and photos removed per model’s request.


Apparently also know on as "KendraLuv"

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MyCamgirl Admin

Thanks for the info italoboy. I have updated the review.Sorry for your comment haven't been posted sooner. The anti-spam system tagged it as spam.Cheers!

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You shouldn't by any change have more stuff with her? She is awesome

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MyCamgirl Admin

More? There are 7 (hardcore) videos and 39 quality pictures. If I had more, it would be more of the same ;)

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What can I say, can't get enough of her :D

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She uses the name Barbiewild on Im Live. She is definitely one of a kind. She has a rocket body and puts on a xxx show. If you take the time to get to know her she is also the biggest sweetheart. I cannot recommend this girl enough. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED.

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I love her attitude and stamina. One of the best girls in this biz I've seen so far. I'm kinda surprised by her "rating" over here. :)

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hello my friend please up more, videos shw is the best #1

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MyCamgirl Admin

LOL... more? There are already 7 videos of her available for free download. Are not that enough to have an idea of what she can do in pvt? If she start doing new things I might post new videos.

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I'm brazilian..The real name is [temporarily removed].. she living in [temporarily removed] - Brazil.. she don't make porn..the real twitter is [temporarily removed]the real face book is [temporarily removed]pack of pictures - barbie wild teenager.. before the silicon, etc:[removed].html

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