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Name: Adrianna
Age: 38 (March 19, 1986)
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
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BENEA was, for many years, the face of LiveJasmin. She worked for multiple camsites, almost every camsite available, and she was popular on almost all the camsites. But it was LiveJasmin that took one of her pictures and turned it into one of their most viewed banners. They did that for a reason. Because BENEA is one of the most photogenic and sexy camgirls that has ever worked on any camsite. Well, at least that is my opinion and the opinion of many members who made this blonde Slovak camgirl a top model on multiple camsites.

Camgirl BENEA doing bunny face wearing red lingerie

This is a review about BENEA, a veteran camgirl from Slovakia who worked for ten years in the same studio. In this review, I will share my experiences with her and reveal what happened to make a top earner quit camming at the peak of her career. Of course, there will be exclusive pictures and videos.

Note that I published this review in June 2008, when BENEA was already a popular camgirl. A lot has happened since then, and some parts of this review will mention events and facts that took place many years ago. Also, because she stopped camming so many years ago, I will not share much content, just like I did with SweetiModel. There will be pictures but no videos. The review remains online only because BENEA is a very relevant figure in the camming history.


Please keep in mind that this section was included in the original review. I am keeping it for nostalgia. It offers just some context to the rest of the review.

Talking to a camgirl, she asked me why I write reviews about camgirls. I explained the main reason: To expose sketchy camgirls. I wanna share with the world my experience with camgirls and name those who promise everything but then don’t do anything. You can call it a ripoff or scam if you want.

This girl made me think about something. Why do I write reviews about camgirls who get naked and do everything right? Am I a jerk who wants to make fun of all the girls no matter what they do?

If the main reason for this blog is to let people know who are the girls who could try to steal their money and not get naked, why am I posting girls who are 100% honest?

After thinking about it for a while, I realized why, and the answer took me back to my first days in the camming world.

This post is about BENEA, and to avoid talking too much about something unrelated to her, I have put all my thoughts about this subject in MyCamgirl’s Origins. If you want to know what I think, go there and read about it.


So, here she is! BENEA! I originally made this review to fulfill the void left by a series of reviews about camgirls from a Polish studio that I had to remove. Yes, BENEA is so good that she is worth as much as a studio.

BENEA in 2014 after returning to cam

Czechia Or Slovakia?

BENEA is a blonde camgirl from Slovakia who started camming in 2005 in a studio in Bratislava. For years, rumors and theories existed that the studio was in Ostrava, Czechia. But another top camgirl from this studio, NIVEA, revealed that Bratislava is the real location. Although, there are indeed girls from Czechia working in this studio.

NIVEA said: “I am from Czechia, but I am living in Slovakia”

Since Slovakia shares a border with Czechia, it is common for people to cross the border daily and even move permanently to Slovakia and vice-versa.

Because of what NIVEA said, I am sure the studio is in Slovakia. What I can’t say for sure is whether BENEA is also from Czechia or Slovakia.

I am only spending some time talking about this because many people have wondered where these girls are from. The main reason for the confusion is that the girls tend to say where they are from, not where they are now. Hence, the Czechia-Slovakia mess.

Eye-Catching BENEA As Advertising Tool

So, I was browsing through some porn sites when I got one of LiveJasmin’s infamous pop-ups. Before closing it, I saw her, BENEA, in that pop-up. LiveJasmin isn’t the only camsite to use her face for advertising, but it is the one that I see more often.

If you have already visited a camsite, you probably saw her face on a banner. Remember, this is from 2008. For some reason, some marketing “expert” had the strange idea of putting banners on their sites to advertise… ahm, the site itself. This is similar to when YouTube advertises itself in the middle of a video… on YouTube.

Indeed, BENEA is a perfect eye-catching model to draw visitors’ attention. That’s why many sites use her face and body in banners. Also, she is a veteran in this business. I don’t know if she gets some money for that, but knowing how these sites work, she probably doesn’t get a single penny. She most likely doesn’t even know they are using her image. It is in the contract, anyway. They can use any girl for advertising.

First Time Talking To BENEA

I have known her since 2006, and she has changed slightly. But as far as I know, she has been working since 2005. At least, all my data points to 2005 as her debut year. That makes BENEA as veteran as you can get.

When I saw her for the first time, her hair was not so blonde and shiny. I must admit that she is not as slim as in 2005, but she is still in very good shape. But working so many hours as she does is understandable. She needs a break of a month or so.

Even though I have known her for so long, I don’t know her name. She doesn’t talk much in free chat, and I don’t talk too much in private chat. Actually, she barely stays in free chat. There is always someone taking her into private.

What To Expect From Blonde BENEA?

She is a sure thing when it comes to hardcore cam shows. In fact, it is tricky to get anything from BENEA that is not a striptease and masturbation.

AdriannaCat naked in doggy position during group show

Her English is basic but good enough to communicate. The problem is that with such a hot blonde girl in front of your eyes, it is hard not to ask her to get naked. I mean, give it a try. Take her into private chat and try to chit-chat with her for more than five minutes. Your eyes will be all the time on her tits. Ok, maybe also on her pretty sexy face. But your mind will be undressing her.

There is a reason she was in the top three in her studio for so many years. The only models who earned more than her were the new ones, but they would only have great success in the first couple of weeks. Most would stop having so many private chats after the initial period. BENEA was one of the few to maintain her success for years.

Perfect Pink Pussy That Looks Virgin

The first time you see her pussy, you will be surprised by a pink pussy that looks untouched. It doesn’t even look like she has been working as a camgirl for years, putting fingers and dildos inside that sweet pussy of hers almost every day.

I am going to add her a picture of her pussy. However, the problem is that BENEA was active in an era when video compression was huge, so streaming could be possible over the internet. So, you won’t be able to see her pussy that well. But still, a pussy picture is mandatory for a girl like her.

BENEA showing pussy and asshole during private show

Yes, I know. Great pussy, but horrible picture quality.

Tight Ass But Easy Anal Sex

Yes, BENEA does anal sex. She has a tight asshole, but she handles anal sex pretty well. She even lets you choose between fingers and a dildo. I have seen her handling three fingers, but usually, she goes with two. The dildo isn’t exactly small. She goes with a big one.

Interestingly enough, I don’t remember seeing her using any lube when fucking her ass. Maybe she put the lube off-camera or simply used some of her pussy cream. But the way the dildo slides into her ass so easily, I don’t think she is going medieval style.

The doggy position seems to be her favorite to do anal sex. But you can ask her to change. She will do it without problems.

AdriannaCat doing anal sex with big dildo on MyFreeCams in 2014

BENEA Is Gone: What Happened?

In 2009, after four years of huge success, BENEA stopped coming online. I thought she was taking a long-deserved break. But one of her fans contacted me to say she got fired from the studio.

At first, I was skeptical. Why would the studio fire one of their most successful camgirls? But then, talking to another girl from her studio, she confirmed that BENEA got fired. She told me the reason. I am not going to repeat here because it turned out to be bullshit. Nothing of what that girl and the so-called fan said was true.

It’s good that I never reproduced what they said here because that would be bad. In any case, BENEA didn’t get fired. She decided to leave.

The Return of BENEA And The True Reason For Quitting

In 2014, five years after being fired, BENEA returned to camming. Funny enough, it’s in the same studio. I stumbled upon her on MyFreeCams, where she now has a new name: AdriannaCat. She was still super hot and sexy, but I could see signs of aging.

Her success was nowhere near what it was before. If in 2008 it would have been impossible to chat with her in free chat, now, in 2014, I could sit there for half an hour and quietly chat with her. She was online on four different sites, and I could still chat without interruptions.

I had a chance to ask what had made her disappear. She confirmed that she was kind of fired. But being fired from a studio doesn’t stop a girl from camming. She can still go to another studio or even work from home.

That was when BENEA, now AdriannaCat, revealed the true reason for quitting camming: She got married! Well, I don’t know if she was actually married. But it was because she was in a relationship with a guy, and he didn’t want her working as a camgirl. When I talked to her, she called him her “ex.” I don’t know if he was her ex-boyfriend or ex-husband.

He was a good member of hers and used to have long private chats with her. At some point, he said he would rather send money directly to her than use the site and would like her to quit. Because of that good member, she decided to quit.

In any case, she had been living between two countries. In total, she lived almost two years with this guy in a small city in a Nordic country. I am not going to say which country exactly.

Why Return After Five Years?

But what made her return? She said that she broke up with that guy. They were and still are good friends. But after living with him, she realized they were very different.

So, they decided to break up, and she stopped traveling between Slovakia and that country. Without much money or any idea of what to do, she returned to her studio, looking for a job. They immediately accepted her because the studio’s owner was her good friend.

In general, I never reveal this type of story. But because BENEA was very open about it. I didn’t have to beg or pay her to explain what happened. We were not even talking in private chat. She just told me that.

By the way, if she had been fired, do you think the studio would accept her back? It would make no sense. BENEA said that the boss is a good friend and accepted her without any problems.

Where Is BENEA Now?

After her return in 2014, she regularly worked for about one year on four camsites. The success was not that great, but also not bad. But one day, just like before, she just disappeared. She wasn’t old when she quit for the second time. I could give her many years as a camgirl.

It is possible that BENEA reached her goal. In one of our last chats, she said that one of the reasons to start camming again was to save money to buy a car and possibly a house. Maybe she got enough money for the car and stopped camming?

I sincerely hope she and her ext reunited and found a way to make their relationship work.

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thanks for the vids how do you record the shows? i'd like to do that.btw is it true she sometimes does girl/girl shows with Nivea?? i'd definitely pay to see that

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MyCamgirl Admin

I have no idea if she has done any girl/girl show with Nivea.Although sometimes you can hear other girls talking or even moaning, the girls from this studio used to work alone. No lesbian show. It would be great, but they don't do itGive me your e-mail (or send me a message) and I explain you how to record videos.

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I think i can give you more information about Benea. If you are interested just mail me at

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MyCamgirl Admin

Hi,You could have post the info here ;)But I gonna mail you right now.

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Any news on Benea's return to the cam world?

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MyCamgirl Admin

Hi,Sorry, I don't have any info about Benea's return.Considering that that studio is always finding pretty models to replace who left, I don't think that they are worried whether Benea will return or not.

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I found her a few months ago. on webcams. Havent seen her online since. But she is a 5 star girl for sure.

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@thedude111: Are you sure it was Benea? What website did you see her on?

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MyCamgirl Admin

Just a warning. If you find BENEA or any other well known camgirl on, Streamate or, try to be sure that it is really her and not a recorded video. Some guys are creating fake accounts and playing recorded videos on these three sites. When the admins find out and ban them, they just create a new account. They are probably using documents of other girls to create fake accounts and the girls have nothing to do with this scam.

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I'm sure I already know the answer, but... any news on Benea?

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