Annie Kean My Petite Beauty

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Annie Kean
Annie Kean
27 (August 12, 1995)
Flirt 4 Free:
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The first thing I want to say is that Annie Kean is not a smiling girl at all. Apparently, this is her style, something like the Estonian version of Victoria Beckham. But that does not make her any less beautiful. She is a real beauty! She even looks like an actress, a mysterious flower, you can call it whatever you like, she is beautiful! The beauty that people can miss in the 21st century. When every girl has fake lips, eyelashes, nails, breasts, etc. Her hair is a golden waterfall, straight and long, it falls over her beautiful but tiny tits.

Annie Kean fully naked in private chat

In private chat with Annie Kean

Now is the best time if you want some quick action with a pretty girl. She just came to the site and absolutely does not know how to work. I just went into private and she immediately got up and began to dance striptease. It’s even a little funny, I didn’t even have time to say something. We will not waste a minute – straight to the point ๐Ÿ˜† But let’s go back to the fact that Annie Kean is NEW! A newbie. Perhaps this is why she constantly moved the camera and did not always put it in the best place to view her beauty. But with her price of 0.98 and a pretty face, we can forgive her for that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now about her merits, and she has something to brag about. She has the body of a real model. Skinny, small, neat breasts and ass, if you like petite girls, then she is what you need! Beautiful lace panties, which she quickly took off and showed her shaved pussy. The neat manicure on her fingers looked very pretty inside her pussy.

Annie Kean also had some kind of toy and guys, it looked fun. Plastic banana! I’ve seen one of those at the Sephora store. Some hand cream or something. Soon she will start to work and earn money for a real toy, but now I recommend everyone to go and look at this.

Improving her performance

Some months later I found Annie at Flirt 4 Free, and she was a lot more comfortable on cam. She still does not talk much. But she definitively has a lot more to offer than a shy show with a banana lipstick.

I watched a private show for a few minutes, and she had a proper sex toy (a dildo) and at some point she started doing anal. It felt like a mix of amateur with porn.



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