AnisyiaLove My Unstoppable Sex Machine

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Name: Anisyia
Age: 35 (April 14, 1989)
Location: Bucharest, Romania
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I know AnisyiaLove from her earlier years as a camgirl. Before the implants, before establishing her “brand.” Her performance was already on point. A bit shy and still trying to figure out how camming works. Her performance improved as she loses her cam virginity. In terms of appearance, she hasn’t changed much since then, except for the obvious big tits and well-done make-up. Her body is still smoking hot.

Anisyia Fucking Sex Torso

AnisyiaLove, an unstoppable woman

AnisyiaLove is now a cam model who thinks the best in the world about her. She’s so confident – the girl has the fucking good looks. A gymnast?! A porn star?! The moves are of a gymnast – this girl can spread like she is about to win the Summer Olympics. And everything else will point to a porn star! She is none of these, most likely!

But let’s be honest! Who the fuck cares? The girl can rock your damn world in the blink of an eye, and for this reason, she is doing so many VIP shows! Because she is too confident! And AnisyiaLove knows that people come to see her and this way, the VIP show will make her very successful!

The perfect trick?! She will, understandably, avoid showing you her ass! And what an ass! She keeps it safe for the show – that’s when you will be able to see it and enjoy it in its full splendor. Sure, the lingerie makes her even hotter, but this is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s perfect! We go to webcam sites like LiveJasmin to watch what we would like to have next to us in bed. Because all of these will make us really horny, AnisyiaLove knows it, and she is doing everything in her power to put the best of her out there!

The VIP show is on!

The time has come! Her butt is ours! Well, let’s get one thing straight! AnisyiaLove is drop-dead gorgeous! No secret here! Everything is perfect about her when it comes to her shapes! Perfect ass, perfect (fake) tits – the look on her face makes everything more interesting; she moves like a goddess, like a gymnast, like a porn star! I must be honest… Knowing her performance on privates, I would say that her VIP shows are just appetizers. It’s a VIP show, after all.

But what can she, in fact, do in private? Well, a very different performance, for sure. A lot more hardcore, and considering the exclusive one-on-one, a lot more intimate. AnisyiaLove is, as the title says, an unstoppable sex-machine. There is almost nothing she says no to, and if you don’t say anything, she won’t stop.

We can consider ourselves lucky that AnisyiaLove does VIP Shows. I can think of another girl, same style, the same type of body, and even the same country: ToxicSophie! And Sophie has never performed a single VIP Show. While you can enjoy AnisyiaLove in an almost full show for $2-$3 a ticket, with Sophie you will need to put on the table $3.99 per minute.

A girl of many toys

The Famous Sex Machine

Her arsenal of toys seems unlimited (ask her to see it), including an ejaculating dildo and a big sex machine imported from the UK. And if that is not enough, if she sees that you are a man of word, she will buy a sex toy of your choice for the next time you take her in private. I took that offer and chose a toy she never used before. It was fun to watch her using it for the first time, kind of trying to figure out how good it fits in her pussy.

Porn without a boy or a girl

I must admit this is a bit confusing to me. Even talking to another camgirl, she said she does not consider camming porn. Yes, she is fucking on cam. But that is solo masturbation. Surely to many people, this is porn, and a big sin 🙄 But anyway…

AnisyiaLove is marketing herself as a porn star. Ok, I get it. She needs this to get her brand out and use all the good marketing strategies. After all, she has the potential to be more than just a camgirl sitting online waiting for privates.

She is doing the right thing and doing it very well. The porn material she produces is hot, no doubt. But it is solo masturbation. It is better than most traditional porn you can find. Considering she shoots the videos alone, I would say she could be a porn director. But it is still solo.

Traditional porn, as far as I know, the closest you can get from bg sex material is a picture she posted years ago after sex with her boyfriend with her back covered in cum. More like a tease. But that was all.

How good is AnisyiaLove in a private chat?

One word: Amazing!

AnisyiaLove cam model masturbating with a dildo in private chat on LiveJasmin

She is everything you can expect from a horny naughty girl. AnisyiaLove has no taboo. As said before, she does not say no. The limit is your imagination; whatever you have in mind, I am sure she will do her best to feed your desires.

She really does everything perfectly. It feels like an intimate moment in bed with a pinch of porn. She knows how to be sexy and classy but delivers hardcore in a not vulgar way. It is intense and passionate. Quite different from so-called porn stars.

AnisyiaLove is Pperfect For Anal

AnisyiaLove has a “few” sex toys, especially for her asshole. She does anal pretty well. Even though she is used to anal, her asshole still looks tight, and every single time I watch her sticking a dildo in her ass, it looks like her first time ever doing anal.

For all that, I can say that AnisyiaLove is worth more than one visit.

If you wish to discuss Anisyia, there is a discussion on the forum about her.

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raktaev Camfan


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Addicted2Legs29 Camfan

She is Quite Amazing! I saw her on Twitter...saw her in some Seamless pantyhose, dancing and moving like ONLY She can, and I just HAD to have a private with her. Contacted her that VERY day and got in private on Skype with her that Same night. She is Fucking Incredible. The way she moves, that Body...she is Quite Literally Perfect! I never went back for seconds yet, but she is still on my radar. This girl is an Absolute Dream and even at 30, she puts MANY other girls to shame. VERY VERY SEXY And Totally into her performances...just like you said. She is at the TOP OF HER GAME for sure and will Blow your Fucking Mind! Love this Sexy Romanian babe! One of the best EVER!

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Scam_Models Camfan

If you've seen any of her TikTok videos, she denies being married, which is odd. Considering she tells everyone she meets that she's from Brasov, so why lie about being married, which has been for at least 6 years now? Of course she married for money but why wouldn't she. I just think her husband Virgil has managed to reach simp status because of her popularity.

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One, if she is married, I highly doubt that she married for money. She is one of the most popular girls on Jasmin, and considering her good marketing, she probably does quite well on OnlyFans too. She may be a virtual gf for rich guys and milk money from these suckers. But everything virtual. She has absolutely no reason to marry for money because she can make (a lot) money herself.Two, it doesn't really matter to me where she is from, and shouldn't matter to you too. Why do you even ask these things? You are only wasting valuable time in private.Three, again, she is a top model. I don't think she meets with members. Maybe if she hits the jackpot and gets a millionaire crazy about her. But I am talking about someone who can throw millions at women like bananas. Not some guy with some money that will demand everything from her because he spent $10k on her.Fourth, if she is married or not does not matter unless you are looking for a date/wife. Was that what you were hoping? The goal is to take her in private chat, watch her doing all your fantasies, and then carry on with your life. In that moment she is in private with you, what different does it make whether she is married or not? Maybe if you have a fetish to fuck married women, fine. But your problem is that she pretends to be single, right? My guess is that you thought you had a chance with her. Maybe one of those suckers with some money who demands all from the girl. You thought that throwing all your savings at her would get you a hot wife. And then you found out she has been married for years, and you plans felt apart. My dude, you used camsites wrong. It is not a dating/marriage site.If she says she is single, maybe it's because of privacy. Or maybe it's because of idiots like you who will give money to be her hero and buy her love.

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First off, what I do offline with cam models is none of your business. Second, just because you're too fat or ugly to hookup, despite throwing cash at them isn't my problem. The fact of the matter is, 95% of Romanian cam models lie, deceive or manipulate members. For instance, on LJ, a majority of models using the Lush don't even have it turned on or have a 2nd Lush just for show, while the actual Lush is hidden in some pillows nearby. Of course all they care about is money, so does it surprise you that they lie constantly about everything? I didn't ask her where she lived. She openly told people she was from Brasov and she constantly broadcasts the outside of the apartment complex she lives in. As for why she married Virgil, it was 100% because of money. She wasn't always a famous LJ model and I'm fairly certain he helped finance a lot of her shit, including outfits, cameras, computers, bedroom sets and so on. I was merely pointing out that it's hilarious that cam models lie about being married. As you pointed it, it wouldn't matter to you if she is married, so you just proved my point.

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