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Name: Amber

Age: 36 (March 10, 1984)

Location: Los Angeles, United States


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She has one of the highest camscores on MyFreeCams and is always on MyFreeCams's top model list! Amber has been camming for years, delivering fun and sexy shows every day.

I first saw Amber on my twitter when she, under the nickname AmberLynneGirl, started following me a few months ago. Her face seemed familiar, but I thought that it would be just another stupid webmaster with a fake twitter account and using a sexy picture of a girl that he does not even know. Very common, indeed. But a few days later I was on MyFreeCams and I found the same picture. How could I forget about this model?! She has one of the highest scores on MyFreeCams and is always on MyFreeCams's top model list! So, she is really a model, not a guy behind a fake account.

I tried talking to her by sending a Private Message (PM), but... she had a crowd in her room and couldn't give attention to anyone in PM. I let her work in peace. This is what you should do when you see that a girl is busy. Don't insist because she can't give attention to hundreds of guys, she is not a machine. Anyway... many guys were tipping her and she was doing great in free chat showing her big boobies and playing with her pussy. So I let her be. Yes, she does show her hot body in free. Just be sure to be nice and tip her before.

About 30 minutes later an alert popped-up on my dashboard on MyFreeCams. It was her sending me a PM. She was sorry for not giving me attention but she was busy (I realized that). See? I got rewarded for being patient. Just for your information... I contacted her asking about a review. So she came to me to talk about it. Of course she already knew about my site (otherwise, she wouldn't be following me) and she liked the idea of being featured here. But she wanted to understand what exactly I would put here for download. Few short videos of her is ok. But dozens of videos showing her in all different positions and using all type of toys... this wouldn't be a good idea. I told her that I had a video of her taking a shower and she said that this video is ok. But she warned me about all that she can offer (in free chat, after some tips, and in private show or group show).

AmberCutie in the shower Taking a shower

[...] but I do oil show/dancing from time to time, and generally hang out naked in free chat [...] I like to try and keep the masses happy without breaking the rules :)

She was also concerned about what I would write about her (every single model does). "I hope you write a good review" - she said. I have nothing bad to say about Amber and I bet that all those hundreds of guys watching her in free chat share the same opinion.

Anyway... I can only share the video of her taking a shower and a short video of her shaking her booty in free. I do have more - some good videos of her great group shows - but I can't share it. I just don't have any oil shows or a video of the famous anal group shows that she does in special occasions.

AmberCutie sticking a face on her nipple Goofing around with her tits

But it was good talking to her. I had a chance to get to know her better. Talking to her and diggin' her profile a little bit, I found out a geeky girl behind that sexy hot body. It was the first time that I found a camgirl that is also a World of Warcraft (WoW) player. I don't know this game very well (I'm more a puzzle bubble addict), but I do know that most of the people imagine an ugly fat geek (mainly male) playing WoW for all day long. But take a look at Amber... does she look like an ugly fat geek? No, she does not! She might look a geek with those glasses, but a sexy geeky for sure.

Better saying, not just a sexy geeky, but also a naughty geeky. Getting naked on webcam for hundreds of guys, bending over and spreading her tight pink pussy... she is naughty, definitively. And did you know that Amber decided to become a camgirl after watching another MFC camgirl playing in free? Oh yeah... I found out about that reading her mini-bio on her new website. Go read it if you want to know more about Amber. I also found out that today - March 10 - is her birthday. This review is like a present to her. Not the best present, but... Happy birthday, girl!

Since you guys don't have a site to post a review about her, I'd suggest to you to go tip her. It does not matter how much... 10, 100, 1000 tokens... she will thank you with an unique smile and maybe you can even see her shaking her booty. Oh.. her booty... I already told her that it is the only thing that keeps me awake. I just love her round ass. One of the best pictures of her nice booty was posted by her on her twitpic account. Yeah... and about her pussy. I can't help but to remember one time that she was in free chat and someone asked her to try a big toy. She said: "I'm not an elastic girl. I have a tight pussy."

AmberCutie's booty I love her ass!

She is a sexy geek with a naughty and very outgoing personality, but Amber is not an elastic girl. But if you are dreaming of her with a toy, don't worry she uses toys, but not big toys. Although I consider some of her toys pretty big. Ask her to show the blue toy and you will see what I mean. Chat with her a little, be nice and I'm sure you can convince her to use that blue toy in private.




w00t Amber rocks my socks off!

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Amber is one of the most interactive, hyper active, and fun models I've ever seen. Her beautiful natural body and big booty are just awesome beyond words. She deserves to be #1 on Miss MFC finally sometime soon. :)

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Amber is the bee's knees wearing the cat's pajamas. A very fun room and a very fun woman, shout out to FrankieC too a very down lady who is a blast.

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tubby556 (Adam)

AmberCutie, where to begin? I'll try to keep it short and not write a novel. She completely swept me off my feet the first time I saw her on cam. Her beauty, charm, character, and open mind not only take my breath away each time I visit her on MFC but also captivates my heart in a way few women ever have. It has been nothing less than a pure honor to be a part of Amber's regular fans on MFC. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I enter her room and she responds with a "Hi, Adam". Damn good thing my fingers still work because she leaves me speechless every time I see her. Most of all she appreciates me whether I tip or not. She has treated me no differently when I do versus when I don't. Amber's room at MFC is the place I go to escape the world and I couldn't be happier. I appreciate every second I get to spend with her. She also consistently defies logic by improving upon perfection; the little minx gets more and more beautiful every time I see her.

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Well, Adam said a lot of what I wanted to say. All I can add is that I joined MFC simply because I saw Amber and I've never regretted it. Not only does she have an amazing body, but she has an amazing personality and a heart of gold. Rarely does one find a woman anywhere who's sexy on the outside AND on the inside. Amber is one of those rare women and I'm proud to call her a friend.

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I'm just going to wind up repeating EVERYTHING that everyone else said. The only thing new that I have to say is that Amberrrrr was my first group show and it was epic. 'Nuff said.

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I also became a premium member after seeing Ambers show. I find myself longing for 7pm PST when she logs on. She's visually and intellectually appealing in every way. I love her giggle and wish it was available as a ring tone.

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I've never signed up for any paid sites before in my life. I first saw Amber not too long after she started on MFC and immediately became a premium member. She hasn't really left my mind since. I genuinely enjoy just talking with her, and geeking out about music. As I've told her several times, she's what I consider my ideal female. Everything about her is perfect. Any and all success she garners from MFC is richly deserved.

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i just signed up on myfreecams before signing up though i would sit and watch models on different sites . i became discouraged earlier on from camming as majority of the models looked like made up dolls with loads of makeup ... they looked so fake and then their attitude was just so not nice. then i discovered myfreecams at first i thought it was just like the other sites but i was wrong the first model i viewed like amber was mellanny she was ok but i had seen that look b4 but then i stumbled on mila milan and i was like yessssssssss so i started viewing to see if more models were there like her that is the down to earth real girls and yes there were... Amber cutie, frankie chemical taty jasbon, texascum etc being ebony or in that category u find it hard to fit in with the other models but these models gave me hope that i can be different and dont have to fit in the stereotype of the Barbie doll image sooo THANKS AMBER FOR BEING ONE OF MY (ROLE) MODELS ON MFC KISSES

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Fat and ugly. Lots of losers like her.

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