AlejandraDamac My So-Called Virgin Ass of Astonishing Price

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Name: Alejandra
Age: 26 (November 20, 1997)
Location: Colombia
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Introduction to AlejandraDamac

Prepare to have your mind blown by the mesmerizing beauty of AlejandraDamac, the Colombian camgirl with a booty that crazy drives people crazy. Colombian women are notorious for their bodies, especially the ass area. But in an era where girls resort to plastic surgeries to achieve the so-called perfect ass (I am looking right at girls like EstefaniaBrown and AkiraLeen), it is revitalizing when a woman keeps everything natural. That is AlejandraDamac, who you can find on LiveJasmin and Streamate. She is 100% natural, and her ass is my definition of perfection.

Colombian camgirl AlejandraDamac standing at the balcony wearing purple bikini in front of the beach

In this review, I will talk about one of the best asses of 2024. It is true that she has been around since 2021. But it is never too late to talk and reveal every detail of a hot, playful lady like Alejandra.

A Big Ass With A Low Profile

If you are wondering why you have never seen AlejandraDamac before, it is because she isn’t that popular. She is an underdog on LiveJasmin and Streamate. This has nothing to do with her performance or anything she does. She simply doesn’t get enough traffic.

I also don’t see her being mentioned anywhere. A quick search for her does not bring up many interesting results other than the usual boring read-made content from LiveJasmin’s marketing team. I don’t want to brag, but I can easily write something a lot more interesting and useful than that.

This is a bit of a surprise because she is a 1A Studio model, and their models get advertised quite a lot.

In any case, she doesn’t get the attention she deserves. I hope this review can give her all the attention.

A Colombian Personality That Is More Than Ass

I will talk about her personality, which I only learned more about in the last minutes of our last private chat. I made the mistake of assuming that Alejandra was a non-English speaker and that she would give an auto-pilot type of show.

The reason I am bringing up her personality is because she is actually fun to talk to. She has a nice sense of humor; generally, she won’t be offended by any comment or joke. She will even respond to jokes with more jokes.

Also, don’t be afraid to express your sexual desires and fetishes. This Colombian girl has seen all and won’t be scared of whatever you have in mind. If you want her to do something she doesn’t like, she will be honest. But I will talk about this later.

Her English is good. I would say, considering my experience with Colombian girls, her English is very good. She can speak and write in English without any help from a translator or cam operator.

For example, as a comparison, there is GabrielaParisi. She also has a natural big ass (though part of that is due to her squats routine) and a better cam show performance. However, Gabriela doesn’t have much communication skills.

Speaking of the cam operator, thank God she does not have any. Because she can handle a chat quite well, the studio has decided that she doesn’t need a cam operator handling the chat for her. This is an extra point when comparing her with other studio camgirls.

What to Expect From AlejandraDamac in Private Chat

Well, you can expect anything. I will give you more details, don’t worry. But you are in charge, so it is up to you what she can do.

Here is a quick list:

  • Striptease
  • Masturbation with fingers
  • Masturbation with dildo
  • Anal fingering
  • Anal with toys
AlejandraDamac fully naked in bed showing pussy and asshole

The thing is, and this is the crucial part, how she performs these sex acts? The list above is similar to what thousands of camgirls offer.

The striptease is fast and basic. She will simply undress. Usually, AlejandraDamac isn’t wearing that much clothes—just a lingerie, which she will take off in seconds.

As for masturbation, it should be stated that she usually resorts to her preferred method of using one or two of her fingers. But I should note that if you want a more advanced experience, you can ask for a dildo. She has no problems with that.

Moving Non-Stop

Now, there is something I don’t like: AlejandraDamac moves too much! She is moving all the time to do something. Either change position, fix the camera, spit on the dildo, etc. There is always something she needs to do. Well, she doesn’t really need to do that. In my opinion, most of the time, everything is well set up and in the right place. But she keeps moving the camera, for example. It is like she is hyperactive. It kind of breaks the flow. Actually, it doesn’t even allow the flow to start.

Sometimes she changes position every 10 seconds. I like to change positions and watch the girl in all possible positions. But every 10 seconds is a bit too fast. It doesn’t even give me time to enjoy anything, and probably her neither.

Riding a dildo

My point is that this intense and hyperactive performance is a bit frustrating and annoying. Fortunately, she understood me and slowed down a bit. But on every private chat, I had to remind her to slow down.

Booty Girl With Virgin Ass

Going back on how I opened this review: AlejandraDamac’s 100% natural big ass. No implants or whatever. Just pure nature blessing a woman.

I am not obsessed with anal sex. Usually, it depends on the girl and her ass. If the girl doesn’t do it, it is all fine. But looking at AlejandraDamac and her big round ass, I couldn’t resist. I had to ask.

First, I asked her if she could just rub her asshole. She licked her finger and rub her small asshole. All good. Following, I asked her to put a finger in her ass. She showed signs that something was off. Ok, I won’t sugarcoat the situation. She asked for tips.

I threw some jokes, and she ended up fingering her ass without me tipping. I can tip; that is not a problem. But I like to tip, later or during the show, to show my appreciation. I know that girls hope for some tips and that many guys don’t tip at all, no matter how good the cam show is. And I get that she doesn’t list anal sex on her profile; therefore, this is an extra. But still, I don’t like when a girl asks for tips.

Warming Up With Lush

By the way, she asked me to vibe her so she could warm up and get wet. That is probably the main reason why I don’t like it when the girl asks for tips. Because I know that the Lush or whatever Vibra toy she is using can vibrate without tips and that 99% of the time, the girl’s reaction to the vibe is fake.

But in any case, she started fingering her ass. But she was out of control. Really. AlejandraDamac was jumping in bed like there were bugs biting her ass. The way she did it was somewhat raw. No lube; just got her finger wet a bit, and then she fingered and started fucking her ass. Honestly, I would prefer if she were a bit slow. Tease a bit before fingering it, rub and play, and then slowly put a finger. Instead, she went full throttle on her ass.

Anal With Dildo Requires Tips

I am not going to lie; it wasn’t that exciting, and at some point, I started thinking she was faking it. I mean, she was moving so fast that it was hard to tell whether she was inside her asshole or not. In any case, I was showering her with some tips. I probably dropped a total of $70 split in small tips. Considering the rate per minute and how long this private lasted, that is like a 50% extra on top of the final price for the private.

I wasn’t really convinced by the way this was fingering her ass. So, I asked her to slow down and come close to the camera. Doggy position, and slowly finger her ass. She agreed to do it.

Looking at her in that position, with that phat ass taking my whole screen, I had to ask what I needed to do to fuck that ass properly. Like, really, with a dildo and not just the tip, but the whole dildo. For this kind of request, I don’t mind when the girl asks for a tip. In fact, I am asking this exactly so she can say the price, and I tip her.

By the way, although not allowed, as discussed in the forum, it is not uncommon to find LiveJasmin models asking for tips in private chat.

A Very Expensive So-Called Virgin Ass

Do you want to know how much she asked? It was more than what I was expecting, based on what other girls usually ask. She wanted a $730 tip! She actually asked in credits. I am just converting credits to Euros and then Dollars. So, it is more or less that: $730.

Let me repeat: She asked $730 to fuck her ass.

She has the right to ask how much she wants. But I mean, I have bought custom unique videos like the first lesbian kiss for $75. Paying $730 for anal sex during a private chat that I am already paying $2.49 per minute sounds a bit too much.

However, she said since I was nice, she would give me a 50% discount. Yeah, right. I would say that the actual price is almost $400—still a heavy chunk.

An Expensive Virgin Ass That Is Not That Virgin

Why is anal sex with AlejandraDamac so expensive? I didn’t ask her that, it was her who explained her price. According to her, she doesn’t like it, and her ass is a virgin. If it’s a virgin, then how does she know she doesn’t like it? Skipping the paradox, I can say for sure that her ass is not virgin.

Let’s just say that an ass is longer virgin if you penetrate it with more than a finger and it was not for a medical procedure. In this case, what she just did-fingering with half of her finger, isn’t considered anal sex, according to my book.

So, why do I say her ass is not virgin? Well, remember when I said that the content provided by LiveJasmin is boring and useless? It is not always like that. It turns out that LiveJasmin recorded a clip of AlejandraDamac in private chat and made it public through its YouTube content so sites can use it for free to promote LiveJasmin.

A Promo LiveJasmin Video That Reveals AlejandraDamac Doing Anal

Usually, they make only one video for each model. The video is explicit, showing the model getting naked and masturbating. But normally, it doesn’t show things like anal sex or things that are considered extra.

In AlejandraDamac’s video, however, she appears putting a Lush in her ass. In fact, the video shows her trying to put a Hitachi up her ass. Or at least pushing it. Then, she takes the Lush out of her pussy and starts putting in her ass. It wasn’t a quick maneuver. She took about five minutes to put it in her ass successfully. The main reason for the trouble was probably the lack of lube. She used just her saliva and then pushed and pushed until it was all in.

The video finished shortly after she managed to insert the pink toy in her tight ass. But I can guess that after that, she asked the guy to vibe her ass. Well, I know I would do it.

So, Anal or No Anal?

Cutting to the chase: During our private chat, there was no anal. There were some fingering, but no anal with sex toys. I am not going to pay over $400 to find out how a girl does anal. Let alone a girl who already confessed to not enjoying anal. If she was a girl who I know is able to deliver the perfect performance, I could tip that much. But I won’t take the risk.

My point is she may not enjoy it, but she does. Her ass isn’t virgin as she said. Maybe she never had a man sticking his hard cock in her asshole. But she got a Lush, which is just a bit larger than a buttplug.

The whole thing of tipping her $400 because her ass is virgin doesn’t fly with me. But honestly, the only reason I didn’t buy this story about virgin ass was simply because I had already watched AlejandraDamac fucking her ass with a Lush.

Another reason I didn’t pay for it was: What if I don’t like it? I have already been in situations where I paid upfront, and after a few minutes of trying, the girl simply gave up, saying it was too hard for her. I mean, I can’t be sure she will do it the way I like. Better saying, the way that justifies such a high price. For that kind of premium price that I must pay upfront, she must give a spectacular show. At that point, her performance had been average. She is hot the way I like, and her ass and pussy are amazing. But the whole show was not getting to the porn level I like.

Final Thoughts About AlejandraDamac

Oh boy, I talked a lot. Anyway, here are my final thoughts.

AlejandraDamac is not your typical Latina camgirl. Although her ass is very much Colombian style, her appearance seems to have a little pinch of European. She also keeps everything 100% natural, without any implants or injections.

LiveJasmin camgirl AlejandraDamac masturbating with a dildo

In general, she can provide an explicit cam show with some level of porn. Her performance, although enthusiastic, has too many interruptions. One wonders if she can have an orgasm if she keeps interrupting herself to change position.

I would say, for her body, she is a very good option. In terms of performance, she does well without being stellar. She is worth at least one private chat. If you are into booty girls, then she is for sure a good option. She is also a good option if you want just to chat. But if you are looking for a camgirl you can direct in your private porn movie, you will need to have some extra credits to spare.

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