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Name: Victoria
Age: 36 (May 12, 1988)
Location: Russian Federation
Adorable · Victoria_delicious
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This review is about a Russian camgirl, Victoria, who worked for two years between 2006 and 2011. She was commonly known as VickyBest and Adorable4Cum (as mentioned in the title.) Was she popular? No, not all. Was she controversial? Not that I know. Did she do anything relevant? Except for doing explicit cam shows, no. So, why is a review about a regular camgirl who quit camming over ten years ago still available? Because of historical reasons. This was the first review I ever published.

In the same way, I kept the reviews about ShyUtza and SweetiModel; I think the first camgirl I reviewed should remain here. Of course, Vicky is a nobody compared to ShyUtza, who was one of the most popular camgirls in MyFreeCams’ history. But she has tremendous relevance for MyCamgirl.

The review was offline for many years because it didn’t meet my current standards, but I decided to bring it back. I won’t edit the original text to add anything. It will be the same as I originally posted. I will only fix some grammar. Jesus, I had very poor grammar back in 2018. These first three paragraphs are the only additions to the original post. You guys will see why it wouldn’t meet my current standards and how short the original review was. But back in the day, a short, concise, and honest blog post written for people would be enough to get into Google’s index. Nowadays, you need a 3177-word dissertation for a boiled egg recipe without people in mind but with Google’s bot as the audience.

Victoria is a pretty nice teen girl from Russia. If you are looking for a girl who likes to talk, she is the one. But if you want more, she can do it. She can look a little shy, but just be nice, and she will show everything.

Not like other girls, Victoria likes to talk before going private (but will accept if you want, just go private). She has a beautiful smile which can get you, so… be careful 😉

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She is sooooo cute and yes the review is correct she loves to chat. Easily one of the sexiest chicks on LJ.MattPS Great site mate.

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