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27 (January 11, 1992)

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SweetiModel My Terrific Ass


I stopped looking for the perfect camgirl a long time ago. Not that no girl is good. But what is the definition of perfect camgirl? And how to pick one girl to be the perfect one? Although I’m tempted to use the word perfect to define SweetiModel, I will go with terrific to describe her. But over the course of this review you will see that this terrific girl could be the perfect girl.

A terrific ass

One of the things that makes this girl nearly perfect is her round ass. Like me, I bet there are many members that join her room driven by the picture os her ass. Surely she got other great attributes. But there is no doubt that that round ass of hers is the first thing that stands out. Perhaps this is why, in the short time she can be in free chat, she is teasing with her ass. I girl must know what she got best. And this sweet girl knows.

I’ve seen so many asses and I must say that SweeitModel got one of the most terrific asses I ever seen. It is not only the shape of her buttocks, but the whole “piece of art”. And she is so confident of her ass that she has no problem zooming on it with a HD webcam and revealing it in all details.

Revealing and playing with it. It is not a problem for her to bend over spreading her ass and slowly finger her tight asshole. And that is another amazing thing that makes her ass so desirable. For anal lovers, that little thigh asshole of hers is an irresistible part of Sweeti’s body that is simply impossible to not ask her what she is willing to do anal. Even I, who just let the things go naturally in private, couldn’t contain myself from asking her what kind of naughty things she could do with her amazing asshole. She didn’t answer verbally, but quietly sliding a finger in her ass. I couldn’t ask for more.

Not just a round ass

But ass isn’t everything she got. SweetiModel has a killer body from top to bottom. Her attractive smile was for sure enough to convince some members to start a private chat. Her cute tits are close to the “big” category, but I prefer to define as being “the right size” that fits perfectly on her body. And to complete the piece of art, her tight kitty. A superb and well treated pussy, that considering the big dildo she uses in private (real penetration, I may add), it is extraordinary how fresh and tight her pussy looks like.

She seems to work out frequently to keep everything in a perfect shape. At least, this is what I assume considering sexy curves of her body and the pictures of her in the gym. After all, she was born with that terrific body, but now she has to work hard to keep the art in perfect conditions.

Quiet but not shy

You must have noticed that I said that she didn’t say a word when I asked if she was into anal. Instead, she answered just doing anal. This is how most of her shows work. Whenever she had something to say, she typed. In fact, except from when she is moaning, I’ve never heard her voice. I caught her on the phone once, but she was just listening, not talking.

Anyway… this is how she works. She does not talk too much. There is no “bb” talk (where you from bb? how are you bb? … ). Sweeti jumps into the show as soon as the private starts. It is true that she rarely asks what you want. But has nothing to do with a careless cold show. She expects the member to give some guidance while she is warming up.

So, the fact that she does not speak does not bother me. I heard all I need to hear during a naughty private. She may do it quietly and whisper a few moans. But she isn’t shy at all. She was always in a very good mood and willing to play with her terrific body.



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