NIVEA - My Queen of the Group Shows
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Silvia H.
31 (December 27, 1985)
Bratislava, Slovakia
Czech Republic

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NIVEA My Queen of the Group Shows



If you know NIVEA and you know where she has been working lately, you will understand the post title. But if you don’t… she a busy girl who is always in Group show on MyFreeCams. And not only busy with group shows, but with private shows too on many camsites. That’s why I call her the Queen of the Group Shows. But I could call her “girl ready for action”

Actually, I could give her many nicknames. Veteran for example. Veteran because, as far as I know, she has been doing this since 2005. Working doing the same thing for 4 years does not seem too much, but if you think it is a camgirl job you will realized that maybe she has been working for a long time. For an audience that consider a 24 years old girl an “old woman”, NIVEA is almost there. If she is really 23 years old…

But if you don’t know this girl you are probably thinking why I decided to post her. Well, she is very famous and I know that many guys will just love what I have to share.

Many of them have seen her recent shows, but I got some shows which she performed in 2005, when she was just another unknown model in this camgirl world. Maybe some guys could be interested…

Again, if you don’t know this model, believe me, she is excellent. Once a guy said something that can describe her very well. Something like that:

Nivea is the kind of girl who gets naked before you even think on what to ask her

With this phrase you can be sure what kind of show she can offer. And if you think she was a shy girl in the begging, you are wrong. She performs great shows since 2005. And not only great shows, but also long shows. She has so much energy that she can handle a show for 30 or 40 minutes. Maybe that is why she has so many group shows on MyFreeCams.

But I also got something that all the people have been looking for. A lesbian show! Few weeks ago SINGLEANGEL, a girl who works on the same studio, spread the word that she had done a lesbian show along with NIVEA. This shook up the world and all the guys started asking if it really happened, if someone has recorded it… Including me. Indeed, I asked BENEA, another girl from that same Slovak studio, if she knew something about it. All that I could get from her was that she (BENEA) is not a lesbian. Too bad, but it was not the answer I was looking for.

The time gone by and I just forgot about it. Until two days when I finally “put my hands” on that famous lesbian show. Thanks to a guy (the credits to this rare video goes all to him) I could watch those two girls playing together.

Ok, but if you are hoping that NIVEA and VIRGINDOLL performed a hardcore lesbian show with toys, licking pussies and other nasty things that we normally see in a porn movie, forget it. It was “just” some tits playing and some kisses (that is the best part). But knowing how the lesbian camgirls perform what they call a lesbian show, I must say that this one was very good.

Anyway… when I was collecting photos for this post I found out that NIVEA (please, someone help me out with her real name) had some new photos. She at the beach. Well, I don’t know if she is from Czech Republic as she says or if she is from Slovakia (where the studio is based). But none of these two countries has a beach. So she was on a trip.

But what is the problem?! I mean… those girls are working hard (or should I say fucking hard?) to earn some money and NIVEA is working really hard and doing some very hardcore stuff. And for what? For paying the bills? For food? For school? For the future? No, for traveling.

Ok, perhaps she is making so much money that she can afford a trip. But wouldn’t be better save the money so she could get out of this job as soon as possible? She has been doing this for 4 years and despite the “old women” don’t be so popular I’m sure that she can work for 4 more years and still being the Queen. But honestly, is that what she wants? If you are a camgirl (and I know that some camgirls read this blog), consider to save your earnings or make a good invest (if you know the market) and don’t spend all the money just because you are earning good now. Tomorrow is a new day.

I admit that I was a little impolite on the last paragraphs, but I thought that I should express my opinion about this. However, as my opinion was based on what I saw (the photos at the beach), maybe I’m wrong. Maybe a fan paid for the ticket so she could spend sometime at the beach. If it is the case, so I take back what I said.

Oh, I almost forgot… inside the RAR file there is also a “creamy” video. I don’t know if it was a trick or for real, but you can see a cream coming out her pussy while she keep fingering herself. Once again… great show! That’s why she got a prize for being so good. She is always listed on Miss MFC rank.

In agreement with Nivea’s request, her videos and photos were removed.


  • non-registered

    How the fuck do you say "REMOVED" if the girl is stil here you dumb fuck !!!!

  • Camfan

    Hi, It says "removed" because I actually had to remove the 5 videos and all the pictures which I posted here. The review and the girl (of course) still here because I never remove it. If anyone is looking for some info, it still here. I think it is useful.

  • non-registered

    her name is Silvia H.

  • Camfan

    Hi jay, Yes, that is her name. I found it out few weeks ago and I even mentioned on that review about her sister (BabyNivea), but I forgot to update this review. I edited your comment because maybe it is not a good idea to publish her full name. So, I replaced her family name with "H.", ok? Thanks for your comment.

  • non-registered

    well, you need to change the review of babynivea because we can read the full family name.

  • Camfan

    Damn it! how stupid I am... The thing is that I first put her full name, but then I decided that it wouldn't be a good idea. But I forgot to remove it from the excerpt. I fixed it now.

  • non-registered

    two days ago i enter in the nivea's room and i think this girl win some kg, i'not say she is fat but she need do some exercise, it's a pity. or maybe she is pregnant?

  • non-registered

    My experience with NIVEA under many different nicknames over the span of two years (2005 and 2006 I think) on WebCams was quite dissimilar with yours. She was moody, non-responsive to asks (shows weren't prerecorded though, that's for sure) and sometimes even rude towards customers. I've visited her PVT on multiple occasions and there were some ups, but far and few in between the downs.

  • non-registered

    wow, 2005 and 2006 the time flies!. i take her on private on livejasmin and was the first pvt i got the feeling that i am not the only one on pvt,because she did things, very sexy too, but i dont request. then i lookin for another sites and start to understand how works the camgirls. i think that happens on 2008.

  • non-registered

    Just saw Nivea online today on MFC. Was kind of suprised because I hadn't seen her for a very very long time. But I dont visit MFC often at all.

  • non-registered

    The beach photos were in the Dominican Republic. She is Bratislava as I have her address. So many pvts with her and known her since 2005. Much better now she is not in studio, so she is only on one site

  • non-registered

    i need my big cock into nivea pussy and to feel her tight asshole and she gives me blowjobs until her nose touch my belly so good wow.

  • non-registered

    I "met" her when she started doing this, over at LiveJasmin. I think she was only 18 or 19. I wish I could remember her user name there at the time. I don't think you have it listed. I also wish I could remember just how long ago that was. I'm sure it was before 2005 (2003, maybe?) She's also been at Pornication (also as "Nivea"). I still have her e-mail address somewhere. She and I became well-acquainted during her time at Live Jasmin. She gave me her e-mail before such sites started making rules about giving out personal info like that. We traded some pics (she sent non-nudes; I'd already seen her naked many times over, after all). The first time I saw her, she was stripping naked in free chat--new girl; didn't know any better. As she moved from site to site, we lost touch, but I think her e-mail address is still the same. Obviously, I'm not going to share it, out of respect for her privacy. I also found her Facebook, and although she still remembers me after all these years, she told me she is NOT adding any of her "customers." Also might want to check when she last logged in on the other sites (that aren't MFC) that list her as merely "offline." She told me she's been at MFC a while now as doesn't plan on moving around anymore. It blows my mind to see my e-mail friend become one of the best-known cam girls on the web. I see her pictures everywhere. And I knew her when no one else was watching. LOL

  • non-registered

    The date you mention of 2003 is not wrong - I remember her from around the middle of 2002 on the original site called under the name of 'Lola'. She originally worked with 2 friends - 1 emigrated to Australia and the other just didn't like the work - so they left after a few months. They didn't do any lesbian stuff, they just shared the same room (can't call it a studio as it was only a room with 3 webcams, a sofa and a bucket to pee in) She was there for maybe 6 months then she left for a few months only to reappear on the same site under a new name - 'Sweet Lola'. Only after that did she start to appear on other sites like Pornication, Jasmin etc. There are certain parties - yes I do mean you 'GentleNick' at mfc - that will tell you this is not correct but it is. There has been an attempt at a clean up job on her earlier years camming but the information is there if you look for it.

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