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33 (June 28, 1985)

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Karenna My Hidden Cute Face


Some girls look better on photos, others look better on webcam. As I give more attention to the webcam, I check always the model’s chat room to see how she really looks. When I found Karenna (real name Lucia), I first saw her pictures, then I checked her webcam. She is not bad on the pictures, but she is much better on webcam. Mainly if she is naked. She has a cute looking and a nice smile. After spending some time in her room, I wanted to see how naught she was. The main reason was because she has that cute face and I was kind of curious to see that cute girl playing naughty.

Before continuing… It is quite strange to mention her cute face and actually don’t show it. But it was one of her conditions to let me to write a review about her. I must not show her and I must keep the Romanian people away from this review. Honestly, it was a little hard to edit the videos to remove her face. What I had to do was put a box with MyCamgirl’s logo covering her face. Too bad, because her face is better than my logo. Anyway, she has no problems to show her face. If you go to her chat room or check her profile, you will see her face. She just asked me that to feel more safe.

Moving on… I had to have a private moment with her because she was not taking group shows at that time. And it was great. While I was watching her playing I was thinking about a review. But I was almost sure that she would never let me to post her videos here. So, I recorded that private just to watch it again later. I always record the private shows, no matter whether I will write about the girl or not.

Anyway… few weeks later I came back to her chat room and she PM’d me. You know, with a small chat… and asking if I would like to have another private show. Then I decided to present to her this blog and explain what I do here. I learned in the past that the best way to make a girl stop asking for private shows or/and tips is to tell her about my blog. As Karenna kept talking to me, I decided to take a shot and ask if she would like to be featured here. Surprisingly she said yes. She only set those conditions that I already mentioned.

By allowing me to write about her, she convinced me to have another private chat with her. Just for your information, she did NOT say “take me in pvt and you can write about me”. In other words, she didn’t convince me just for letting me have a review about her. It was just me who liked our first private chat and I decided to have another to share two videos here.

Just like in the first private chat, she did everything perfectly. Karenna has a nice petite body and a tight little pussy. She knows how to fuck herself, sticking three fingers deep in her pussy and rubbing her clit. Maybe she can look a little lean to you, but I think her body is hot. And I’m not a big fan of skinny girls.

She is young and maybe she looks naive. But actually, she knows what she is doing. You don’t need to tell her what to do because she knows it already. I didn’t have to ask her to zoom in her pussy because she already knows that most of the guys want to see her tight pussy in close up. But I’m an ass lover too and when I asked her to see her ass, she just turned around and bent over posing in a great position. And anal sex included. I didn’t ask for that, normally I don’t ask for anal, but she decided to do it anyway. It was a little shy and she didn’t push much. I don’t mind, as long as she likes it…

As I mentioned before, she was not taking group shows. But this was when I met her. The last time that I checked, she was busy in a long group show, which means that she changed her mind about this kind of show. I don’t know if she changed because she likes to play to many guys or if she realized that she could get more tokens performing group shows. As for her performance in group, it is as good as her private shows. But she won’t do anal sex in group show. And I understand why. Anyway… it is good to see that at least she is getting naked in group. I know some models that in group only show tits and only after few minutes. So, lucky us that she is doing great also in group.


#1 – August 17, 2010

What big mess… Now that I know the whole story, I can explain it better.

Someone found this review and considered it a bad thing to Karenna. This person contacted her without knowing that I had her permission to use the material. After talking to her, this guy convinced her that having pictures and videos of her here is a bad thing. Even if her face does not appear as she asked me.

Karenna said that she would talk to me and request for removal. As she didn’t find me online (she tried to talk to me on MFC, not send a email), she decided to wait. But seems that the guy was more worried than her and wanted that a measure was taken right away. He asked if he could talk to me and she said yes. But he never contacted me. Instead, he hired a company to deal with a DMCA complaint and force me to take down the material. It was a waste of money.

This complaint was made by a company that works sending complaints on behalf of other company or person. In the letter, this company claimed to be acting on behalf of MyFreeCams. So, I contacted MyFreeCams and I confirmed what I already knew. The complaint was not made by MyFreeCams, therefore it was fake. Which means a fake document and the request for removal had no legal effect. Indeed, they committed perjury.

But I proceed as it was a valid complaint and sent a counter-notice. As the other part was not acting on behalf of the copyright holder, I never got any response. But I had to wait for 14 business days to legally have the right to put the material back online. Yes, it is stupid, considering they sent a fake document.

During this time, Karenna came online on MyFreeCams and we finally talked. She explained everything and said that she didn’t know anything about the DMCA complaint. Although it is not her fault, she apologized for the whole thing. And she asked me if I could remove the material.

Now, because of that guy playing hero, I have legal documents, not only a chat log where Karenna says she is ok and a message from MyFreeCams saying they are ok too. But as Karenna expressed her wishes to have the material removed, I decided to remove. So, don’t ask me to put it back online.

As for the guy who created this big mess… lying to a girl to convince her that you can be her friend? Not a smart thing…

In agreement with Lucia’s request, her videos and photos were removed.


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