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28 (December 31, 1990)

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ItsTime4Fun My Shaddy Girl


Warning : This review was originally published in July 2010. Since then I have never returned to Alex’s room to find out if she has changed. Please, take this into consideration. She may have changed/improved her performance, and therefore you should check for yourself.

Finally, I put my hands on Alex’s body, figuratively speaking.


I had an opportunity to talk about this before, but since I have deleted the post, I will briefly explain what happened.

My first experience with Alex was in a group show, a terrible group show. Although I understand that group shows are cheap, and we shouldn’t expect much without tipping, what Alex did was not cool.

As soon as the group show starts, she says she needs to excuse herself for a minute to pee. I mean, she could have done that before accepting the group show. But ok, it was only a minute.

When she returns, we start chatting about things she could do in group. She agrees to do one of her naughty shows. She just needed to get the dildo. “It’s in the other room” – she said. So we waited for her. One minute… two minutes… three… four… five… finally. After waiting five minutes in group show for her to get a dildo that was just in the room next door, she finally returned.

We asked why she took so long. She talks about a million things, but doesn’t explain exactly what happened. Then she goes on and on, and never gets down to the business. At some point I decided to leave. I was there for over 10 minutes, and she didn’t show any intentions on doing anything she said she would.

Later I approached her about what happened in group show. She played with the words, explaining that she said she could get naked but she never said she was going to get naked. Then started saying she is not “doll in sexshop”.

Finally naked

This was not an easy thing to see. I had 2 group shows with her and spied her in private not only on MyFreeCams, but on many other camsites where she works.

MyFreeCams seems to be the site where she constantly rip off members doing nothing in private/group. Even it being the site that pays her the highest rate (50%). According to my research, she is more active and offer nude show more often on LiveJasmin and Flirt 4 Free. Indeed, whenever she is in nude chat on or away on MyFreeCams, she is most likely in private on LiveJasmin.

So, I had to go in private chat with her on LiveJasmin. This would be my best shot. Actually, this was a member chat, but it is almost the same if you are alone with the model.

Well, she tried to hold me as longer as she could. But when I said I would end the show, she finally started getting naked.

Giving us a hard time

If you just want to chat, you already realized that this Alex is perfect for you.

If you just want to see her naked, she can do. But this may or may not happen.



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    • ItsTime4Fun fully naked and rubbing pussy


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