Elodie Rose - My Alternative Exhibitionist
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41 (November 20, 1977)
United States

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Elodie Rose My Alternative Exhibitionist


An important feature that every camgirl should have is a natural exhibitionist spirit. This not only helps the girl to feel more comfortable in front of the camera, but also, in consequence, gives a much better experience for those watching the show. Having said that, there is no doubt that Elodie Rose, an alt playful model, got plenty of this spirit.

Newcomer with skills

If I start by telling you that Elodie is a newcomer, you may think you have reasons to be wary. But it is true. I mean, about being a newcomer. No, she is not a girl who just got started yesterday, earlier 2012 if you are wondering, but she is also not a girl who has been camming for years. This alone can make some guys have second thoughts about Elodie’s performance on cam. But after no more than a few minutes in her room you not only feel comfortable and appealed to interact with her, but you can also see on her the natural spirit of exhibitionism I was talking about. Her comfort zone seems to be wide, which obviously helps deliver a better experience.

This comfort, I’d say, translates into a girl who is able to show her naughty skills at any time. And what great skills. Now just talking about her solo shows – we’ll get to the boy/girl stuff in a bit – she got some good skills. This, combined with a large arsenal of sex toys and her desire for pleasure, results in… yes, you guessed right: a naughty and pleasant show.

Elodie loves her sex toys. She is the kind of girl who can’t just leave her toys out of the show. I’ve seen it happen and it seems like that Elodie gets wet by the simple fact that she is holding a dildo. Having guys watching her doing naughty stuff is the fuse to ignite her inner exhibitionist. When she lays down and spread her legs, there is no need for foreplay. She is already horny, wet and ready to slide one of her dildos in her sweet pink pussy.

The naughty side of alternative

Watching one of Elodie’s videos – Panty Fetish with Heels (you can find a preview below) – I could evaluate this sexy tattooed girl a bit more. The video is “just” her with a sex toy and a camera. This may sound funny, but she actually talked dirty while shooting the video, although nobody was watching her. Well, but someone would eventually watch her masturbating later. So, she did good talking dirty. It is kinda hot hearing her saying between moans “feel me up” or “gimme more of your hard cock. I wanna take all of it”. By the end Elodie surrenders to the pleasure and rubs her clit frantically while that big blue dildo touches deep in her tight pussy.

What is impressive is that Elodie’s live performance is as amazing as in this video. What? Did you think she was that good because she was relaxed recording a video? Well, things are even better when she knows someone is watching her while she masturbates. I already knew that because I had watched Elodie in action before watching this video. And this was confirmed when I watched Elodie in again few days later. This girl has a natural talent.

Hardcore videos

Another video that I had a chance to watch was “Motorcycle Face Fuck”. Equally impressive. This time Elodie pleases a real cock, giving a great blowjob. There was no dirty talk, because, you know, she had her mouth full and quite busy.

In this video I could see Elodie practicing all her oral skills in different positions. Licking, sucking, gagging, spiting… that, inevitably, it had to finish with a facial cumshot with Elodie not wasting a single drop of cum.

That pretty much put in images how pleased a guy can be after watching Elodie in action. Of course, that guy was lucky to get a real blowjob. But Elodie has proved that she is a girl willing to give her best in private to provide an experience close to a blowjob.



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