Ekaterina - My Naughty Smile
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27 (April 17, 1992)
Tomsk, Russia

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Ekaterina My Naughty Smile


Like on that Ukrainian studio that I had plans to review more girls, this unique Russian studio was also in my plans. I mentioned that when I post stirmeup, who was also a camgirl there.

Indeed, I had plans to, after that review, post a review about Sonya/Valeria, who was for a very long time the only naughty girl working on this Russian studio. But, again, due to my lack of time and for having other good girls to review, I didn’t post what I had in mind.

What happened was that this Russian studio, based in Tomsk, got new models. Unlike the past girls who worked there, these new models get naked more often.

A shining blonde

One of these new models is Ekaterina, a young blonde girl that is everything but shy. Indeed, she is so ready to have fun that she barely talk. Ok, maybe it is because she does not speak English very well. But who cares?

Nothing like those shy models I met in the past (e.g. stirmeup), Ekaterina is often quite active, standing up all the time so we can see the full picture of her young body.

Caught by her smile

But what really convinced me to see her in private was her naughty smile. Yes, for a pervert guy like me, who is always looking for some action, going in private with a girl because of her smile is rather unusual.
Come on… you got to admit that she has a pretty smile.

The naughty girl behind the smile

Yes, she has that pretty smile. She looks like an angel and all… but she is a naughty girl. Maybe not much as I would like, but more than many camgirls.

So far, I have convinced her to use fingers only once. And it was not really a hardcore thing. She was just rubbing her pussy and pretending she was fingering herself. All the other shows I watched, she never fucked herself. Maybe it is a rule that she has imposed.

But the rest – all nude – she is willing to go. Ekaterina has a pretty young body, nice tits and sweet pink nipples, and she is willing to show it all.

As for her pussy. She is willing to show it too, but don’t expect any clear view of it. First, the webcam is not that great. And also, on this studio, many girls don’t like to show pussy. I remember what one girl said once: “I get naked, but I never zoon in my pussy”. This is a common problem on this studio. Many girls use to get fully naked, but they have some rules about showing their pussies.

Playing with another girl

I got Ekaterina twice with another girl in her room. I don’t know who was that girl and she never showed up when Ekaterina was in free chat. However, I never saw them playing. Only showing tits. I can’t consider it a lesbian show.

When I asked Ekaterina who was her friend, she changed the subject. Maybe she was a new model that was seeing how the things work. I managed to get her doing topless when Ekaterina was not around. The video is included in the pack available for download.

Missing in action

No, she is not missing in action. If you have tried to get this girl online and found a different girl, this is because of the crazy studio.

This studio has more than 20 accounts and the the girls are always jumping from account to account. If you see a girl using an account today, it is not strange to see her using a different one tomorrow. I really don’t know how the studio can track how much each girl earned.

Indeed, before Ekaterina (the blonde) start working, this same account on Chat 49 was used by two girls that were performing lesbian shows. All don’t know what happened to them. All that I know is that they were also Libertines on MyFreeCams, but the account was closed.

But this is something really annoying. I have seen three different girls using Ekaterina account on LiveJasmin and Cams.com. Indeed, I keep calling her “Ekaterina” because this is a real Russian name. But does not mean it is her real name.

Unfortunately, this studio is known for having seasonal models. They come, work for 3 or 4 months and then leave. Some come back later, but most of them never work again. Ekaterina, the real one, has been working longer than usual. But she might leave any moment.


Warning: When this review was published, this model was working on a studio that had a very slow connection. Therefore, the videos have a poor quality with parts presenting a very low bitrate.


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    • Ekaterina dancing naked
    • 03:45 minutes : 320X240
    • No masturbation, only dancing naked

    • Ekaterina masturbating
    • 03:35 minutes : 320X240
    • Teasing and then masturbating

    • Ekaterina and friend
    • 03:24 minutes : 320X240
    • Just teasing in topless

    • Ekaterina alone
    • 03:11 minutes : 320X240
    • Her friend left and Ekaterina started masturbating


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