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35 (March 16, 1984)

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CynthiaFitness My Fit Ass


Good camgirls, that know how perform a nice show, with round asses is one of the things that I love. That Cynhtia had a round ass I could see from her pictures. But could she perform a good show?

Her promises

Well, she actually does not make promises to send members to private chat. It was more like I that asked what she could do and she was answering yes or no. I wanted to be sure that she was a nude model. Although I was about to take her in private on LiveJasmin, where, normally, the girls under the category nude really get naked and the admins make sure this work like this, I never know when I will have the sad experience of finding a scammer.

Cynthia said she could get full naked and play with her body, but didn’t have toys. Sounded fun enough to take her in private. Fingers, sex toys… whatever. I don’t care much. My thoughts were all on her round ass.

A body fitness

As soon as the private chat started Cynthia didn’t waste time with chit chat and started taking off her clothes. As she was getting naked, I could see that she does have a perfect body, like a gym girl. It is clear that she workout to keep that beautiful body. She works just enough to keep it perfect. Not too much, so you can’t see muscles, and not too little, so you can see her perfect shape.

When she, dressing only a Hello Kitty shirt. bent over and showed her round ass, I could see that she treat her ass like a jewel. That ass was what attracted me to her private chat. Sure she has a perfect body, but as a good ass lover that I am, I couldn’t think on anything else.

More than a round ass

But I should think on other things. Cynthia is not just a perfect ass. Hell no! As I already said, she has a perfect body. Plus a pretty face. Staring at her ass the whole time in private is a waste.

I told her to do the way she likes. She said ok and turned around, lying down on the bed. I liked the way she did. Unlike other girls who take too much time to do simple things like turn around or lay down, Cynthia did is quickly. She even pointed the cam to her pussy as fast as she could, without I say a word. Seems that letting her do the way she likes is better than tell her what to do.

No problems showing her pussy, zooming and spreading all. She did that also I without I say one word. Really nice.

Only one bad thing to say

The show was great. Chyntia has a perfect body and is not shy at all. But… she fakes the penetration. Yes, that’s too bad. Either in doggy style or lying down, I could see that she was faking. Actually, I couldn’t see what she was doing with her fingers. Which means that she was probably using the “bent fingers” trick.

I understand that it is hard for the girls to stick fingers and toys for every single member. But feigning it is not a good idea. It is obvious the girl is not having fun and it makes the member realize that he is paying for something that the girl is faking, turning a hot show into a cold show.

I wonder what she would do if I was one of those guys who have a fetish for wet fingers. Probably would wet the fingers in a glass of water like some girls do.

But except for this fake penetration, that maybe she does not do in all shows, Cynthia is a pretty damn hot girl. I wish I could write more about this lady and her round ass, but the penetration thing made me stay away from her room for a while.



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  • non-registered

    i take her on private one time, i didnt like so much, she got a very good body but she is a little cold,like a robot.i dont take again. three things: 1) I sure that her penetracion wasnt fake,maybe you take her on a bad day for the girls. 2) I think i saw her on MFC, because she use the same pic, i dont remenber the name and when i saw her. Maybe she try one week and leave. 3)About the contest misscamgirl i cant vote the lesbians that you made a review

  • Camfan

    Hi elasticman, 1 - Maybe I was out of lucky. I guess you already downloaded the video from my private with her. It is clear that she was faking. Too bad :( 2 - Never saw her on MyFreeCams. But she wouldn't be the first LiveJasmin's model to move to MFC. Some stay, others come back to LJ. 3 - Lesbians? What lesbians? You can only vote for the 19 girls that appear on that page. I know that many girls didn't want to participate in the contest, so I only included those that wanted to be there. Cheers!

  • non-registered

    well i dont downloaded the video because i like much when is live video, when you dont known what happens, will be good? will be bad?.you can speak with the girl.For the records i prefer porn. And in this case i dont curious to see the girl naked. Feliz navidad y prospero ao nuevo.

  • non-registered

    Beautiful girl. Thanks mycamgirl for the great site and all your work for all us pervs.

  • non-registered

    her screenname on MFC is sexykateee, and she nude on public for tips.

  • Camfan

    Ouch! Very low camscore on MyFreeCams. That's why I never saw her there. I rarely check the girls on the very bottom of the list. I must assume she spends many hours online just waiting for privates/tips, a very common behavior from girls that come from other sites. This explains the low score. Thanks for the info elasticman.

  • non-registered

    well i have got a bad experience on LJ with a model.i enter on pvt but she did nothing, only write. i stay two minutes and quit, then i made a search and saw that this girl got two diferent accounts, one of this accounts was a recorded video, this is the reason what she did nothing, and one account was in free chat and the other was in private on same time. When i talked with her she told me that she was angry with me because i quit quickly. what shameless.The admin come back my money, hope they quit the money from her.this is the only bad experience on LJ.

  • Camfan

    elasticman, you mean this girl? CynthiaFitness? Or some other girl? Indeed, Cynthia has two accounts on LJ and she uses both at the same time. But I never caught her using a recorded video. What you said about her being angry is very common. Many models (most of the time girls working for studios) use to pretend they are angry, mad or sad to create an empathy and convince you to go in private. If LJ gave back your credits, then I can say for sure that they removed the credits from the model's account and she got no money. By the way... I checked her room on MyFreeCams and this was disappointing. She spent like 20 minutes standing in front of the camera without even showing her face. As I commented, like she was waiting for a private/tip. She was not really working to deserve it. That's why her camscore is so low.

  • non-registered

    sorry, i talking about another girl, i dont want promote her, my comment is about the part of your review when you talking about on LJ: "the girls under the category nude really get naked and the admins make sure this work like this".and i want confirm that. About Cynthia you actually have got a very bad luck.

  • non-registered

    excellent website dude and this chick is really awesome, myself being an ass-man myself :D that being said I do believe I'll take her in a private tour to see what she can do

  • non-registered

    Thanks for the great website MCg. Very well put together, and a perfect layout for the material. As well as outstanding reviews. This girl is a beauty, but it is sad when they work on 15 (give or take a few) different sites and "lose their motivation". Glad to hear you may of caught her on an unlucky encounter, as far as the fake penetration goes. I for one think, "The finger-curling epidemic" as I like to call it, is something that seems many models have adopted. What boggles me the most is when I see models with high ratings/camscores partaking in it, and everyone seems to be oblivious to it. When honestly fake penetration, especially with their fingers is pretty easy to spot. Then again I was lucky enough to have a close model friend that showed me the tricks they use. So maybe it easier for me to recognize after basically seeing a demonstration of the faking techniques.

  • non-registered

    what is happenig with camscore on MFC? I never saw much ugly girls with more of 3000 points of camscore that now. if you can see online this model wowsquirt20, with 3100 of camscore, this is the worse model that i saw on my life ( well i dont go to asian pages), but she got high score. why?. Recently i see girls with high score and in her room you only see 10 menbers, they are ugly and dont speak.somebody knows what haopen?

  • Camfan

    Hi elasticman, Maybe I should write about the MFC camscore. Not that I have much to talk about it or any dirty secret to tell, but this way people can have a "place" to discuss it. About you said. It is true. There are many girls who have high camscores and when you check their rooms you simply don't understand how they got it. Well, camstudios have figured out how to game the system and easily make any girl to have an excelent camscore. Of course, this costs money to the studios. But they do it anyway because they know that having a high camscore a girl will have more exposure and more chance to get tipped and have private/group shows. It is just a different way of marketing. But it is cheating.

  • non-registered

    thanks for the answer. but if the studio pay for the camscore and cost money. why dont get a beatiful model? why you pay for girls without charm? girls that you can be sure nobody pay nothing for her. i think some studios can fool the system easy without pay for that. Its sad because you saw excelent girls whith a good show but with a very low camscore. cheers!

  • Camfan

    I would say they can't find good models. But I have seen hot Russians with fishy camscores. The problem is that these hot models don't know how to take advantage of having hundreds of guys in their rooms. They jump in on one of biggest camsites with a super camscore, but they are poor in terms of performance. They barely move, they don't show face, don't talk... It is like a blind driving a Ferrari. Yet, these cheaters make money. Many members, mainly the new ones, think these models are good just because they are well ranked and, instead of take a look at the other girls, they just start spending money on the first one they see.

  • non-registered

    thanks again for the answer, maybe we continue if you write about camscore. cheers! PD: If you see wowsquirt20 only a blind can tip her. i sorry to be rude with this poor girl but this is not her job.

  • non-registered

    Cynthiafitness, or 1aaliyah1, or sexykatee, or whatever, has an amazing body, especially that ass! Yes, I agree with what some others have said. She does seem like she's not really into it, like maybe she's just not a very sexual person. And she never ever talks!? Never! Not once have I heard a word come out of her mouth. In fact, I think she typed once in chat that she can't talk. I guess she is mute, maybe? But anyway, she is beautiful, and that body is an amazing sight to behold. Nevermind the fake masturbation, I could watch her walk around in that little g-string, or completely bare-assed, all day long. Now THAT is masturbation material! I just wish she would stand up more often and show that body off. If she would show it off more she would have many more guys in her chatroom, and she would get more business!

  • Camfan

    Hi ich wollte mal fragen wann du immer so on bist

  • non-registered

    Hello, does anybody know about this girl? She seems retired now..... thanks

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