CurvyCougar - My Booty Queen
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Roni Raye
51 (July 3, 1967)
United States

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CurvyCougar My Booty Queen


If you are the kind of person who rejects a curvy mature woman, maybe CurvyCougar will make you change your mind.

Curvy, mature and horny

Roni was blessed with peculiar measures that make her look specially hot and yummy. And this sexy body of hers aged graciously. That is a double bless. At 44 years old, this mature woman still got the same smile from her youth. Her ass has miraculously became into a perfect booty, the kind of you want to tap and grab.

But would it’s worth if this booty woman was not horny enough? It would be like a great toy that you have to keep in the pack. No, she is not like that. She is the toy that can’t stand to be in the pack for too long. Roni is not a regular toy, she is a sex live toy. Is she horny? Horny is her normal state.

That booty is the thing

There is something on her body that draws all the attention, her big round booty. I dare to say that that booty is the star of her show. Sure she got a nice pretty face and a sweet tight smooth pussy. But that ass of hers is something extraordinary, no doubt. She knows it and shaking that ass is one of her best expertise. I have no shame to say that her booty was what made me visit her room.

Only shaking? No no… Slapping, squeezing… She just doesn’t bite on it because it is impossible.

I know what some people may be thinking. What about anal? Sorry to say, but that is a virgin ass and she wants to keep that way. No toys, no fingers… nothing is going to penetrate it. Hey, but there is something fun she can do. Ask her to grab a dildo with her ass cheeks. Wanna bet that she can handle it easily?

In the intimacy of an one on one

How can I describe this? Roni is really good at interacting with people and she takes all that good mood to private chats. But it is not only the good mood, but how she talks and the things she is willing to do in private make the whole show be closer to reality.

Either performing a booty dance or a normal masturbation – if you can that normal – this curvy lady does it in an unique way. An one-on-one session with her is done over Internet, but you feel like you were there with her. I’ve watched a peculiar show, some kind of handjob show performed on a dildo, not really the kind of show I watch, but after watching this I wanted to try too. That was not just a woman jerking off a dildo for how long her arm could move up and down. Roni does more. She describes, talking dirty with a low but naughty voice, in details all the feel she has while jerking off and suck the dildo. Even being miles away, she makes you feel there with her. That is something not many girls can achieve.



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    • 01:42 minutes : 520X292
    • Squeezing, spreading, slapping… a great video of this curvy cougar playing with her booty

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    • Trying to handle a big dildo. Too big for her tight ‘virgin’ pussy

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    • CurvyCougar taking a hot shower
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    • Getting fresh and clean with a hot shower


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