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33 (August 25, 1985)
Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

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Calicat My Dner Mermaid


So far I haven’t found this girl working on any other site. But she is working on a site (MyFreeCams) which is growing very fast and getting great feedback from the cam community.

I just wish that she could have an account on other site like where the customers can have access to nude photos from private shows or join to the model’s fan club and have access to the model’s videos for a good price. MyFreeCams, as I said, is growing fast and it has a reason. The site has some good features and for those who love to chat with the girls on the site as they were talking on Yahoo or something like that, this site is great because there is a private chat where the customer can talk (just for talking, not for a nude show) with the girl without paying for it.

Anyway… I’m not here to talk about MyFreeCams. Calicat, or just Cali, is the main subject now.

Ok, you can say that she is not so sexy. I think that too. She is not like those super camgirls who look like a top model or a porn star. She has no big boobs (thank god she still have the natural beauty), she has no big ass like those latina girls. Actually, you can even see some fatness. In other words, she does not have the perfect body. But nobody is perfect. And you know that I prefer the normal girls, not the super hot.

But even being a normal girl, Cali got something special. I don’t know if it is her smile or the fact that she is really a nice girl, full of energy. But she definitively has a charm.

I didn’t take her in private yet and I’m not sure if I will take. You must be thinking: “Come on, man… don’t tell me that you will make this post and don’t put a video”. No, I will put a video. But it is not a nude video, but it is a free video.

Why not? Well, as I said, she works on MyFreeCams, which has great features, but a very high price (US$ 6 per minute). They have a crazy tokens system that seems to have been created to confuse the people about how much they are paying for the private. But after making some math, I realized that I would pay US$ 6 per minute. That’s why I probably will not take her in private. Six dollars is too much, no matter how nice is the girl. I just think that in 5 minutes I would pay 30$… And what can I get on 5 minutes? Then the girls complain that the customers want quick show… whatever…

But I think that Cali must be great in private. However, I have never seen someone taking her in private. But usually I don’t stay for so long in her room to know how much privates she has. She does not seem to be like those girls who stay in dressed for so long and try to have a long private only talking to the customer. You just have to be clear with her and explain what you want from her in private, otherwise she will just talk. Would you get naked right the way if nobody ask you to? Ok, if you are drunk…

She accepts tips. Oh, I forgot to say. On MyFreeCams you can tip a girl in free chat and she does something like show tits. Each girl has own rules about the tips. Some girls perform a great strip in free chat if the people starts to tip her and other girls don’t do much thing. Cali accepts tips and I have seen some guys tipping her, but she has never did a nude show in free chat. Too bad…

And the soundtrack? Most of the girls use to listen some trance song which makes the people get tired soon and get out of the room without a private. But Cali seems to have a good song taste. On the last time I was talking to her she was listening Gorillaz, songs from their first album. Actually, we were listening the same song, “Tomorrow Comes Today“. And I’m listening it again right now.

There is only one thing that I don’t like and it is not her fault. I’m talking about her lovers. Gosh! What annoying people! You know… those guys who stay for hours in the chat room trying to protect the girl every time that a pervert starts to ask crazy question. They try to be there for the girl as a friend/lover, hoping that someday that virtual relation becomes a real relation. And I shouldn’t say this because it will give hope to those lovers, but it is very possible to meet a camgirl in real life or at least to keep in contact with the girl even after she quit the camgirl job. But you don’t need to be her body guard, just be yourself and forget about love.

On MyFreeCams the customer can stay in the model’s room even when she is in private or away. As long as she does not log off, the customer can be always there. He just can’t watch the private, of course. And that is what happens with many girls on MyFreeCams and Calicat is not an exception. If you go to her room in different days you will see that some nicknames are always on the online list. Yeah… they are there for her 😛

I wish I could write more about her private, but as I didn’t take her in private, I can’t write about it. The only thing that I can say is what she said once to me and I quote:

you can take me in private and make me cum… it is easy

And making it clear… the easy thing here is make her cum*.

It is all I have to say (for now). She does not care if I put her on my blog, so I think I will not get any removal request from her.

Oh, and she is Ukrainian living in France. It is what she says. But she can be from anywhere, living anywhere. According to her, she is taking lessons to learn French. She also has a English course. You know, the typical camgirl. High degree, good education… but working as stripper. This crazy world…

Well, what big post. There are months that I don’t write that much about a girl. But I got a lot to say about Cali. I hope that I get some naked videos to put here soon.


Just when I was preparing this post I got her showing her tits. I thought that she would never do this in free chat, but she did. So forget what I said before. She actually shows tits in free chat, what I call “tips for tits”. Just tip her and be nice.

* If you are a squirt lover, let me warn you that when she says “cum” she probably is talking about an (fake) orgasm and not actually about showing all that warm fluid coming out her pussy. Unless you consider peeing a squirt… (I don’t know if she pees in private)



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