AngelCadalin - My Potential Top Model
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34 (November 25, 1984)

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AngelCadalin My Potential Top Model


Some camgirls look so beautiful that I think they could be face models. This is the case with AngelCadalin (she didn’t give me her real name). This Russian girl has a perfect face and I don’t know what she is doing getting naked on webcam sites. Well, I can say “lucky us”!

More than a pretty face

But AngelCadalin is not only a beautiful face. She got a nice body too. Not too skinny like those top models, nice and natural tits and smooth pink pussy. I just love her body. I just don’t like all the makeup she uses. Maybe it is too keep her face perfect.

But wait… Did I mention pink pussy? Yes! It means that she shows her pussy in private chat. And I can also say that she does not take much long to show. This beautiful face model is quite naughty and if you want a hot nasty show, she will do it for you. However, if you want to talk, she will do it too. She is nice to talk, but I must say that most of her chat is fake info. I don’t know if she is protecting herself from perverts or if she is playing the fantasy.

Hot action in private

How does she fucks in private? She fucks perfectly naughty in private. Not only rubbing, but also fingering her pink pussy. When I first saw her fingering her pussy it was quite nice. She slided her finger inside her and made a facial expression like she was filling her pussy with a big cock. Faking or not, she was doing it very well. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a mic so I couldn’t hear her moaning.

AngelCadalin is really good fucking herself in private and I would love to have more privates with her. But I’m not rich. I can’t pay long privates all the time. So it is cheaper if I buy videos. As she is a Streamate model, I could buy some videos. The funny thing is that after watching 5 recorded videos of her, I wanted even more to have another private chat with her. So why not?

There I was again in private with her. As our last private chat was not so long ago, she actually remembered me and knew what I wanted. Great! I didn’t have to say a word.

She was in control of that chat, but doing what I wanted. As before, she played really well, fingering her pussy, doing that same expression on her beautiful face. You look at her smooth pink pussy taking that long fingers inside and then you look at her beautiful face and her eyes of pleasure… this is just perfect. It is like watching a top model fucking herself.

I keep saying that this girl could easily be a top model. But again, lucky us that she prefers to fuck herself on front of the webcam.



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