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33 (January 14, 1984)
Czech Republic

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Few weeks ago I was organizing and I found a video that I tagged as HOT. It is what I use to do for remembering me that I must write a review about the girl. But reminding me is not enough to make me write the review. This is the case here. Veronika, real name of alivefantasy, had some a private shows with me in the past. Well, about one year ago. In July 2008 to be exact. See? That thing of tagging a video is really not too helpful.

But I had thought so many times on posting this girl. I just had no time to do it, when I had, I decided to post other girls.

Anyway… I was checking who was online on MyFreeCams and… bang! I found alivefantasy. The same photo, the same nickname… it is that hot girl with who I had some private shows in 2008. Just in case, I visited her room. Yes, it is her.

For a long time she was working on only two camsites, LiveJasmin and The Daily Peep, and I always wondered how could a hot girl like her work on only two camsites. It became even more strange when she suddenly stopped working on LiveJasmin (she is now back there), which was the site where she was making more money, no doubt. Really strange… she was now working only on Daily Peep, where people pay 99 cents per minute. She can’t get enough money working only there. And I must say that she is so hot that she can easily become a famous model and earn hundreds of fans. It means more money to her. Instead, she was like a hidden star working on a cheap camsite.

That was one of the reasons why I had thought on posting her in here. She is a LiveJasmin model, but pretty unknown and completely out of the spotlights. I thought that it could be nice bringing this hidden star to here and write a review to present her as a hot girl who is lost in this camgirl world. But I guess I took too much time to finally make this review. She is now working on MyFreeCams, as I said, and after talking to her I can say that she is determinate to become a famous model there. Finally!

Just for your information, Hentay, who I met her over one year ago also on Daily Peep is now a famous model on MFC. For months she worked only there for 99 cents per minute and I had 2 or 3 private shows with her. I had also thought on posting a review about her, but once again I postponed the review and she moved to other camsites and became a famous model.

Continuing with alivefantasy… Maybe I’m wrong, but I think she will be succeed on this. I was in her chat room few days ago and there was 200 guys waiting for her to come back from away mode. Some girls don’t get all those members not even when they are naked. The members were all talking about how hot she is and how cute is her face. They were all right. Veronika is really hot and cute. She has a smooth pink pussy and a big ass. Although she is 26 years old, she looks like 20. I guess that she will be a MILF when she reach 35 years old and her pink pussy will remain pink forever.

But I was saying that she will be succeed. She got all and most important, the members already noticed on her. Many hot girls don’t become a famous model because the members are just focused on other models. But alivefantasy already got the attention to her. Something that didn’t happen when she was working on LiveJasmin and Daily Peep.

I don’t know how is her performance now, but I don’t think that she changed much. She is working on MyFreeCams, where models must do something in private, no scammers allowed. When I had those private sessions with her, she was perfect. She got a hot body and she knows how to play. Most of all, she knows how to stand in front of the webcam. She just gets the best angle that makes her ass looks even bigger. The way she plays with her pussy is just amazing. Seems that nothing can stop her when she is playing. Wonderful girl.

And to make the things even better, alivefantasy is a nice girl to talk. Not that I like to spend money to talk with a girl, but what I mean is that she is not those arrogant models that only talk to you if you got credit. She will give you attention in free chat if she has time and of course, if you don’t beg like a maniac. It was what she did when I met her about one year ago and it was what she did now when I talked to her. Pretty cool girl. I wished that all the models were half of what alivefantasy is.

By the way… seems that alivefantasy is not working on that cheap site anymore and is now working only on LiveJasmin and MyFreeCams. But let me know if you see her online there.


#1 – October 2, 2009

Well, this was fast… yesterday, on the same day that I published this review, Veronika came talk to me on Yahoo. Seems that a friend of hers found this and told her about it.

I first thought that she would ask to remove the videos and pictures, but she asked me to remove anything related to anal sex. Everybody is asking her for this and she is not doing it anymore.

But after, she asked me if I could also remove the videos. So, we made a deal… I block people from Czech Rep. from viewing this review and she let me keep the videos here.

Let me just say that on Yahoo I talked to Veronika, the woman, not alivefantasy, the camgirl, and I must tell you that Veronika is a great person. If you are the kind of guy who pays for a chat, I advise you to take her in private for a chat.

#2 – March 28, 2010

The fun is over! After letting me share her videos for about 6 months, Veronika asked me to remove. She gave me her reasons and I understand. Veronika told me that she is not doing those stuff in private anymore (but she still working), so she considers that is better to remove all the naughty videos from the web. I must agree with her. Also, I have to thank her for letting be keep the videos for so long. She was pretty cool.

Pictures and videos removed per model’s request.


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