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30 (January 17, 1989)

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AgreeableCutie My Cute Speedy Girl


Some girls are cutes, others are so cutes that can be considered agreeable cutie, like this brunette Russian who picked the right nickname for her: AgreeableCute, also known as AgreeableCutie.

Sexy and cute

Her face, her innocent smile… this was what made me stop by Kristy’s room. She has that angel face, but I could see in those pretty black eyes that she could be a devil in private.

She talks nice in free chat, or at least try when she is not too busy giving attention to all members across all the sites she works. But with me she didn’t need to talk much, she had already convinced me to go in private with that smile.

As soon as I joined the private, AgreeableCutie started getting naked without asking what I wanted. No problem. I like this way.

But I must say that she was moving really fast. I mean, she got naked in seconds and started rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tits like she was running in a high frequency. Moving and rolling one side to the other on the bed. She was speedy.

I just sat and enjoyed the show. Or at least I tried, because she was moving so fast that I couldn’t understand her idea. But I let her play as she wanted.

Burning her fuel

I was wonder for how long she would keep the pace. She was really moving too fast and at some point she would have to slow down. This or I would run out of credits.

Luckily, she her fuel burned out and she finally said something. Yes, because until now I have watched her rubbing and fingering, but I hadn’t asked anything and she hadn’t a single word to me. So, this was my opportunity to ask few basic questions and make some requests.

Skipping the basic questions, now that she was quiet and talking to me, I asked her if she could finger herself again, but now slowly and zooming. No problem – she said – lying down on the bed and spreading her legs.

Now Kristy was much more calm and I could have a clear view of her smooth pink pussy. She was nicely spreading her pussy and slowly fingering. She had done this already, but in a high speed.

I don’t know why she moves so fast, but she is much better when she is quiet and comfortably lying on the bed.

Our second private

Why not a second private chat? Kristy is that kind of girl who can suddenly make you horny and when this happens, it is hard to refuse a private show.

In this second private show she was more calm and comfortable. She also talked much more, or at least, she has moaned more while slapping her ass and fingering her cute pussy.

I must say that this second private was much better than the first one. I don’t think she has improved, I just think she was more comfortable, which helped her to have a better performance. As I felt she was playing better, I didn’t see the time passing by. And in the end this private lasted almost double of the first one.

Latvia or Russia?

As I said in other review, I don’t really care about this anymore. Whether she is from Latvia or Russia, it has no influence on her performance in private. But in case anyone say that she is from Latvia, because this is what her MyFreeCams‘s profile says, during a private chat she told me that she is from Russia.

However, I must say that knowing whether the girl is Russian or Latvian sometimes is important. As Latvian girls, like Lithuanians, are known for being too shy in private. While the Russians… AgreeableCutie just proved it.



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    • AgreeableCutie trying double penetration
    • 07:14 minutes : 496X368
    • She got naked fast as usual and after that was only hot action with this sexy brunette trying double penetration and zooming on her pussy.

    • AgreeableCutie in doggy style
    • 12:37 minutes : 480X360
    • Hot brunette fucking her pussy in doggy style

    • AgreeableCutie 1 minute topless
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    • I only watched this for 1 minute and it was enough to see her in topless.


  • non-registered

    Hey, I wanted to thank you for this great site, it can be very useful for this expensive hobby. I haven't been going to private shows for some time now, but I've seen a lot of girls from LiveJasmin(some of them don't work anymore, or just don't work there). I can recomend some for your reviews and share information if you like(I haven't recorded a lot of sessions, my bad) Love this girl and I've been seeing her on LiveJasmin for a long time. I know her because I've seen her in her sisters room, nickname is XNicoleXO(she works on all the same sites as Kristina - LJ, Streamate & MFC) and also one of the best camgirls to this day. XNicoleXO, or Irina(name she gave me) is much more dirty than Kristina, but both sister have their special uniqnesses. Where Irina is more sexy and more like a supermodel, Kristina is cuter and funnier. Anyway AgreeableCutie(Kristina) has a new nickname on MFC: HarmfulGirl. I hope I'm not revealing too much info here in my comment.

  • Camfan

    Hi Tom, Thanks for your comment. You provided some good info. I know XNicoleXO for about 2 years now and I had some privates with her. But I had no idea that she was AgreeableCutie's sister. Maybe one day I write about her too. Thanks for the new MFC nickname ;)

  • non-registered

    oh wow guys how nice from u to read this about me))) just make me funny sometimes wehn i read it in net))) oh :P

  • non-registered

    oh wow guys didnt know u record privates ) i guess i should go complain)

  • non-registered

    Comment removed. Edited by MyCamgirl: I'm sorry TheTruth, but this is a review about AgreeableCutie. Do you really think that this is the place to talk about other models? Even less if it is to attack a model that has nothing to do with the review. Just makes you to look bad in the picture.

  • non-registered

    Hi, like i told on my last comment, love this website and thank you! I had alot of privates on livejasmin! I recorded some, if you want me to share with you, just tell me. I m a usually client of this website now! : ) I know you don t like requests, but you know a girl called: 00000perfect on livejasmin?? I have a recorded her pvt, i can share with you if you want. I just love her! If you can post one day about her : )

  • non-registered

    Edited by MyCamgirl: Original text removed due to privacy reasons.

  • non-registered

    Edited by MyCamgirl: Original text removed due to privacy reasons.

  • Camfan

    Adrain/Steve, I'm assuming that what you posted was Kristina's e-mail address and home/phone address. Whatever you got it, I don't think it is relevant to this review to have her personal contact here.

  • non-registered

    Because she likes guys to send her flowers and leave her love notes on her cell. She craves attention since her daddy left her when she was 3. She is a very lonely girl.She also works on this site - just in case you all missed it. CrystallXO

  • non-registered

    I was reading these comments about posting personal information on here about the models. I think your delusional to think that secretly recording the models and posting them on your website is any less invasive on you part. Your a douche and a coward.

  • Camfan

    Patrick. Or should I call you Adrain? Or Steve? You know what is an IP, right? So, next time you decide to post multiple comments under different names, at least change your IP. Now, the info you posted about her nickname on CamContacts. That is a relevant info. Pick a name and feel free to troll me or share relevant info. But I ask you to not post personal info of any model. It seems obvious that you just want to piss her off. Cheers!

  • non-registered

    Mu ja sagen ein sehr schner Blog. Weiter so Thank You

  • non-registered

    I think the new modelstatus part of the site isn't working properly! I liked the old one better to be honest ;)

  • Camfan

    Jason, it is currently working with, LiveJasmin, Streamate, LivePimpin, Extasy Cams, XLoveCam,, ImLive, MyFreeCams and SkinVideo. I hope to have all the sites working today or maybe tomorrow. Just a question: You prefer the old one because it was working or is there any other reason? I'm trying to figure out how the people is reacting these changes. Take care

  • non-registered

    I see it's working perfectly now! =) I think the older was you could see is more clearly because it was lined up in a row below each other. So you could quickly see which site is online/offline Now I see the site where she's visible, but there is a gap between the box which site she is on and where it says 'online/offline' So your eyes need to move to have a clear view. The older one was probably more compact and didn't need that much eyemovement. Now my eyes are moving totally from the left to the right. (it's not always the bigger the better :P) But the thing I do like is the usage of colour and the info with the names on the different sites. And it's an excellent feature!! BIG UP!!

  • Camfan

    Jason, thanks for the feedback. I think it is working fine now. But I still testing to be sure. Not all the sites are working though. NeonCams, DirectSex, Xcams, AdultWork and Rude are the only sites that I didn't or I couldn't develop a code to work. DirectSex and XCams will probably work in the future. As this take resources from my server, I don't know if it worth doing this for NeonCams. And there is no way to work with AdultWork and Rude. As for the eye tracking... I know what you mean. I just don't know how I can change the design to be more readable and look good at the same time. As some girls have long nicknames, I need to push and squeeze the status indicator all way to the right.

  • non-registered

    Your stunning babe so beautiful Love ur vids

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