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Name Velvet Raindrop
Sex Female
Age 28 years old (December 11, 1990)
Location Canada, Vancouver

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Tea Addicted! I am a Crazy Cat Lady mixed into one tiny kinky women! I am 4'8 and yes I do know I'm short. But I'm twice as feisty. Befriend at your own risk :P Huge Sci-fi girl!! Pansexual and loving everyone equally, but that doesn't mean I will automatically love you. You gotta work for that. I am pretty nice to everyone but better watch out how you talk to me, disregard respect and I will kick you to the curb. Photography is my passion. From people, animals and nature, I love showing people how I look at the world. In this judgmental angry world there is so much beauty. I prefer to be behind the camera then in front of it. But if comfortable I do enjoy the fun photos ;) I love the night, the moon and stars are beautiful here. Especially when we get to see the Northern Lights. Nature! Love it, try and be a kid again and enjoy it. I am Wiccan but still currently learning as much as I can about it :) Music keeps me sane from this crazy stressful world. I enjoy movies but can be pretty picky. Mostly like 80's horrors, musicals, with a little fucked up gore in there :) Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I can get away from reality and live in my head, in all kinds of crazy fun worlds :D I am a huge introvert and prefer my own space over going out and socializing, maybe that's what sparked my first interest in this kind of scene. I knew from a young age I liked alot of different things. Mostly pain, absolutely loved receiving it. Pretty opened minded, only a few hard limits. My motto is I will try something at least twice, just to make sure I do or don't like it.