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Basic info

Name Stephan Richter
Sex Female
Age 47 years old (November 25, 1969)
Location Germany

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a great girl with a good show. what I miss her is her charming smile. but otherwise a great girl. –  1 month 1 week ago

Sorry, I am not a parent at bubblystorm. I'll forget that person. –  10 months 4 weeks ago –  In reply to whiteknighter

That's exactly what I say, quite boring. There are girls who are better than Andra. I am also your opinion, it must stop. –  1 year 3 weeks ago –  In reply to SweetLover15

Forget this person. I was in the group show for a while, you can forget. She does not make nude shows. And you claim that you will fuck her,... read the rest –  1 year 4 weeks ago –  In reply to IwillFuckUhard

I do not want to know what she is doing for a private show. But if she makes a NN show in private, then that is really bad. –  1 year 1 month ago