Three New Additions To Stats Pages: Heatmap and more

Three New Additions To Stats Pages: Heatmap and more

I am excited to announce that there are three new additions to the Stats pages. Those are:

  • Heatmap activity
  • Viewers details
  • Highest and lowest CamScore

These elements are at model’s level. It is not global. What I mean is that, for example, the highest CamScore is related to the model.

But let’s take a look at each element.

Heatmap Activity

Basically, it is a heatmap graph that helps you understand when the model is usually online.

Notice that I said usually. It does not mean that the model will be online for sure at those hours. Therefore, don’t see this as the model’s schedule.

The heatmap takes into account the model’s activity in the past 90 days. Naturally, models without any activity won’t have a heatmap.

It has six levels:

  • Never
  • Very Rarely
  • Rarely
  • Sometimes
  • Often
  • Very Often.

Of course, if a model gets online very often every Monday at 10 in the morning, you have a good chance of catching her online at that time. But remember that this is not guaranteed.

Speaking of time, the graph is relative to your timezone. So, in the example above, Monday at 10 am is related to your timezone, not the model’s timezone.

Viewers Details

This feature was present in MyCamgirl’s old version. But disabled during migration.

Basically, it shows two things:

Average viewers

It is how many viewers a model has on average in her public chat. It does not count users in private chat, group show, or any other paid session.

The average is calculated based on the last 90 days.

Highest viewers

It is simply the model’s best moment in terms of viewers. When she reached the most viewers in her room.

This takes into account the whole data, not only the last 90 days. In case you are curious, the viewers’ data goes back to March 2014.

Is this available for all models?

Only for the sites that MyCamgirl can collect data on the viewers. Those are, Chaturbate, and MyFreeCams.

Highest And Lowest CamScore

Obviously, this is available only on the Stats pages of MyFreeCams’ models because, well, you know, the CamScore is a MyFreeCams thing.

The data goes back to 2011. The date is different from the viewers’ data because the MyFreeCams’ bots were originally launched in 2011, and only in 2014, they started “seeing” viewers.