Bye-Bye Old Pages: Time To Clean Up

Bye-Bye Old Pages: Time To Clean Up

No, it is not about old reviews. This is about Stats pages and CWSW pages. It’s time to clean up the database!

Why Does The Database Need to Be Purged?

First reason: Relevance; What is the point of having a page related to a camgirl who stopped camming five years ago? Most likely, people who spent time in her room either moved on or are not even around anymore.

Even if these members are still around, they have no reason to check the stats of a camgirl who has quite a long time ago. I mean, her stats page won’t get any update. So what? Will the guy keep checking the page every day to see the same data?

Second reason: SEO; MyCamgirl currently has 4,565,541 models on its database (Stats pages only.) That can be harmful in terms of SEO.

Every SEO analyst I have talked to told me that these pages are too thin and similar. They are an absolute nightmare, the worst content a site could have.

The right way to do it would be to add valuable content to each page. That means extensive and cured text about each camgirl. Yeah, that is just impossible.

A few analysts even suggested shutting down the Stats area for good. Forget about the Stats pages and focus on the reviews; that’s what search engines love.

Search engines love that because they think that is what people want and can’t make sense of a stat page. But what SE fails to realize is how much more traffic the poor pages get. There are a lot more people interested on the Stats pages than on reviews.

In the end, we agreed to meet halfway. Only irrelevant pages will be “removed,” which will reduce the number of pages drastically.

Will The Data Be Deleted?

No. The page will return 404 Not Found. But the data will remain in the database. That is because this data will still be valuable to create historical insights of the camming industry.

All the activities of a camgirl whose page is no longer available will still count towards some global statistics, but without mentioning her name.

What Pages Will Disappear?

Stats pages and CWSW pages are the only sections affected by this.

Stats pages: All accounts that have not been online in the past three years;

CWSW pages: All pages that have only closed accounts or that all accounts have no activity in the past three years;

Important note: This is related to accounts, not camgirls. If a camgirl has two accounts and stops using one of these accounts, the stats page for this inactive account will disappear after three years of inactivity. However, the stats page for the account that she still uses will remain available.

I Still See Old Pages

It can be due for one of the following reasons:

First, the bots didn’t process the page yet. Every day the bots will search for inactive accounts. But this process takes some time, and with almost billions of accounts to check, it can take so long that many accounts are left to check the next day.

Second, some pages will remain no matter what. These pages and the camgirls have significant relevance to the history of camming. Camgirls like ShyUtza (aka ShyTeen2009,) Kickaz, or AspenRae will undoubtedly be forever attached to the history of camming, and looking back on their stats is relevant at any time.

Or for example, Kati3kat’s stats on Chaturbate will be relevant to compare with her stats on MyFreeCams, even though we all know that she will never return to Chaturbate.

What Happens If The Camgirl Comes Back?

If the camgirl starts camming again, then it will automatically reinstate her Stats pages for that account. This is assuming that she is back online using her old accounts. If she gets new accounts, then her old accounts will remain down.