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More downtime, what is the problem now?

More downtime, what is the problem now?

By mycamgirl December 7, 2020

You have probably faced the 504 error message quite a few times lately. And you are probably wondering why since the site got a huge upgrade to address the downtime problem. Indeed, for sometime the downtime was no longer a problem. But there was a small technical issue that forced me to change how the […]

Selecting date range

How to select a date range on Stats pages

By mycamgirl August 20, 2020

You can now select a specific date range for the data you want to see in the online activity graph. This was already available on the old site. I am just bringing it back. This works for all camsites. Notice that this is only going to update the activity graph. All the other elements like […]

Why MyCamgirl had a complete overhaul

By mycamgirl June 8, 2020

Simply put, the old site was… old. Not only the site, but everything. Starting with the OS, which was, probably, the main reason the site had to be redone. The OS reached its end of life and had to be fully updated, forcing PHP to be updated too. Which means… yeah, it would break the […]

Addressing common questions

By mycamgirl June 8, 2020

I will open this post with a very important note: All data will be back at some point It is slow sometimes, you know?I am aware. Some computational stuff is being done in the database to address some issues. This can cause the site to respond slowly at times. Some data is not present on […]

Because it’s evolution, baby!

Because it’s evolution, baby!

By mycamgirl June 6, 2020

Everything has changed, as you can see. It is a completely new system. I will walk you through the major changes. Important stuff Your password won’t work on this new system. You must reset it first. The system will be sending emails explaining this anyway; Some data (more than what I would like) may not […]