Addressing common questions

I will open this post with a very important note:

All data will be back at some point

It is slow sometimes, you know?
I am aware. Some computational stuff is being done in the database to address some issues. This can cause the site to respond slowly at times.

Some data is not present on stats pages
Remember the note in the beginning of this post? Just be patient.

No, I mean some other data…
If you mean elements like room topic, then don’t worry, it will come back at some point.

Why did you change the site?
I had to. But no, my plan was not to introduce a complete revolution and remove old, but useful features. If something is different or not there now is because it is not done yet.

Quoting a professor of mine: A software (site) is never a finished product. It is always a work in progress.

He is paid by the hour, by the way ๐Ÿ˜›

What about adding more sites?
For those waiting for new sites to be added to the list, here is:

  • CamSoda
  • StripChat
  • BongaCams

These sites have been added to the list. No, the stats for these sites are not available yet. It just mean that you can add models from these sites on CWSW page.

Some old dead sites may be removed at some point. But first I need to figure out what to do with all the nicknames connected to those sites. So, for now these dead sites won’t be removed.

What the heck is CWSW?
Camsites Where She Works. I guess you found MyCamgirl through a stats page and never checked the rest of the site.

CWSW has been around for years, even before the stats. It is a tool to help people find a model on other sites. Maybe not useful for you if your favorite models only work in one site. But that is not always the case, and many users rely on this to see where a model is online now.

Follow the models on twitter, you say? You do realize that the vast majority of models don’t use any kind of social media, right?

Redirect to old links to new links
Yep, I will take care of this.

Setting timezone for the stats
I will take a look. I can’t promise this will be available any time soon. UTC is the default time if you are wondering.

The site is not opening on Internet Explorer
Erm… Well, I will be honest, if not even Microsoft can make IE a priority, I think I can neglect IE too. Sorry. There are too many things to fix right now. I won’t think about IE for now. You can still use Edge if you want to use a Microsoft’s browser. Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera are all working good too, both on desktop and mobile.

Now another note. Please, keep in mind that:

  • MyCamgirl is a free site;
  • MyCamgirl has many other pages and features that need attention;