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What is this exactly?

This is a pseudo YouTube with teaser videos from camsites (for now, just videos from LiveJasmin and Actually, this is a promo tool that LiveJasmin put available for all its affiliated. I changed the style and some code to adapt to my needs. For Webcams's video I had to develop my own system. In the future, I will try to add teaser videos from other camsites, but it does not depends on me.

If you are wondering what kind of videos you can find here, let me say that these are much better than the boring promo videos that many sites offer. Just to have an idea, you can see tits on almost all the videos.

Being a promo tool developed by LiveJasmin's staff, I have no control over the videos available here. I can only filter by tag (I removed the boy videos from the list), but I can't add or remove a specific model. So, don't ask me to upload or remove any video. Also, the "rules" regarding the request for removal don't apply here, of course. If you are a model and don't want to appear here, you must contact the camsite where you work because I can do nothing about it.

That being said, this is NOT a place to upload your videos. Yeah, I know... would be great if all those guys who ask me if they can send me videos could upload the videos to here. But my server would just crash. And this is just one reason why I don't make this a real YouTube site.