Notes about the numbers, model info and other things

About the numbers and info

The accuracy of the data and information shown here relies on the same public info available on MyFreeCams, and consequently on the load on MyFreeCams servers. That means that if MyFreeCams is down, refusing connection or not returning info regards all or some model, the data shown about models may be empty or inaccurate.

Therefore, the calculation of records and stats, as well as the info, cannot and should not be considered as an official or exact information. Although in most of the cases the data might have a slight deviation between 1 and 2 minutes or 0,50% and 1%, it does not mean that the data shown is always as accurate as that.

The data regarding camscores are collected every minute when the model is online and every day for the models that have not been online in the past seven days. But for performance reasons, the records and stats are cached for one hour, which may produce data that differs from the data available on MyFreeCams. The online status, however, whether the model is offline, online in free chat, in private, in group show or away, is always updated every minute and is never cached.

No partnership with MyFreeCams

Although you can find information about MyFreeCams and its models on this site, MyCamgirl and MyFreeCams are not related and MyCamgirl has no partnership with MyFreeCams. Also, MyFreeCams does not provide any kind of private API or any private information about its models. All information shown on MyCamgirl is the same public info available on MyFreeCams.

Your info here (models)

If you are a model, there are a few things you can opt to show or hide on your stat page:

  1. Your avatar - By default there is no avatar. However, some pages might show the model avatar. Models can ask to remove the avatar (the default will be used) or choose whatever photo they want to use;
  2. Your country and age - By default it is used the same public info models have on their profiles, except for models that dubious or obvious fake info has been detected - models claiming to be 98 year old, for example. Although this is the same public info available on models profiles, models can opt to hide this info. If your info is not being displayed and you want to, you can ask to add it;
  3. Your online activity - By default the online activity is shown on all models. Case you don't want to show it, you can request to hide some data. If you opt to hide, all history regarding your private and group sessions will be removed from the graph. This is not applied to your records and last activity;
  4. External links - Currently accepting your links to: Official website, blog, tumblr, blogger, twitter, Facebook, myspace, Amazon wishlist, Victoria's secret, YouTube, SexyPeek, twitpic and flickr. If you want to have your links listed on your stat page, just ask. Some links might have been added already. Check your stat page;
  5. Your BAF code - If you have your own BAF code, you can use it here. It will be used on all MyFreeCams links that appear on your stat page, excluding links to profiles, and also on the link to your chat room whenever you are online.

Contacting MyCamgirl

If you want to make use of your rights and change something on your stat page, please check the contacts page. All e-mails must have a model verification picture so I can be sure it is really you.

Credits to CamscoreStats

It is always good to give credits to who deserves. Although MyCamgirl has no relation with CamscoreStats (this project has been closed), it is relevant to mention this site and its owner. CamscoreStats was the first site to gather data on camscores and provide stats about it. CamscoreStats owner, Zoomer, has helped MyCamgirl to realize that developing something like that could be possible.