Notes about the numbers, model info and other things

About the numbers and info

The accuracy of the data and information shown here relies on the promo tool provided by LiveJasmin to its affiliates, and consequently on the load on LiveJasmin servers. That means that if LiveJasmin is down, refusing connection or not returning info regards all or some model, the data shown about models may be empty or inaccurate.

Therefore, the stats, as well as the online status, cannot and should not be considered as 100% exact. Although in most of the cases the data might have a slight deviation between 1 and 2 minutes or 0,50% and 1%, it does not mean that the data shown is always as accurate as that.

For performance reasons, some data might be cached, mainly the graph activity. The data will be cached for at least 1 hour. This means that if a model just ended a gold show, for example, it might not appear on graph right away due to the cache.

Known bug: A known bug affected the online activity (time spent in free chat, member chat and private) for all models with one or more capital letters on their nicknames (e.g. 00Cutielily or Aniytta). Models using only numbers or only lowercase (e.g. 00000000000002 or raisabella) are not affected by this issue.
This bug has been fixed. However, the online activity for the models affected may not represent their full time online. This bug does not affect any data after June 11, 2012.

LiveJasmin and MyCamgirl

Although LiveJasmin grants MyCamgirl access to its promo tools, LiveJasmin has not ordered this "project" nor asked MyCamgirl to develop anything. Futhermore, LiveJasmin has gave MyCamgirl permission to use images of its models for promotional purposes. LiveJasmin has not provided and will never provide any private information about its models. Any extra information found on a model's page is the same public information that can be found on her bio on LiveJasmin and this information is also included on LiveJasmin promo tools.

The technical details about model's feed (HD webcam and audio) are provided by LiveJasmin. For pratical reasons, MyCamgirl can not verify every single room to confirm if the information is correct. The willingness/skills listed on models page are also provided by LiveJasmin and that list is solely managed by the models through their accounts on LiveJasmin. Unless the model has full review on MyCamgirl, MyCamgirl does not know if a model has all the skills listed and if she is willing to perform everything listed.

Your info here (models)

If you are a model, there are a few things you can opt to show or hide on your stat page:

  1. Your avatar - By default your avatar here is the same avatar you have on LiveJasmin. Models can request to remove it or replace with a different picture. But MyCamgirl reserves the right to refuse a new picture if the picture appears to be fake. If you change your main photo on LiveJasmin, it will not change the photo here.
  2. Your country and age - By default there is no info. Models can update their basic information;
  3. Your online activity - By default the online activity is shown on all models. Case you don't want to show it, you can request to hide some data. If you opt to hide, all history regarding your sessions will be removed from the graph;
  4. External links - Any MyCamgirl member can add any link. But all links must be approved by MyCamgirl. By default, all public links like model's official site, twitter, amazon wishlist etc. are approved. Links to Facebook profiles are only approved if it is not the model's personal profile. Links to unauthorized materials (file sharing, tube sites etc) are not allowed. You can request to remove any link;
  5. Block countries/regions - All the pages are available world wide to anyone. Models can request to block countries or regions;

To make any change on your stats page, you can contact MyCamgirl and make your requests, or sign-up as camgirl to have access to tools that will allow you to make the changes you want.

Contacting MyCamgirl

If you want to make use of your rights and change something on your stat page, please check the contacts page. All e-mails must have a model verification picture so I can be sure it is really you.