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Looking for a forum to discuss camsites, camgirls and other things related to the camming industry? Then MyCamgirl Forum is the right place for that.

Here you can find discussion about thousands of camgirls

Why a forum about camgirls?

Simply put, because people want to talk about camgirls. But since MyCamgirl is a site dedicated to talk about camgirls and provide useful information and insights about camgirls and camsites, it only makes sense to have a forum.

Before, there was no forum and disucssions were taking place on individual pages. That was not pratical at all, making it hard to find discussions.

When MyCamgirl Forum was created?

MyCamgirl Forum was created in 2022. Yes, there are discussions prior to that. The reason is because these discussions were comments on the old version of the site. The comments were then migrated to the forum as topics.

Can I say whatever I want about any camgirl?

Same rules as before. You can say whatever as long as you keep it civic and be polite. Everyone knows that sometimes people get angry at camgirls because of their behaviors. But it is never a reason to throw free insults. Keep that in mind when you post a comment, and before you so so, take a deep breath, read again what you wrote and if then you think it is fine, go ahead and say what you have to say.