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To your comment,I agree with you,yeah Sam is the biggest Dick of them all.. Even if it's "scripted" & of course it's her job to make money, she still should be honest an not make them fall in love with her.. She has ruined her values by the way she acts an shows her body,..I went PV with her,but never asked to see anything, cause was only interested in her as a person,an not see her as a camgirl..But the lies I got,oh your special an no I don't show my body an "bla bla bla".. Yes she's very pretty and has beautiful eyes,an a lovely voice, for me personally it's the lying that hurts the most.. It's her selfish attitude that has ruined her.. Oh an yes, she can be contacted via Twitter. I too am done with "paying" to talk with her..It's wrong. I did wanted to treat her for her birthday..
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