I know that SexySweetNastya and SexySweetMasha are twin sisters. Their last name is [removed] ([removed] and [removed]). They are on social website . These girls are twin [removed] angels. I don't remember town where they live now, but i know that they live in [removed]. Edited by MyCamgirl: I removed from the comment made right before yours the same info you posted. Why did you think it was ok to post it again?
  • What was the point? Posting personal info, but no opinion about their performances? –  MyCamgirl Dec 13, 2012 19:42

  • Posting personal info about girls working on such sites are very unfair and just stupid. I know few LJ girls (but not those two) and i know that most of them had (and have) troubles because of different pervs and maniacs which try to find them in real life - typing personal info is just helping them to hurt these girls. So don't do it. –  justti Dec 14, 2012 06:25

This is a comment made by Soloomoni while debating the review about SexySweetMasha - My Desirable Blonde.