I would say that this review is spot on. I've spent quite a bit of time watching Elodie, and she certainly lives up to the hype. As you can see, she is clearly a vision of beauty. Perfect womanly shape, in a compact little package. And that little package packs a punch. Elodie is so down to earth, so lively, so genuinely honest about everything. She's a treat to watch, and is very entertaining. Now, her Private shows are great. The things she does behind closed doors is amazing. I've seen a lot of girls do a lot of wild stuff, but none as adorable or internally deviant as Elodie does. You can tell that there is a beast inside this girl. A natural exhibitionist, and damn creative with a dildo. Elodie makes you want to come back over and over again. And not only is she damn fine on cam, she's got her website and twitter account going wild. Always sending out super sexy photos to her biggest fans. Join her BangBang Club and you will agree that it's money VERY well spent. My only hope is that I happen to stumble upon her in a seedy hotel bar on the edge of town, where she drags me back to her room for some of her wicked pleasures. I've got my fingers crossed.
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